NEW AN: This is a weird little thing… I found it on my computer and it appears to be pretty old. I polished it up a tad and decided that I might as well post it. I'll apologize ahead for my bad German, I'm learning the subject for GCSEs and thought that I might throw a few odd bits in. If you actually have any proper knowledge of the language and notice any mistakes, feel free to tell me.

EDIT: just a girl

Thank you so much for the help with the German parts! It appears that the curriculum for learning German at GCSE level is rather limited, I honestly had no idea about that way of saying it! I suppose it's kind of like the way that we learn words that some German people aren't too familar with (one time, our teacher was teaching us the name for lessons and said one that was really long for Drama. Our German assistant (who is actually German) told her that the word wouldn't be used in a casual conversation or whatever... although I suppose most things we learn in different languages aren't going to be used in a normal conversation. I don't believe that if I went to Germany people would casually ask me about my scool uniform and school rules... I'd be worried if they did xD)

You offered me your hand…

I was tempted then to join you again;
For the Greater Good.

I hesitated with a frown…

you saw my doubt, said quietly,
"Albus… please."

You lowered your hand…

My heart sped up, my breathing hitched;
it was wrong, but I wanted to feel your warmth,

I offered you my hand…

You looked confused, almost offended;
surprised that I thought you would join the light,

you laughed at me…

I felt sorrow and anger, after all;
hadn't you promised to always take me seriously?

I pushed you away;

you had been getting nearer…
A part of me regrets this action... was it a mistake?

You raised your wand…

I raised mine almost as fast;
arm trembling in anticipation,

I saw you hesitate with a grimace…

I knew this was my chance and said;
"Gellert… bitte."

I kept my hand steady…

you just mumbled;
"Für das Größere Wohl…"

The Fight Began

OLD AN: Not really poetry, not really good, not really anything. Not too sure if I got the German bits right, I wrote this is a German lesson using what I already sort of knew, so yeah. Speaking of German lessons and being all off topic and such, my teacher has predicted me a grade of a B. I can't actually achieve a B because she won't let anyone in my class take the higher level German Paper. I can only achieve a C (if I put effort into it xD)

It's teacher logic.