Chapter One: Parents

Katara is nursing a newborn Kya when a question pops into Sokka's head.

"Toph, do you ever think about being a parent?"

"No," she shrugs, standing next to him in the hospital hallway. "How would I raise a kid?"

"Like a boss," he nudges her, and she grins. "Seriously, I think you'd make a great mom."

Toph doesn't say anything, but her mouth twitches.

"You'd make a great dad," she replies. "What about you, then, Mr. Baby-crazy? You ever think about having kids?"

"Having them, no," he smirks, "but I think about raising them sometimes, yeah." A moment of silence, then, "I really think I wanna be a dad one day."

There is a note of wistful sadness in his voice. Toph bites her lip, then hesitantly says, "Tell you what, if you still want any kids in a month or two, I'll bend one out of mud and we can raise it together."

"Oh, a mudchild," Sokka muses. "I see what you did there."

Toph previously thought she'd outgrown the age of flushing, but the heat on her face says otherwise. Sokka hasn't outgrown his oblivious nature, it seems, because he says a moment later, "It saves the kid the trouble of getting dirty already!"

"And you can't clean it, because then it'll be gone," Toph grins. "It's perfect, I tell you."

"Genius," Sokka agrees. Kya, within, starts fussing, and Aang, with Katara's direction, makes soothing noises to comfort his brand-new daughter.

"Hey, Toph," Sokka says slowly, "if…if either one of us, by some crazy happenstance, ends up with a kid…and…you know…no one else to raise it with…do you think we could raise it together? I mean, with me as Uncle or you as Aunt or whatever?"

Toph kneads her lip with her teeth, then nods.

"I guess I can work with that," she grins. "If you ever give birth, Sokka, I will be there for you. I will raise that kid as my own niece."

"I'm so relieved," Sokka laughs, putting his hand over his heart. "We're gonna be the most awesome half-parents ever."

"No doubt," Toph nods sagely. "Though I think, for what it's worth, we'd make awesome real parents, too."

"Yup," Sokka sighs. "Maybe. One day."

"One day."

A/N: Welcome to Quilly's Latest Project, which is a hugely self-indulgent project that I've been working on since Tokka Week. Those of you who were tuned-in to Tokka Week and saw my entries, many of these installments will be familiar, though I've polished them up and added about three or four new stories to tie it all together.

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