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And I watched her that night, the tension melting away and the predator within surfacing onto those beautifully delicate features. The crimson current of life flowing down her lips, onto her chin. My eyes following the stream of red, dripping onto her chest, my gaze fixated on olive skin. Shaking myself from my thoughts, I look up into bright doe eyes, waiting for a response. The back of her hand wipes away some of the blood from her pouted lips that are now forming into a smile.

"I feel good," she grins, nodding her head as if not only telling me but reassuring herself.

I can't help but smirk, deep inside I'm reeling with excitement and I'm feeling exceedingly proud of my little princess. Yes, princess, because even though she is now one of us she is still all the good parts of herself. Elena Gilbert is still a precious being and in my eyes, will always be.

In a seconds time she's bonding over to me, open armed and practically giggling. Those arms wrap around my neck, her chin on my shoulder, breath on my skin. My hands settled on her back, one gliding through silken hair. Closing my eyes I inhale her sent, getting completely lost in this small yet still intimate gesture. It's been a long time since I've seen her this elated, this in control of her actions. It might be cheesy to say that she has become a woman, but in many ways this successful feed is just that for a female vampire.

"I want more," she whispers into my ear, causing my entire body to become alert, my blood coursing with fire.

She has no idea how hard she effects me, how much of a turn on those words are. The image of her with blood cascading from her tongue and the heat radiating from her petite frame is sending me over the edge.

"Damon please," she begs, "give me more. Show me more."

This is such a double edged sword, I know it but I'm choosing to ignore it. I can't lose her, this time together is making me complete and I'll do anything to keep this woman satisfied, anything to keep her here with me in this moment.

"I'll give you everything," I promise, "show you everything."

Pulling away from her embrace, we lock eyes and she's practically glowing. Her dainty hand slides down my arm and takes my hand, our fingers lacing together.

"Lead the way, Mr. Salvatore," she smiles before biting her lower lip in a simply seductive manor.

Making our way into the main room where everyone is dancing, high and drunk, completely out of their minds as they give in to the pleasure of it all. Scanning around the darkened room I hunt my potential meal. Elena needs to see this, needs to understand every aspect of snatch-feed-erase without killing anyone tonight.

The pretty blonde in the corner looks my way and I flash her a smile, her own coming out to play.

"Watch," I whisper into Elena's ear as I leave her side and make my way over to the unsuspecting victim.

I feel her stare on my back as I walk away, my new focus on the sorority chick in her slutty nurse costume, first few buttons of her white dress undone revealing a red lace bra. This is almost too easy and I find her intense neediness for my attention so pathetic. Our eye contact is never broken, my hand coming up to rest against the wall by her head as I'm now mere inches from her near shaking frame.

"Where's the doctor?" I tease, knowing it's a terrible joke but she giggles like the school girl that she is.

"Not currently in tonight," she responds, setting her drink down onto the table next to her leg before touching my jacket.

"Hot costume," she compliments, "what are you suppose to be anyway? A dark and mysterious stranger?'

A laugh escapes me, one to humor her seeing as nothing she's said is particularly funny.

"I suppose," I nod, "Jack the ripper to be exact but I'm sure my costume isn't really what you find hot."

I'm sure of myself because I know exactly what she wants, I can smell the arousal heightening between her now parted thighs. Licking her lips she shakes her head, her hand now inside my jacket.

"A mind reader too?" she purrs, pressing her body against mine in a seductive imprisonment.

"Not so much a reader as a controller," I reply, my hands cupping her face in a vice grip.

Eyes dilating as I begin the compulsion, the action so quick and fluid that at times I forget I'm engaging in it.

"Don't scream, you're going to love this," I prompt, before my fangs begin extending from my gums.

Slowly, I place my face in the crook of her neck, tongue gliding over the pulsing vein where I plan to bite. In one swift movement my fangs have penetrated her tender flesh, the warm liquid spilling into my mouth. She moans and I suck harder, drinking down as much as her body will allow without causing her to lose consciousness. Just as I'm about to bring her over the edge of life and death, I stop, retracting my fangs and pulling away from her neck. Tongue glides over my lips, enjoying the remains of my almost kill, the back of my hand erasing all additional evidence.

"Thank you," I smirk, "Now run along."

And just like that I've gotten what I've came for in the first place and the sorority queen is out of sight, out of mind. Turning around, Elena is all I see, standing in the center of the room. She looks mad, seething even but I can't understand why, perhaps she's having second thoughts. Padding back over to her, I try to offer up a smile needing her to stay with me, needing her to keep our deal tonight.

"Your turn," I suggest, "unless you want me to demonstrate again?"

She's done this already once tonight, but she claims to want more, with me she can have as much as her heart desires.

"Ok," she nods, looking back out at the sea of bodies around us, the music becoming louder than before or so it seemed.

"Are you alright?" I'm concerned, as always when it comes to Elena, but more so now because I refuse to have her resent me again.

"I'm fine," she shrugs, "why wouldn't I be? You got to have a taste of that blonde bimbo, now I get to have that hot football player in the corner. Couldn't be better."

I'm left mouth open and confused as she walks away, her jacket sliding from her shoulders as she throws it onto the nearest chair. She's acting strange and I shouldn't find this unusual seeing as she tends to become this way from time to time. What does it matter whom I choose to feed on? Why the sudden cold front between us? Is it rage, emotions about her own acts or maybe, just maybe she's jealous. That emotion I know all too well and now currently ensconced in as she throws herself at the tall football dick eying her as if she's candy. I'm disgusted with this kid, even though I have no right to be, but God damn it I am. Hands are clenched into fists at my sides but I grit my teeth and behave to the best of my ability. The heat is rising once again in my interior, seeing red is putting it mildly at the moment. Elena's hands are all over him, her mouth making a trail of kisses up to his throat. Overboard, that's what I think, she's too good at this and it's pissing me off.

"Let her bleed him to death," I mutter under my breath before stomping off in search of another tasty morsel to quench my appetite and to make me forget about my unhealthy obsession with my brother's girlfriend.

After an hour of driving my fangs into three delicious and willing young women, I'm back in the main room of the large fraternity house. The blood is coursing through my cold frame and I feel alive, completely and utterly on another level of existence. Warmth consumes my skin, my eyes closing as I begin dancing to the beat of the blaring music. Shrugging out of my coat, I toss the unneeded black material onto the sofa, one of my main courses has already made off with my top hat. Rolling up my sleeves, I begin dancing with a dark woman who is now rubbing against me like a cat in heat. My eyes are wide now, as I come to some sense trying to locate Elena. My Elena.

She's there, enjoying herself, a bright smile taking over her lips. I can't help but soften when I see her, my love for her devours me and all my rational thinking. Reaching out to me, I glide over to her, taking her into my arms in one fluid motion.

"Damon," she breathes, "I'm having so much fun…..I'm so lightheaded."

She giggles and I laugh, knowing it's from all the blood she's consumed; I feel the exact same way.

"It's the blood," I whisper, our faces mere inches apart now, "just let go, Elena."

Taking my advice, she begins grinding against me, her hands sliding down my chest and then back up again. My own hands move down to her curvaceous hips, gripping them tightly as we participate in this sensual form of dirty dancing. Gentle fingertips glide against my neck collecting blood before slipping the coated digits past her lips. A satisfied moan escapes her and I feel myself getting hard. I've been aroused since she pressed her thriving body against mine but now I'm near ravenous with desire. Just as I'm about to comment, I now feel a warm wetness snaking up my neck, her tongue catching the blood of the latest victims, tasting everything that's once been in my mouth.

"Elena," I growl, wanting nothing more than to throw her against the near surface and have my filthy way with her.

The little vixen continues to excite me, surprise me and torment my very being all at the same time. That traveling tongue taps against my parted lips before I feel the sharp stab of her elongated fangs tugging at my lower lip.

"Damn it," I hiss, even though I enjoyed that, it was a major turn on and I know she realizes this.

Another little giggle omits from my smoldering temptress as she pulls away from our heated embrace.

"You want to know something," she begins in a sultry tone, "you taste the best out of them all."

After giving me one of the most come hither and fuck me stares I've ever received, Elena turns her back to me and begins walking out of the room. As she reaches the staircase, she looks over her shoulder before gesturing for me to follow. I don't hesitate, nothing could be more perfect than my goddess, this invitation will be received and this opportunity will not be wasted.

Following her lead, I step out of the room and over to the staircase, as she takes to the second floor. My eyes are following her every movement carefully even after she disappears ahead of me, I'm quick to catch up. Elena's steps guide me to the end of the long hallway where I watch her move with grace into a bedroom. I have no idea what to expect but I'm hoping for much more than originally planned. This is so much more than carnal desire, I'm madly in love with her, however tonight I'm blinded by my animalistic tendencies and my insatiable nature.

Eyes wide as I find the baby vampire sitting on the bed with a gorgeous redhead, coincidentally dressed as little red riding hood.

"Close the door, Damon," Elena commands, and I do exactly as I'm told. I'm silent, simply watching, having absolutely no idea what is going to occur in this little bedroom.

I'm intrigued but I'm also dying inside to touch her, to make her mine.

Grasping the young girl's chin, Elena forces their eyes to lock, the tell-tale signs of compulsion taking place.

"You're going to do exactly as we say," she commands, "don't be afraid. This won't hurt, I promise you'll like it."

Elena's mouth opens, fangs extend before she dives in for the kill. The sound of her sinking those razor sharp teeth into red's neck is driving me wild. My back leans against the wooden door as I watch them in awe and agony. The girl moans loudly, her hand resting on the brunette vampire's shoulder while her free hand rests on a fishnet covered thigh. In a second Elena is coming up for air, gasping with contentment, a satisfied smile taking to her lips. The Cheshire cat comes to mind as I notice the devious gleam in her eyes. The redhead's derived blood is running down Elena's face and neck, splattering onto corset-trussed up breasts. I can't take this torture, I'm going mad with this incessant need. The pounding in my head is increasing and the throbbing of my manhood is causing me to gasp for unnecessary air.

"Damon come here," she smiles, reaching out for me once again and I'm quick to take to my knees in front of her.

"It's so good," she breathes, her senses obviously on full blast as her behavior is as if she's high on ecstasy.

The blood can do that to a new vampire, hell it even does it to me from time to time. I want Elena to enjoy this, I want her to know all of the perks of being one of the undead. Glancing to the side I notice the crimson current still leaking from the redhead's puncture marks, my fangs automatically elongating. I can feel Elena watching me, her legs wrapping around my waist, pulling me as close as possible. My lower half hits the bed, as she rests one of her hands on my shoulder before allowing her free hand to swipe over her meal's neck.

"Taste her," she offers, pushing her bloodied fingers past my lips.

I suck and she rolls her hips forward, becoming aroused by this little display; as am I.

I can't help my next move, it just happens and I'm overcome with the blood lust. Elena's fingers slide from my mouth with a slick pop and in an instant my fangs are tearing into the same wound that she's left on red riding hood's neck. One hand grips the other side of the girl's neck while my free hand slides under her dress. She's panting and moaning while Elena gasps. I know this has surprised her, but she's doing absolutely nothing to stop me. Eyes clamped shut, I'm spiraling into oblivion and in my mind there is Elena. I want nothing more than to be in this same position with the brunette, my mouth on her neck and my palm against her wet sex. The need for her is overtaking me, the blood consuming me, rolling in waves down my throat.

"Stop," Elena says, but I'm not paying attention, I'm in a slow spinning world where she is mine.

"Damon, stop!" she commands more sternly, her hands now on my biceps pulling me away from red riding hood and her delectable taste.

With a deep growl and a quick maneuver, I have Elena on her back flat against the wooden floor. One hand on her throat while the other rests against the ground, her eyes pleading with me. The blood is dripping from my mouth onto her skin, the smell of iron and life wafting around us.

"Do you enjoy it, Elena," I practically spit, "Does this get you off? Fucking with me! Making me fall harder and deeper in love with you, only to have you rip my fucking heart out as you run back to my saintly little brother?!"

The words are hitting her in the face and they are pouring out of me at an alarming rate. I know she didn't expect this tonight but I didn't expect this either. The way she behaves, throwing herself at me, all the while I know she'll back out of her prior advances. She doesn't love me, but I need her too, I want it more than anything in the world.

"Why won't you love me?!" I bellow, gripping her neck tighter, the pain evident in my voice. "I would do anything for you," I explain, "I would die a thousand times for you, just to show you how much I love you."

My mouth is now centimeters from hers, our breath almost mixing while we both revel in the intoxication.

"Show me," she pushes out and my lips are instantly on hers, devouring the sweetest taste I've ever known.

Her hands are pushing her fishnet stockings to her knees while we kiss deeply and passionately, my actions wild and feverish. There is nothing in this moment more important than Elena, I need her, I have to have her in anyway she is willing to give. My mouth moves down to her neck, sucking and teasing the tender area while she moans, her body rolling with shockwaves. One of her hands grabs mine, quickly guiding it between her thighs. My fingertips glide over her naked sex, feeling the seeping of her arousal, wet as a river flowing down toned legs. It dawns on me that she's this way because of me and I smile against her neck with triumph.

Tiny kisses trail her chest, my free hand tugging down her corset some, exposing two supple breasts.

"So beautiful," I whisper, dragging my extending fangs along tanned, olive flesh.

Dainty hands fisting in my unkempt hair, keeping my face pressed against her chest. Swiftly, I insert two fingers inside her tight sex, while my fangs penetrate a perfect breast.

"Oh God Damon!" She screams, her blood wetting my tongue with intoxication.

This takes blood sharing to a whole other level, this is more intimate than sex to a vampire, more important than making love. This act is love in itself, the deepest of bonds. A blood bond, performed by two vampires completely and irrevocably in love with one another. I'm inside her veins and she's swimming through mine, the connection stronger than anything I've ever felt before in my entire existence.

As I'm coming up for unnecessary air, she's cumming around my intruding fingers. Inner walls holding them tightly inside her while she cries out into the space around us. Eyes wide open, gazing into mine making me feel whole and I forget about humanity because she is that for me. My hands are now cupping her face, pulling her in for a soft kiss, her arms wrapped around my neck as if she doesn't want to ever let go. We should get out of here tonight, I refuse to make love to her on a filthy bedroom floor. I'm coming back to my senses, the room starting to stop it's spinning.

"Oh My God!" I hear Bonnie screech behind us just as I'm about to suggest we head back to Mystic Falls or at least to a clean hotel with a hot shower.

"Get off of her Damon!" she yells, charging at me, her tiny fists beating against my back.

"Back off Bonnie!" I yell right back, turning my head to the side to see her enraged face.

A palm comes flying across my cheek as she slaps me hard, causing me to stand up and push the little witch against the nearest wall. My hand is around her throat, her breathing is hardly coming out and I'm gritting my teeth with the consuming madness I feel currently.

"Damon stop! Please!"

Elena begs behind me, her hands trying hard to fix her state of undress. Pulling up her stockings, she's quick to re-situate her corset before tugging at my arm. I refuse to upset her, so I loosen my grip on the witch allowing her feet to touch the floor. Bonnie's by her friend's side in seconds, taking her hand and tugging her towards the now open door.

"What were you thinking?" I hear her say in a judgmental tone, "What are you going to tell Stefan, Elena? He's your boyfriend and you're allowing Damon to practically fuck you on the floor of some nasty frat house!"

The words are making me seethe, but I keep quiet wanting to know how Miss Gilbert is going to answer. I'm trailing behind them at an acceptable distance, of course thanks to enhanced hearing I can pick up every word as if they were beside me. We're leaving I assume as I watch them exit out the front door and I can't say I'm excited about the ride back home.

"I don't know," Elena keeps repeating, like it's a mantra but it's a lie.

She knows exactly what she did, I can't stand to listen to anymore of this I was confused bullshit.

"Bonnie, the blood just makes me feel crazy," she explained, "I have no idea what came over me. Please don't tell Stefan, ok? This was a huge mistake and I'm not going to do it again."

The words are like a knife piercing through my heart, better yet a stake taking me to the true and final death. After everything that's happened in the past few hours the only thing that fills Elena is regret. The realization that she'll never love me is truly settling in and I'm no longer happy with what I've done. The humanity switch is slowly being shut off, even though I wanted so badly to feel, to feel her love for me finally.