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Follows the events of the ending of ACIII, and is my personal take of what will happen next.

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His eyes never wavered as he approached the pedestal. The cold glow of the round orb pulsed in his honeyed eyes as his hand extended. Juno's eyes matched the cruel smile swelling across her holographic features. Desmond couldn't hear the protest of the group, the scuffing of their steps taken as they fled against their will. When William turned his head for one last look at his son, Desmond was oblivious.

All he heard was the blood rushing through his veins, the way his heart throbbed against his ribcage. His mind both at peace and utter chaos as he took the final step towards it, towards her; towards the end.

His hand lighted against the surface, and his mind shook as it began to smoulder. He grimaced, jaw set against the burn that flared up his arm, imbedding itself in his heart. The dull ache that had resided there since October had now been given a corporeal form, and he felt its rhythm falter. Soft tears spilled from his eyes as his flesh weakened and bowed under the pain and the realization of his actions. He reached a shaking hand up to the one on the orb, vainly trying to wrench it free.

Or secure it.

He groaned as he felt the last threads of his mind burn and snap, disconnecting him from 2012, the slow white bloom spreading across his field of vision. His last string of thoughts allowed for him a final farewell to those he never saw– who he'd never see again.

Maybe I'll meet you again, Lucy.

Mom – I'm so…

The whole team, Shaun, Rebecca… dad. I… you've gotta… be able to…



Save... us.

Juno lowered her gaze to Desmond's form, grinning as his body slumped without guidance; an empty husk.

"You have done your part well, Desmond." Stepping through him, she continued towards the mouth of the Grand Temple, "Now, it is my turn."

Without turning back, she glided across the stones, each step bringing her closer to her self-aligned destiny, and away from her prison. Away she stepped from her Key– the soldier of the world.

One day, he might return. When they needed him most.

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