Paul and I continue with the process of rolling the dough into small balls and making criss cross patterns on them. I look to Paul who's rolling dough into a ball and I smile as I hear him hum a tune, while he tries to make a perfect ball. He's such a perfectionist. I finish imprinting the pattern on a mostly flat, uncooked cookie and I attack the shrinking pile of remaining cookie dough.

"Hold me close and tell me you feel..." Paul starts to softly sing as things are silent while we repeat this process with the cookies, we're getting close to being done.

"Tell me love is real mmm mmm mmm..." he continues to sing and I look to him.

"Oh sorry, I've got this one song running through me head. We just recorded it not long ago." Paul apologizes after he meets my eyes.

"No it's fine, it sounds pretty." I compliment him and I watch as a smile plays on his lips.

"Thanks love. Have you heard it before?" he asks me and I shake my head.

"Honestly Mads, you've never heard 'Words of love' by Buddy Holly?" he asks me and I give him a sheepish shake of the head.

"I'll have to find the record I have of it and play it for you, it's a great song." he tells me and I nod my head as I pick up the full pan and I turn around to place it in the heated oven.

"So ya got a show tomorrow?" I ask him and I return to the remaining cookie sheet we share, just a few more and we're done.

"Yeah, we have a lot of shows this next week." he replies as I roll some dough in my hands, I nod.

"Have you ever been to a show of ours or a concert?" Paul questions and he gets a shake of the head from me.

"If you don't work tomorrow, you should come. It's at a cinema here in London and I could always get you a front row seat. Backstage passes too, all the other girls will be terribly jealous of you." Paul suggests and he winks at me before I look away to the half covered pan.

I now think about Paul kissing me last night. I guess he obviously likes me then and I like him, but we haven't spoken about it or declares anything. I know there's something between us.

"Sure, I'd like that and it'd be fun to see you guys play." I tell him.

"Gear, I'll talk to my manager about a ticket and a pass then. Don't you worry, I'll pay for you." he states and I nod my head as I let him be nice by accepting his generous offer.

We chat a bit more about irrelevant things while we finish the cookies. I quickly wash the dirty bowl that held the dough afterwards while Paul went upstairs to take a shower.

I decided to go upstairs to tidy my room and such. I picked up my dirty clothes off the floor and I brushed my long, slightly curly hair and decide to leave it down. I search through my closet for an outfit to wear out to dinner with Paul tonight. I'm really looking forward to the dinner, I never imagined or thought that I'd ever be going on a date with Paul McCartney. I smile at the thought as I sing softly and I skim through the hangers holding clothes in my closet.

I wonder how tonight will turn out.

Paul's POV

I finish my shower and wrap a towel around my bottom half. I pull the curtain back into place and I comb my wet, messy hair back and exit the steamy bathroom. I stop in my tracks as I hear singing so I take a few steps towards Madison's closed door, where the singing is coming from. I smile to myself as I hear her voice in its full beauty, it's simply lovely. I listen for a minute as she sings 'All my loving' and she didn't disappoint at all; she hit all the notes and kept a perfect pitch all while. I walk to my room with a content grin on my face and I proceed to dry off and get into a simple pair of jeans and a white, short sleeved shirt. I toss my used towel in the laundry hamper for the dirty clothes in the hall on my way to downstairs. I find Madison to be in the kitchen and I immediately get a waft of the heavenly smelling cookies that just came out of the oven. I stop in the doorway, out of her eyesight, as I listen to Mads once again sing. It's the same song and it puts a smile on my face.

"Hey darling, how're the cookies turning out?" I state as I enter the kitchen smelling of cookies and she suddenly stops singing and her cheeks flush with color.

"They turned out great, the cooled ones are in the cookie jar over here". she tells me and I nod before heading in the direction of the jar on the counter.

I start to hum 'All my loving' as its now stuck in my head and I hear her snicker as I grab a cookie.

"Hmm?" I ask as I chew a piece of the warm, moist cookie.

"You have a fantastic voice, you know. I don't know why you don't sing more, love." I tell her and she grins still with flushed cheeks.

"You eavesdropped on me?" she questions and I grin which makes her laugh, she's not mad.

"With a voice like yours darling, of course." I answer and she blushes uncontrollably while laughing nervously.

"Ah love, don't be embarrassed. I'm simply complimenting you." I tell her and I walk over to her and I wrap both arms around her in a hug.

"But I'm no Paul McCartney." she states as her arms are snaked around my middle and I look into her eyes.

"No you're not, because you're Madison Sheperds. You have a fantastic voice, and I think you're absolutely lovely just how you are." I declare and I push a stray piece of her bang away from her stunning eyes and she again blushes under my eyes.

I lean down to plant a kiss on her smiling lips and I hear the front door open and the three lads' voices. She was kissing me back but I pull away and I kiss her cheek as she smiles and I do too.

"I smell cookies!" I hear John exclaim as he comes down the hallway and Mads and I remove our arms from each other, as much as I hate too.

The three walk in and we all give them a wave and say hi and Mads went to answer the phone as I smile to myself at having kissed her again.

"What're you grinning about?" John asks me as he faces me with a half eaten cookie in his hand.

"Oh nothing, you guys just have impeccable timing." I tell him as i wish they hadn't walked in and interrupted. George enters from the front living room and he smiles big at the sight of the cookies.

"Oh we do, do we? How so, Macca?" John adds and I shake my head as i grab a few cookies and leave the occupied kitchen to find Mads on the couch.

"Hey love, did you ever get a cookie?" I ask her and she turns her head to look at me with a smile.

"No I didn't, thanks." she replies and I nod as I hand her the cookie and I sit by her on the couch.

I discreetly wrap my arm around her shoulder and she doesn't seem to mind at all as she writes something down on a piece of paper. I take a glance at it but nothing more as I don't want to be rude and I bounce my leg and whistle as I think. I look to the clock on the wall across from me that reads 3:00, we all slept in and those two hours for the dough to sit has taken up some of our day already. I look back to Madison and I admire her profile with her small nose, her parted lips and her dark eyelashes.

"Whatcha doing?" I ask Mads and I rest my head on hers, I see her smile while she writes.

"I'm just writing a quick letter." she replies and I respond with 'mm'.

"It's to my mum who lives up north." she tells me.

"Ah, well that's neat. What's your mum like?"

"Uh she's just a typical mum I suppose. She does a lot of cooking and baking, she sews, and she likes sugar in her tea." she responds with a lightness to her voice.

"Mm, she sounds nice. What's your dad like?" I continue to get to know this darling girl.

"He's a carpenter. He makes furniture sometimes or assists in the building of houses. He's a good dad. He can be strict but then again he can be really great and funny. He loves to fish and be outside." she informs me.

"What about your parents?" she turns to me with a similar question and I lift my head from hers and she rests her head on my shoulder and I stare into her eyes.

"My dad used to work at the cotton exchange or do other work. He'd always be gone during the day so John and I would sag off school to go back to me house and write songs in the front parlor. He's a big gardener and at our old house he'd have plants in the front; like lavender and other kinds. He's really great and he was a big encouragement with me getting into music." I talk to her about my dad and I get lost in her dashing eyes and I stroke her cheek after tucking a stray lock of hair behind her ear that has a diamond earring in it.

"And as for my mum she was the best really, a great mum. She passed when I was fourteen unfortunately. She was a midwife and she'd always be going to people's house on her bike to deliver a baby. She took real good care of us all and was really great."

"I'm sorry about your mum Paul, that must've been horrible to lose her at that age." Madison adds on and I nod silently as I still gaze into her eyes and my fingers trail along her pale cheek.

"Thanks Mads." I simply say as i'm absent with my words and I decide to say that.

I kiss her forehead and she smiles at me which I gladly return and I make a goofy face at her. Her beautiful laugh escapes her lips and her contagious happiness spreads to me as I grin. I exhale a content sigh and wrap my arms around her.

"The lads love the cookies, we must've done a pretty great job. I finally didn't ruin something." I say as my chin rests on her brunette head and she laughs into my chest.

"I'm glad they like them, I owe half of our success to you." she mumbles into my shirt and I lift my head and I look at her smiling face.

"You're the fabulous cook love, I'm just a musician who can barely cook to save his life." I joke and she grins.

"You'll be a fine cook in no time, I'll have to give you some pointers."

"Ah, so Cook Sheperds is going to give me cooking lessons, is that right?" I ask her with a smirk.

"Mmhmm." she responds which I nod at and I smile.

This lovely girl has got me lost, but I don't mind being lost as long as she's by my side.

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