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Looking back on it now its kind of hard to believe it all actually happened and that i was so lucky to meet them and have the experience i did with them. The years we spent together are some of my fondest memories that i have from being young and carefree at that time in my life.

It was October of 1964 when i came across an ad in the paper for a room for rent in a large house with four men. The price was reasonable, two baths, and overall it said it was a nice house and i jotted down the number and made a mental note to call about it. Little did i know that if i hadn't seen that ad, bought that paper or called that number, so much wouldnt of happened and my life would be very different because of that.

When i called i was told to meet with the four men already living there to see a tour of the house and see what i think of it and if i get along with them. I surely got along with them, very well it turned out.

i stand on the lit doorstep after i rang the doorbell a second ago and i hear music and voices coming from the other side of the door.

"Ritchie, will ya get it? I'm trying to make this sandwich!" i hear a thick accented voice say and somebody groans in return.

"Go get it Rings, i'm trying to change these bloody strings and they're giving me the worst trouble." I hear another sharp voice say.

"Hey, do you think it's the applicant for the room?" i hear a soft voice say and footsteps are heard and they get louder until the door opens.

"Uh hi, i'm Madison, i'm interested in your extra room." I introduce and I don't recognize the four men in front of me for a moment.

"You were right, Paul! Ah yes, well come on in love, do you want a cuppa tea?" Ringo asks me and I enter and I take off my shoes and examine the vast living room they all sit in.

"Yeah i'd love a cup, thanks." I reply and my eyes run over the two couches that sit in the living room, the few arm chairs to make up for more seats and the tall fire place across from me.

"The name's Madison right? I'm Paul, it's nice to meet ya." Paul greets me and i smile at him and nod.

He's even better looking in person.

"Yeah, and it's nice to meet you too." i reply and i find a seat to sit in after Ringo brings my cup.

I guess you could say i'm a fan of them, but i'm not a real big one. i listen to their music occasionally and i obviously know their names, but im not crazy like some fans who freak out when they seem them, or in my current case meet them.

"So you're looking to live in our extra room upstairs, huh?" John asks and i nod and they all look at me, in a uncomfortable way.

They all start to ask me questions like when i wake up in the morning, what time i go to bed, if i have a job and how often i work, if i have furniture of my own and more.

"Alright we gotta ask this one, are you dating any blokes?" John asks bravely and i shake my head.

"Okay good, cause we don't want to be getting in any rows or fights about you staying with us." John answers with a laugh and i nod with a smile.

I get a tour of the big house that has 6 bedrooms; each for one of them, the extra room and a music room. I was shown the two bathrooms, the nice kitchen, small dining room and all of it really. I was impressed with how nice of a house they have, but they are famous musicians after all.

I left after the tour and they said they'd call me soonish to see if they approve of me or not, to say in the simplest of words.

I get a call not even a week later saying i won them over and that i get the room. So i hired somebody to move all of my stuff and before i knew it i was all moved in and tonight, as i just got off work, is my first night there. i wonder how it'll be and how they'll act around me.

I arrive to find them all in the kitchen that's a room over since the living room is to my left as you walk in, with a television in the corner, a piano against the back wall right of the tv, one couch facing the tv and another on the right and it almost looks like they make a right angle but theres a side table between them. The staircase is to my right as you walk in and there's a hallway leading to the kitchen where a kind of study is on my right off the hall with shelves of books, and a comfy chair.

I smell an inviting scent of garlic and meat coming from the kitchen and i take off my shoes and wander into the kitchen to find Paul and George at the stove and Ringo and John sitting at the counter on stools talking to them and offering cooking advice.

"Hey Madison, how've you been?" Paul asks as he looks to see me there and i find a stool and sit by Ringo whose kind of reading a book.

"I've been good thanks, what're you cooking?" i say with a soft laugh as John tries to grab the spoon from the holder on the stove but Paul won't let him, its funny to watch.

"Uh, we're attempting to make spaghetti for you but none of us have never made it before and i dunno how to make the sauce." Paul admits with a smile and i nod and walk over to them to read the recipe.

"We found it in some magazine, but who knows how the stuff would taste according to that. Maybe we should just go find a restaurant, i think we're doomed." John suggests and i shake my head.

"It's fine, i've made it before, i can help you guys." i offer but Paul doesn't seem so reluctant.

"We wanted to make it so you wouldn't have to do anything, love." he says in a soft tone, in a sweet way.

"Don't worry about it, i don't mind." i say and he nods and i stir the sauce and add some italian seasoning and John gets out plates and all that to set the table while Paul helps and i guide him with what to do.

My first night living with The Beatles is already somewhat eventful and so far fun, i already know that living with them will be fun and such a new thing to me and for them. i didn't know then what id be in store for and what relationships id make, especially the special one with a certain Beatle.

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