(First person POV :Sasori:)
I...don't know how long I'm going to be here...all my dreams are haunted by that person, a blonde, I seem to know him...who IS he? I'm confused. I'm scared. What is this blockage in my head...? It's making me forget. What am I doing in this unfamiliar room? The person in the mirror...I don't recognize him...messy outgrown hair...bags under eyes...who is he? Get him out of here, put a sheet over the mirror...I'm scared of him. He's gonna hurt me. I don't want him to hurt me. Where am I...? I wish I knew. Someone's passing by.

"Help me! I hate it in here!" I scream. The person looks at me. Her head is on fire, the monkey walking next to her is speaking french. I want to die. I can't be in here. I don't belong here. It's not right. It's scary here. I'm going to go crazy in here. Too late.