The little cub had waited in the cave for a long time. His stomach grumbled, reminding him that he was hungry. Restlessness itched at his paws. Why weren't his parents back yet?

He got to his wide cubby paws and waddled out of the den, blinking as the bright sunlight greeted him. His parents' scent was strong enough for the little one to follow, even as common sense told him to wait in the den. His parents had been gone long enough to take down some prey and he wanted some of it. Eupe, his mother, had promised he could try meat today.

His parents' scent grew stronger as he followed the trail, but a new scent grew stronger too, something foul and unpleasant. There was blood-scent too; the cub recognized that from the prey his parents had brought home. Oh good, they caught something.

The cub was not prepared for the scene that awaited him. There was prey, yes, but his parents were slumped over on the ground, with the foul scent from before strong in the air. His father, Kuapa, had a paw protectively over Eupe, and both were covered in blood. The cub's lip quivered. "Mommy? Daddy?" Neither answered.

The cub's cries to his parents could have attracted the attention of any number of predators. Luckily his cries fell on the ears of a nearby lion. The small, stout male walked up to the cub, his eyes wide with horror and pity. The cub ran straight up to the male, his big green eyes welled up with tears. "Please, my mommy and daddy won't get up!"

The lion sighed. Without a word he pulled the cub away from the scene. "Come little one. You will not be able to see your parents again." The cub let out a gasp. He began bawling, leaning against the lion's leg. He didn't understand any of what was going on.

The lion said quietly. "I am Mohatu, King of the PrideLands. You can live there now." There was no response from the pale yellow cub. Mohatu asked gently, "What is your name, little one?"

The cub looked up with tear-stained cheeks. "Ahadi."

In the RockLands, a lone male stood on a rocky ledge, his stony face unreadable. A thin brown lioness slipped out of the cave to stand beside him. "Your mate has delivered a son, my King." She said feebly.

The lion's face didn't change expression. "Good," he growled. "A proper heir."

The lioness seemed taken aback. "But what of your daughter, King Hodari?"

Hodari snorted. "The Princess? A female cannot be an heir. She is of use to me as a bargaining chip, no more. A son is a true heir."

Unbeknownst to either, the young Princess was listening from inside the cave. Her little brow crinkled in anger. Fine. If Daddy wasn't going to pay attention to her, then she'd make him pay attention.

This is my story about Ahadi and Uru. I didn't feel like doing a particuarly long story with long chapters, and I felt like drawing some more, so I decided to do something like what Savu is doing with his Taka theory stories. Quick chapters with a picture. Pictures with each chapter can be found on my DeviantArt account, HareclawOfSkyClan.