After filling Debbie in and cooing over the pictures for a while they decided to go meet Charity in the Woolpack for lunch. They both walked arm in arm through the village, Chas looked towards Carl's office and again he was standing there but this time he wasn't looking at her. She stopped and watched him- he stood looking at what she thought was one of the scan photos smiling down at it.

"Is he actually smiling?" Debbie asked.

"Yeah," Chas smiled "yeah he is… anyways come on girlie your mum has a lot to catch up on," she said and started to walk again.

"You know he looks happy," Debbie added as they walked to the doors of the pub.

"Well why wouldn't he be?" Chas asked as they walked inside.

"Why wouldn't who be what?" Charity asked from her seat at the bar.

"Nothing," Debbie said quickly "Shadrach said he'd give up the drink," she covered quickly.

"Ah," Charity replied and burst out laughing "okay what do you want?" she asked changing the subject.

"I'll have and orange juice," Chas said and sat beside her.

"What no come on how about a pint…I'll even throw in the straw?"

"Nah mum Chas has a head on her I'll have an orange juice too," Debbie said squeezing Chas's hand "she kinda overdid it last night."

"Partying without me?" she mock gasped- they all laughed "okay fine oj it is… Diane!" she called "two orange juices and pint please."

A while later Charity had filled them in on her holiday and gave them the small presents she had brought back for them. Debbie looked up to see Carl and Jimmy walk to a nearby table deep in conversation she nudged Chas and nodded to where they were.

Chas leaned over "I don't need to know where he is all the time Debs," she whispered.

"What if he's told Jimmy and he says something in front of mum?" Debbie whispered back "he'll expect she knows."

"Oh," Chas said and looked over as she did Carl looked at the same time- thinking quickly she held up her phone- he nodded and took his out of his pocket. Sending him a quick text she looked over as he read it he looked back and shook his head- she nodded and turned back to Debbie "he hasn't told him yet."

"Well that's one less thing to worry about you don't want mum going off on one."

Charity turned back from her conversation with Diane "one more and then we'll head are you sure you won't have one Chas?"

"No we're fine thanks another juice my head is still banging," Chas replied.

"Okay," Charity sighed and turned back to Dianne.

"I need to pee," Debbie said a while later and hopped off her stool.

Carl saw Chas alone at the bar-while Charity went outside on her phone and Debbie went towards the bathrooms, he stood up "I'll get us another," he said to Jimmy and walked up beside her "I hope there's no vodka in that," he said into her ear.

Chas looked up from playing with her straw "I said I wouldn't didn't I?"

"It was a joke Chas," he said "you want another?"

"No," she sighed "I've had four already where's Scarlett is not on lunch too?"

"She went for lunch with Adam and boy he didn't look happy…neither did she come to think of it."

"Aww young love eh," Chas giggled.

"Yeah," he chuckled "if you ask me she can do way better."

"Ah Adam's a nice guy have you tried to get to know him?"

"Not as much as Scarlett would like…it's not like I don't like him I just think he's up to something."

"Like what?" Chas asked.

Carls shrugged "have no idea just a feeling I'm getting."

"Oi Carl! Are we getting a drink today!" Jimmy yelled over.

"Coming…I better go I'll see ya later," he said and picked up his pints.

As soon as he was gone Debbie slid back into her seat "I was hoping I wouldn't have to stand there all day Jimmy got there before me…mum still on the phone?" She asked looking around.

"Yeah," Chas replied and stood up "this may be our way outta here," she giggled and grabbed her bag "quick out the other door Diane!" She called "when Charity comes back in tell her Debbie had to go get Sarah!" She yelled as she shoved Debbie out the back door.

As soon as they were out the door they both burst out laughing "she's gonna flip," Debbie laughed.

"Our Cain will have her occupied for a while," Chas replied as she spotted her brother walking towards the pub. "Right Deb's I'm off home for some alone time I'll call you later now get before she sees you!" she called over her shoulder as she began her walk home

"I'll call round later!" Debbie called as she went the other way.

Later that evening Chas came down from her room to make tea to find there was no milk "flamin' Zak," she snapped and flung the empty carton into the bin. "Belle!" She yelled up the stairs "there's no milk I won't be long!" she called as she grabbed some money from her bag and headed out the door.

She wasn't far from the shop when she heard yelling- looking around towards the garage she saw Adam and Scarlett fighting. She watched Adam grab Scarlett's hand and she shoved him away- slap him and run off in tears. "Oi!" She yelled before Adam could move "what's that all about-why's she so upset?" she asked walking down to him.

"Ask her the mad cow," Adam said and brushed by her.

"Oi I'm asking you!" Chas hissed and grabbed his wrist.

"We broke up alright and I'm not afraid of you!" he hissed and got up in her face.

"Trust me love you should be but I'll this one go coz you're upset and you're our Aaron's best mate, so back off," she said and shoved him back. Turning on her heels she walked in the direction Scarlett had gone.

An hour later she still hadn't found her she had looked everywhere sighing she shivered from the cold as it was now dark- she pulled out her phone-trying Scarlett for the hundredth time she groaned in frustration when it went to mail again. Putting her phone back in her pocket she looked towards Jimmy and Carl's office to see both of them leaving and going to their cars "not with them then," she sighed as Carl locked the door behind him.

She looked around a bit more before an idea popped into her head- shivering again she started making her way to the graveyard. She stopped not far from the King's grave and there she was lying against the headstone in tears with a bottle of what Chas thought was vodka.

Walking over she sat on the grass beside her "Scarlett," she sighed "I have been everywhere looking for you," she said brushing some hair behind her ear "what's up kid? I saw you and Adam earlier."

Scarlett sobbed harder at the mention of his name "C-Chas!" she cried and threw herself at her.

"Aww what's he done?" she asked holding her close.

"H-he slept with Victoria!" She cried "has been for weeks!"

"Little weasel," Chas hissed "must be going around the village- right, up you get," she said standing up and pulling her to her feet.

"Nah I'm a goods here," she slurred and swayed. "You go home," she said patting Chas's cheek.

"Do you really think I'm leaving you in this state-how much of that have you drank?" She asked as Scarlett fell on her, she took the bottle from her "please tell me this was like a quarter full when you got it," she asked looking at the now empty bottle.

"Nope," Scarlett said happily "was full- I drank the whooole lot," she laughed and flung her arms around.

"Right home then," Chas said throwing the bottle in the bin and started to drag her towards the entrance of the yard.

"No!" Scarlett snapped "I wanna stay here with my dad and brother's," she whined "they won't hurt me!" she yelled and tried to pull away from Chas.

"Not now Scarlett it's dark and cold not to mention I have no clothes on-either do you," she said nodding to the short sleeve top she had on "I only came out for flamin' milk now come on!" she said sternly and started to pull her along.

"I love you Chas," she sobbed "you're the bestest…I hate Nicola she's so bossy thinks she knows everything…stupid Nicola," she grumbled "and Carl's a moron too."

"Right well I'll agree with you on that," Chas said slipping her arm around her so she could support her better "right now you need to sleep it off come on," she said and started to walk again while propping her up.

"Right now I need to go find Adam and punch his lights out," she grumbled as she stumbled along.

"Nah I'll do that while you sleep," Chas said hoping it would make her move faster.

A long while and a few tantrums later Chas finally carried her up to the Kings front door she knocked and waited for either Carl or Jimmy to answer. When she got no answer she sighed and turned back to Scarlett "where's your key?"

"Pocket," she mumbled sleepily and dropped her head on Chas's shoulder sending her stumbling a little.

Chas dug into her pocket and pulled it out, after fiddling with the bunch she finally got the right one and slid it into the lock. As soon as the door was open she dragged her in and closed it "come on up to bed," she whispered once she spotted Carl asleep on the sofa and began to lead Scarlett to the stairs.

"G-gonna puke!" Scarlett yelled and threw her hand over her mouth stumbling up the first step.

"No, no, Scarlett in there!" Chas yelled back trying to direct her to the kitchen sink. She let out a shriek when Scarlett turned and puked on her "Scarlett!" She screeched in shock- she screeched again when she fell into her and took her to the ground "oh no Scarlett!" she groaned as she threw up on her again, "bloody hell," she sighed and tried to roll her off her trying not to throw up herself.

"What's going on out there?" Carl yelled sleepily from the living room.

"Great," Chas muttered.

"Oh Chas I'm so so sorry!" Scarlett sobbed and rolled off her "I'm an idiot no wonder he went with her," she cried and lay on the floor.

Carl heard Chas's name and got up off the sofa, walking to the hall he stopped and looked down at the two of them on the floor. Spotting the puke all down Chas's front and the stunned look on her face he took one look at Scarlett and burst out laughing "drunk are we?" he asked with a smirk.

"Oh shut up and help me get her to bed!" Chas hissed and rolled on her side before Carl leaned down and pulled her to her feet.

"What's up with her?" he asked as he lifted a now sleeping Scarlett into his arms.

"I found her with an empty bottle of vodka in the graveyard," Chas said as she walked ahead of him up the stairs.

"Graveyard?" Carl asked stopping on the stairs "what the hell was she doing there?"

"She was lying against your dad's grave when I got there she was crying her eyes out," Chas replied as they entered her room.

"But why?" Carl asked as he placed her in her bed. "And how did you find her there…what were you even doing there?"

"I saw her and Adam arguing she ran off I had a word with him and then went to look for her. I was walking around for over an hour before I thought of the graveyard then found her," she replied crossing her arms over herself ignoring the puke she was freezing and he could tell.

"You're freezing," he said walking to her and rubbing her arms "you shouldn't be out with no coat on -you wanna get a shower and I'll get you clean clothes," he chuckled.

"I was only going to the shop!" she yelled "and you can make me tea and all… now get out while I put your sister into her pjs I'll be down after I get a shower," she said shoving him towards the door.

"She'll be fine just let her sleep it off," Carl replied pulling her with him.

"No trust me Carl waking up with your eye make-up and last night's clothes feels almost as bad as the hangover- tea please," she chuckled and shoved him out the door.

Carl shook his head walking to his room he pulled out a pair of bottoms and t-shirt for her and hung them on the banister "clothes are out here," he called in and walked back down to the kitchen.

Upstairs Chas had just come out of the shower in Scarlett's room with a towel wrapped around her "damn," she muttered and tiptoed to the door. Pulling it open she spotted the clothes Carl had left out for and ran to get them.

She froze on the spot when she heard Jimmy "oh my," he chuckled "what mess are you in now?"

Chas turned embarrassed to face him "your sister puked on me after I so kindly brought her drunk ass home so I've had a shower I'm about to get dressed then I'll be gone," she replied and went to take a step back to the room.

"Why was she drunk?" Jimmy asked.

"Not the time for questions eh Jimmy?" Carl said from behind them he nodded to Chas in her towel "Scarlett can tell us tomorrow."

"Right, right," Jimmy replied and started to walk to the stairs "well thanks for bringing her home Chas!" he called as he went down.

"Tea's ready," Carl said after he'd gone.

"I'll be down in a minute," she replied and went into Scarlett's room she closed the door behind her and leaned against, sighing she closed her eyes she saw the way he was looking at her. Shaking her head clear she went back to the bathroom and pulled the clothes on she took an extra few minutes before she emerged and checked on Scarlett- considering she didn't move when Chas stripped her or took off her make-up she knew she'd be okay, pulling the covers up further she backed out of the room and closed the door.

Halfway down the stairs she stopped and took a few deep breaths before taking the rest ready to face Carl and Jimmy. She stopped in the doorway of the kitchen to see Carl sitting at the counter alone "where's Jimmy?" She asked.

Carl looked up from his beer and started at her "what?" She asked almost shyly.

Carl smiled and shook his head "nothing just forgot how good you look in my clothes- tea's over there," he said nodding his head behind him "and Jimmy's gone to bed."

"So I guess a lift home is out of the question?" she asked nodding to the empty beer bottles on the counter.

"Uh," Carl stood up "no, me and Jim had a few when we got home," he said as he searched his pockets "damn I've no money on me…I'll go wake Jimmy- get money off him for a taxi," he said moving towards the stairs.

"No, no, leave him- don't wake him I'll walk I'll be fine."

"No you won't walk anywhere this late Scarlett might have money in her bag," he said taking another step towards the stairs.

"No Carl you're not going through your sister's bag honestly I'll be fine it's not that far," Chas called after him.

Carl walked back to her "stay here then you can have my bed I'll take the sofa."

Chas laughed "are you serious?"

"Yes I am I'm not letting you walk unless I walk you home."

Chas sighed if he walked her home he'd have to walk back on his own and he wasn't in very good shape judging by the bottles in the corner "fine I'll stay but you're giving me a lift home first thing."

Carl smiled and stepped around her "good…wanna stick a film on?" he asked grabbing another beer.

"Supposed so," she said and picked up her tea "and just to be mean I'm picking a girly one," she giggled as she walked into the sitting room.

Carl laughed "you don't like that crap," he said and followed her.

"Oh I think I can survive it," she said and waved a dvd in front of him.

"Really?" he laughed "the wedding planner- seriously?"

Chas pulled a face and threw it down "no I guess not I'm not dying of boredom," she said turning back to the dvd collection "this is more like it," she said and pulled one down. Walking to the telly she shoved it in and jumped onto the sofa beside him.

Carl chuckled as the main menu came up "you know I only have this because you like it."

"Correction I love it- what's not to love about Johnny Depp…even if he is a scruffy pirate and I know I remember when you bought it," she replied and pressed play.

The film went on they both sat in silence throwing a few words here and there-halfway through the film Carl looked over to see Chas asleep, smiling he stood up grabbed the remote turning off the telly. He slid his hand under her knees and the other around her back and scooped her into his arms he smiled when she snuggled into him and wrapped her arms around his neck. He made his way to his room and pulled back the covers placing her down he pulled the covers up around her and stepped back. He stood watching her for a minute before he stepped forward and gave her a lingering kiss on her forehead "I love you," he whispered and ran his hand across her stomach "you too," he said and smiled. He sighed and stepped back he'd give anything to get in beside her and just hold her close, no one had any idea how much he loved her- sighing again he turned and walked out of the room.

Chas rolled on her back and opened her eyes she was half awake when he lifted her off the sofa now she was wide awake. Sighing she blew out a breath and kicked the covers off her, she lay looking at the ceiling it felt weird lying here without him she had heard him say he loved her and the baby her heart just melted sighing again she rolled on her side and closed her eyes.

An hour later she sat up frustrated she couldn't sleep looking at the clock she groaned when it read one am- throwing her feet over the side of the bed she sat up maybe hot chocolate would help she said to herself and stood up.

Tiptoeing down the stairs she peaked in on Carl out cold on the sofa she held back a giggled he looked so awkward on that tiny sofa. Going to the kitchen she got herself out a cup and the hot chocolate clicked the kettle on and leaned against the counter lost in thought. The clicking of the kettle a minute later brought her back she turned and made her hot chocolate, she was just about to take a sip when she heard a thud.

"Ouch" she heard Carl mumble.

Walking to the living room she leaned against the doorway and laughed "how many times is that now?" she giggled.

Carl looked up sleepily from the floor "what are you doing up?"

"Couldn't sleep," she said and walked to the arm chair "I don't think I'm going to either."

"Yeah, try sleeping on this thing," Carl said as he pulled himself up "what did you make?" he asked nodding to her cup.

"Hot chocolate- you want some?" she asked holding out her cup.

"Don't mind if I do," he chuckled and took the cup from her taking a large gulp.

"Oi! I said some not all of it," Chas said and stood up, she pulled the cup away from his mouth causing him to spill some down his chin she giggled and wiped it without thinking "never took you for a drooler Carl."

"Haha," he said sarcastically "and it was your fault you pulled the cup.

"Here I was being nice and offering and you take half of it," she said and looked into her cup "it's almost gone," she said and poked him in the side.

"I'll make you more," he said and took the cup from her. He walked to the kitchen and clicked the kettle on he yawned and turned back to face her "I'll be in bits tomorrow."

Chas followed him and leaned against the counter "why don't you take the bed I'll be fine down here," she suggested.

"Nah I can't let you sleep on that," he replied and yawned again.

"Carl you need to get some sleep," she said walking closer to him "I'll be fine it's just a few hours."

"Trust me you don't wanna sleep on that thing," he chuckled and turned back to the kettle.

"Okay," she sighed "….why don't you just sleep in the bed with me?"

Carl stopped what he was doing and turned back to her "are you sure?"

Chas shrugged "we're both adults," she said and leaned in to take the cup from behind him "I'm sure we'll be fine," she said and turned away "it's there if you want it," she called as she walked back to the stairs.

Carl sighed and walked back into the living room- he flopped onto the sofa and sighed he so wanted to but the problem was he didn't trust himself to keep his hands to himself. He dropped his head back on the sofa and looked up at the ceiling "she did offer," he said a minute later "nah better not," he sighed and lay down his hot chocolate forgotten about.

Chas sat in the bed lost in thought clutching her cup she was snapped from her thoughts when the door slowly opened she looked up and saw Carl stick his head in "offer still there?"

Chas pretended to think for a moment "hhm go on then," she said and pulled the covers back- she giggled as he shut the door and shot across the room diving into the bed.

"It's cold," he shivered and snuggled deeper into the covers.

Chas laughed and handed him her cup "here you can finish it," she said and lay down she faced away from him a bit her lip, she was dying to snuggle into him it felt strange just lying beside him.

"Chas?" He asked a few minutes later.

"Yeah?" she replied and rolled to face him.

"You know that money you took-for the wedding?"

"What about it?" she sighed and rolled away from him.

"If you had have changed your mind and had married me what were you going to say when there was no reception or anything?"

Chas sat up and turned to him "why are you bringing this up now?"

"I've just been thinking about it is all," he replied.

"I don't know I didn't think that far ahead….I was thinking about changing my mind you know," she mumbled.

"What?" he asked sitting up this was new to him.

"Yeah I nearly did- the last few weeks you were all over me and the night of the hens when you came home you were so loving and caring you were the old Carl- the Carl that loved me so much the Carl I fell in love with."

"I do love you," he sighed.

"Not enough to stay faithful to me," she muttered.

"That was the biggest mistake of my life," he said moving closer to her "…what changed your mind- to leave me?" he asked after a few minutes later.

"Charity…and seeing Eve- just the thought of you sleeping with her and coming home to me made me sick to my stomach. You know the morning of the wedding I got up I was marrying you I didn't give a damn what Charity had to say- I was gonna do it, even after what you did to me I was gonna marry you because I love you that much…I thought I could get past it but just seeing her I wanted to kill her then you."

Carl rubbed his hands over his face he knew he had messed up big time "I'm sorry Chas just tell me what to do to make it up to you and I'll do it," he said taking her hands in his "I love you- Eve was nothing she meant nothing…it's you I want."

Chas pulled away from him as a tear fell she wiped it and jumped out of the bed "this was a bad idea I'm sorry I can't do it I can't go over it again," she whimpered.

Carl jumped out beside her "please babe don't go please we can work it out," he begged.

Chas walked to the door "I have to Carl I'm drained I can't do it anymore, I'm sick of thinking about it! I'm sick picturing you two together and I'm sick remembering all the times she smiled at you or you smiled at her."

"Do you still love me?" he asked taking slow steps to her.

"You know I do!" she cried and wiped her face.

He walked to her and cupped her face "and I love you... what's stopping us from putting everything behind us and starting again?" when she didn't reply he leaned in and kissed her softly. Pulling back a few seconds later he looked down on her-before he had a chance to say anything she pulled him back into her and kissed him hard. After a minute he turned her and began to lead her back to the bed, laying her down he climbed on top of her and deepened the kiss.

Chas kissed him back with the same force she knew what she was doing was wrong but she couldn't help herself she missed him she wanted him. After he moved onto her neck she got lost in him and pulled him closer.

This time it was Carl's senses that kicked in he pulled back and looked down on her "we can't do this," he sighed "not now anyway."

"I know," she mumbled.

"We need to sit down and talk properly."

Chas nodded and sat up "do you think you can stay on your own side?"

Carl smiled relieved she wasn't out the door "I suppose so," he said and rolled off her.

They settled back on their own sides facing away from each other "night," she whispered.

"Night," he replied "and night junior," he said placing his hand on her stomach for a second "I'll see you in the morning," he said and rolled back on his side.

"Yeah," she sighed and stared into the darkness what the hell was going to happen now? She asked herself.