Chapter 1 The Return

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Mi Juneh walked anxiously down the corridor. Then, she came to a sudden stop in front of a wooden door with "F4" written on it.

Pfft. They probably forgot who I am already. They probably don't even remember my name. So, why am I still coming here? Ugh, I still can't believe I am doing this. I don't want to open the door. Oh please, oh please, hand do not open this door.

Nevertheless she still opened the wooden door, slowly and quietly she walked in. Of course, no one noticed her, they were all too distracted in their own little worlds.

Mi Juneh let out a sigh, feeling relieved, but she also felt a twinge of disappointment since nobody bothered to notice her.

She looked around the room, spotting a tall man with curly hair chatting with a short young girl. Scanning the room some more she found a man with brown hair talking with multiple women and she also saw another man but this time with black hair in a far corner with a very innocent looking girl and then finally, her eyes landed on the person she wanted to see the most. A young man with auburn hair wearing all white sitting on a couch, strumming at his guitar lightly playing a soft melody.

Mi Juneh quietly walked over and sat beside him. He didn't look up when she sat down. The man just kept playing his guitar, his mind elsewhere. But Mi Juneh still listened to his music intently, thinking about how each note fit together with the next note. And then the song came to an abrupt stop. The man let out a long sigh and looked up for once.

"Still amazing as always, Ji Hoo." Mi Juneh says quietly as she smiles at him. The man; Ji Hoo looks up at her. His eyes widen from shock. "What you don't remember me? You haven't seen me in years, aren't you going to say: 'How are you?' or 'How have you been?' or are you just going to keep looking at me like that, hmm?" Putting her hand on her hips and looking at Ji Hoo.

He tries to reply but no sound comes out of his mouth. Mi Juneh gives him a smile but somehow, the smile doesn't convince him that she is genuinely happy.

The brown haired man that was talking with the women walked over. "Yo, Ji Hoo. My man. You finally got a girl. Dude it's time you-" The man stopped mid-sentence as Mi Juneh looked up at him.

"Yo. What is going on here? Woo Bin if you are going to say something finish your sentence." The black haired man said as he walked over to where the brown haired man; Woo Bin was standing. "Who is this girl any-" Stopping mid-sentence and gaping at the Mi Juneh.

"Hey, Yi Jung. What's going on here? Why are all of you stopping mid-sentence?" The curly haired man says as he turns around from where he issitting. "Oh. Hi, Mi Juneh. So, guys, seriously what's going on-? Ahhhhh!Y-y-YOU! What the hell are YOU doing here?!

"Hmm. That's not very nice of you is it. Goo. Jun. Pyo." Mi Juneh says. "Tsk. Tsk. Tsk. You should learn some manners. Am I right?" She says as all of 'F4' looks at her with surprise. "Now if you guys are down staring at me. How about we do some catching up. Hmm?"

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