~Ghirahim's P.O.V~

It was quiet in the Sky Child's little rock town. No one was out, except some measly boy clad in yellow. He patrolled back and forth, the same place, as if something would happen within the next second. He was guarding a rather large building; it looked like a school or an academy of some sort. It wasn't until I realized that the boy in yellow was wearing garbs much like my Sky Child's.

A smile formed from my white lips.

I raised my hand above my head and snapped my fingers; teleporting inside the building. I was in the second story of the building. It was rather tacky and to my distaste, an utterly unfitting place for a fabulous being, such as myself to be in. Alas though, I was on a mission. Well, except for looking for that stupid Spirit Maiden and her little skinny guard-bitch. That was a mission for my master. This, however, was a mission for my own self.

Ever since I saw him, in the Sky View Temple, I have craved him. Since he challenged me and mocked me with the Goddess' Sword, I have had an undying craving and blood lust for him. My perfect body, yearned to feel the Sky Child's up against me. To taste his blood, as I had tasted so many times upon my sword. His blood, is the most delicious thing, I have ever tasted.

I licked my lips at the memory of his blood.

I can sense him. I can feel his presence burning like a hot flame in this disgusting building. He is near. Now the question is…where?