All right, this will be a series of one shots about my female Daisuke character or just the original male Daisuke/Davis together with one of the other Digidestinds.

Just add in an idea with who you want with Daisuke/Davis (Davis for the boy and Daisuke for a girl) and I'll work on it.

Just pitch me an idea and I'll see how I can write it out and I hope you'll enjoy.

Oh and as for those who are reading all my other stories, I promise I will get back to them and finish them, but I' having trouble trying to figure out where to take them or end them.

Like in 'A New Type of Harmony' I'm trying to figure out how to make it change from the episode where Yolei, Kari and Ken are chased by the Dark Ocean and for 'The Warrior of Harmony' I can't find the next episode where they fight Cherubimon in the English dub so I can't do it yet, so if anyone has an idea of where I can find that episode 35 in English dub, please send me the link.

Thank you all so much!