The Fourth King

Chapter 10

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"The hell do you mean, we have to let him go?"

"Just go with it. I didn't see the signatures on the order, but I saw the guy that did see them, and he went fucking white. This goes to places we don't want to think about."

Waver Velvet stared blankly at the two men as they opened his cell.

"You. You're free to go."

"Just like that?"

"I wasn't given details. Just get. Oh, and there's some sort of card left for you."

And thus, not 15 minutes later, Waver Velvet was tossed out of maximum security on his ass, into the street, completely unaccompanied by JSSDF officers. The teen sat there for a minute, dazed.

"...Rider, what just happened?"

Rider materialized at his side, as there was no one in sight, and swiped the card Waver had been given, staring at it solemnly, before grinning.

"Looks like things are about to get started."

Kiritsugu stared at the postcard in his hand in disbelief. It was addressed to him, telling him he should be at the harbor tomorrow at sundown, and to bring Saber. There were a number of problems with this situation.

First off, someone had found him to get a postcard to him. This should not have been possible except for the Einzberns, and this was clearly not their work. He had covered his tracks well enough that the JSSDF hadn't found anything irregular with his activities at all. It was old hat to him, at this point, so someone finding him was problematic.

Second, they had given him a meeting location. This was all kinds of a bad idea. He wasn't stupid; he wasn't going to go waltz into an obvious trap like that, and anyone who could manage to get him a postcard would know at least that much about him. Irisviel was safe, he saw to that mere moments after receiving the card. Ilya was safe as well, he had Iri phone the Einzberns about it mere moments after that. So they didn't have anything to hold hostage that would force him to do the stupid thing and walk into the trap.

Third, they knew he was the Master of Saber. There hadn't been any appearances of any of the Servants in combat yet, and he had carefully constructed Iri's schedule to make it appear she was the Master of Saber. Yet the one who sent this completely ignored that, identifying him immediately. This shouldn't have been possible.

Whoever was behind this was good. Alarmingly good. Kiritsugu frowned, pocketing the card. Good enough that it was tactically unsound to let them continue to be an unknown. Meaning he would be showing up at the harbor, even if covertly. Which was probably their angle. Damn.

Tokiomi smiled, holding Sakura's and Rin's hands. In his and Kariya's discussion, his neglect of fatherly love was addressed rather significantly. The ex-Matou, who had not yet decided upon the new title, had declared that he was going to continue to raise hell so long as Tokiomi failed to be a proper father. While originally he had planned on minimizing contact with his family for the duration of the war, it was now evident that Kariya was planning on playing guard dog for them, and the JSSDF presence had made it effectively impossible to actually do anything related to the war, so going out for a day was not actually a safety concern. No one would dare actually move in the broad daylight in the middle of a crowded area watched over by the JSSDF.

Thus, he found himself taking Sakura and Rin out for a day of relaxation. While Aoi still didn't think her childhood friend had recovered sufficiently, both men knew that it was more than enough to bring about problems for anyone foolish enough to attack the mansion. His nose twinged painfully at the thought of the man. Tokiomi knew that if Kariya hadn't actively intended for the attack to be nonlethal, or if he himself had not been a magus, that blow would have likely impaled his brain. It didn't seem likely that the other Master knew this, Tokiomi thought, or he would have been dramatically more concerned with the rapid increase in his own ability.

The crowd was rather varied that day, for some reason. Tokiomi saw a woman in a very elaborate kimono arguing with a man dressed as a jester, and on another side there were a group of mimes surrounding a man whose eyes were shadowed by his boater hat. It was odd, as he hadn't thought a festival was taking place, especially given the military lockdown of the city, but perhaps people were simply celebrating where they could.


Tokiomi glanced down at Rin, who was holding some sort of postcard and frowning.

"What is it, Rin?"

"Tou-san, I think that man meant to give this to you," Rin said, extending the postcard towards her father. Tokiomi's eyes immediately hardened.

"What man?" He hadn't seen anyone come up to them at all.

"The one in the straw hat, the boater!"

Tokiomi froze as he glanced up and saw the man who had been surrounded by mimes now walking backwards down an alleyway, eyes still covered but a cheshire grin just barely visible from the angle. Tokiomi blinked, and the man was gone.

"Rin, Sakura. Don't let go of my hands for any reason, and let me know if you see that man again. Something seems to have come up. We're going back."

"Master. I've managed to determine that there will be some sort of encounter at the harbor in the near future, perhaps tomorrow."

Kirei did not turn to face the Assassin that had materialized in his study. "Elaborate."

"There has been some manner of investigation by unknown parties in the harbor area, and for unknown reasons the JSSDF presence in the area is nonexistent. Additionally, Lord El-Melloi has left his previous residence, likely in preparation for something."

Kirei nodded. Perhaps it was related to the lack of contact Tokiomi had made. He knew the man was still alive, but there had been only a single call the previous day to declare that, and it hadn't given him any other information.

"Very well, Assassin. Investigate the harbor at that point, then."

"At what point, Master?" an Assassin said, materializing.

Kirei frowned, turning. "The one you had just mentioned not half a minute before."

The Assassin tilted its head. "Master, you were alone in this room until you called for me."

Kirei stilled, glancing down. A postcard lay at his feet, with a smiley face drawn on it and a note. The Assassin glanced down at it as well. Kirei picked it up and glanced at the note, grimacing.

"Well, shit."