His Angel: Chapter 1

By: Jessarie

Summary: Harry who has been told everything about good and evil, dark and light, white magic and black magic is about to learn that things are not always as they seem. Can magic be? Just be, without being defined as right or wrong. Is it possible to live in a world where magic is based on the intent of the witch or the wizard? Can the world really be changed?

A/N: Okay, so this is a new story for all my pretties out there. Your reviews keep me going. This is very different from what I have done before because it is written in Harry's POV. Something I never would have dreamed of doing a year or so ago.

Harry was scared. More scared than he could ever remember being in all his 17 years of life. He was standing face to face with an angel. A real and true angel. His angel.

6 months earlier...

I knew I would have to kill Voldemort and as much as it pains me to admit it I was glad to be the one to have to do it. I would never wish the pain and suffering I have endured all these years onto anyone else. I am not happy that I have to murder and it essence end another, but I think for a better perspective I look at all the evil and wrong that Voldemort committed and I see that it has to be done. At least, that is what everyone keeps telling me. Ron, Hermione, the Order, and even Remus say the same thing. That I have to kill. I have to do the same thing Voldemort has done to all those other people, or so I have been told. If it was not already obvious I am coming into my own. My own thoughts and my own mind. It seems I do not believe all I have been told. I have questions.

My steps are quiet as I walk out into the crisp warm air. Summer is coming as it must. I see the shadow before the man even utters a word. "Potter." he says as I knew he would. I glance up into the cool gray eyes of Lucius Malfoy. The man sent, I assume, to watch over me from a distance. The man who will take me to my fate. "You should not have left the wards." he says pausing to study me. "Unless you meant to?" he ends in a questioning tone. My face transforms. I can feel it into a smirk he probably recognizes. I ripped the look off of Snape. Severus Snape is the potions master at my school. Hogwarts. Oh how I love Hogwarts. If only people would be honest with me when I am within it's hallowed halls.

I step forward and raise my arm grasping the elder Malfoy's arm in a tight grip. "Don't splinch me." I say as the final whisper anyone nearby would hear as we popped softly away.

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