His Angel: Chapter 4

By: Jessarie

A/N: So excited to have a new chapter coming out for this one. It's a bit short, but it's a chapter none-the-less. Enjoy!

I walked down the hallway of Malfoy Manor smiling. Things were actually going good, better now than in recent times. I knew at least part of the truth and had my suspicions to the things I was not privy to.

Not paying attention to where I was going, I bumped into a solid wall of black cloth. A strong masculine scent of cinnamon and spice licked it's way up my nose. I smirked without looking up and choose instead to wrap my arms around the man in front of me. "Good Morning, Severus." I greeted him stepping away. I had recently realized how attractive Severus was which was turning into a bit of a problem for me. He was robe-less now, wearing a slim pair of black slacks and a black button down cotton shirt with a black silk vest. In other words, he looked delicious.

He was smirking at me too. "We really need to work on your mind control before sending you back to Hogwarts. You're an open book, Harry." he said the smirk transforming into a grin as I blushed. I could feel my face heating up red as I realized he could see what I was thinking. Too many trained Legilimens in this house. I thought shaking my head at him.

Grabbing his hand I pulled him towards the conservatory where we had been having breakfast the past few mornings. "Come on. I'm hungry." I said.

Severus laughter died in his throat as we rounded the final corner. Lucius was sitting in Tom's lap at the table. Neither of them had noticed our entrance because they were too busy with one another. Tom's tongue was currently in Lucius mouth and his hands were pulling the buttons out of their holes on Lucius shirt. It was the moan that got me though.

"Good Morning." I announced loudly rubbing at the sting in my scar. We had learned that it was a result of me containing a part of Tom. A potion of Severus' had dimmed the symptoms so it wasn't really pain anymore. Just a reminder of how Dumbledore had manipulated us all.

The two at the table pulled apart quickly to look at me, but I was the one who ended up blushing again when Tom's eyes zeroed in on Severus' hand which I still had clasped in mine. I let go quickly realizing what that could look like, although if I am truly honest, I could have held his hand forever and been totally happy.

"I made him run. I was hungry." I said clearing my throat twice before I could speak. Confrontations seemed to be getting much worse for me as time went on. Lucius stood moving into his own chair.

Tom smiled turning to Severus. "You ran, like a child would?" he asked. Severus smiled glancing at me and nodded.

"Yes I did." He announced smiling even more and we all began eating.

A/N: So now you can see a bit of where this is going. I am planning to mark this as a "SIDE PROJECT" because I doubt my updates will ever become normal and I will work on it whenever I can.