It all started in fourth grade, Deidara was the new kid, long, brown hair and a temporary shy attitude. Deidara stood up in front of the class. "U-Uhm... hi...My name is Deidara...and um...nice to meet you?" Deidara looked at the teacher. She nodded and he ran to his seat. He sat between a kid with weird eyes and black hair, Deidara remembered his name. "Hello...uh, Kakuzu...?" Kakuzu nodded. Deidara looked at the kid sitting on the other side of him. "Uh...what's your name again?" He didn't answer. "Excuse me? I asked your name." Deidara said. "Go screw yourself." The redhead said. Deidara pouted. "rude... Rude...RUDE!" He sat down and pouted some more.