Prosaic's Heart of Gold

The city of Prosaic was a dull and monotonous place. The ground there was hard and arid- spinning the farmers into poverty. There was little light in Prosaic, even the sun was tinted grey. The people did not compliment the land- on the contrary, they fitted right in. A dreary folk they were, minding their own business, always hushed and slow. A mighty and powerful king ruled over these peasants. By the order of King Belshazar, one thing was strictly forbidden in Prosaic perimeters- color. All the people of Prosaic had ever known, their whole world- was grey and black. Until one day, a new farmer moved into a small shack on the city limits. He immediately was distinguished by His charming smile, hearty laugh, and winsome manner. The man was friends with everyone- He inquired of the stableboy how his mother was, talked to the lame girl on the side of the street, and seemed to befriend everyone He met. The people were at first taken aback- what did this man want? Was He building up trust only to walk away and never be seen again? But the more Prosaic talked to Him and listened to Him, the more they began to realize this man was simply there to be a friend. The next day, the sun hung a wee bit higher, and all the people walked with a skip in their step. The king's maid found a ruby red button in her sewing box, and the blacksmith's hammer produced goldenrod sparks. Over the proceeding weeks, color came from every corner, and with the color swept in a new-found attitude of hope and cheeriness throughout the land. One day, the townsfolk woke up and found the sky a brilliant shade of bright blue, and hanging right in the middle of it was the sun, more bigger and brighter and golden than ever before. That day was the day of celebration! There were flowers and food, dancing and music, singing and laughter. And in the midst of it all, He quietly slipped away.

Did He ever come back, you ask? If you visited Prosaic today, you would find that it is back to its original color. But the people there are changed- yet they wear grey on the outside, their hearts are made of gold. And if you are to inquire of them about Him, they will smile softly and say, 'Oh, child! You see, He never really did leave. He lives right here.' And they will point to their heart of gold.