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Chapter 10


"Lastly, the cute, casual and loving couple as their designer Gyu Si May calls them it is Park Mi Juneh and Yoon Ji Hoo!" The host calls. We walk up onto the stage and instantly spot the cameras that are all pointed on us.

This is going to be one interesting day.

Mi Juneh POV

When the host announces us I am scared. Just a little. But still I am scared. Ji Hoo and I sit in one of the couches that have been lined up on the stage. The host says that we have to introduce ourselves so they go to each couple and ask a few questions. Then it's our turn.

"Last but not least is Yoon Ji Hoo and Park Mi Juneh." Eun Sun the hostess says into her microphone just as Ji Hoo and I are handed our own microphones.

I lift the microphone up to my mouth. "Hi."

"Hello." Ji Hoo says.

"So, how long have you two been together? You seem very close." The Co-host, Hyun Kim asks. I see Ji Hoo have a flash of panic in his eyes.

"Well it's a long story." I answer.

"How about you shorten it then?" Eun Sun says persistently trying to get an answer.

"Well, Ji Hoo and I were childhood friends. After a while we became very close and when he finally trusted me he told me he liked someone; a close friend of mine. I was sad at first but I got over it. Then one day she left. Ji Hoo stopped spending time with me. I still tried to cheer him up and soon he slowly became more open to the world again. Then one day in middle school he asked me if I wanted to watch a movie with him as a date. After that we started dating and we were almost inseparable. and then I had to go study abroad in America for a few years and I recently just got back. So that's our story. a little rough but it's okay." I say.

I came up with the story by using our past but most of the events I used were the happier ones. There were some bad memories back then and just thinking about the bad ones was dampening my mood.

"Oh. Looks like you guys are a very new couple. This will be very hard for you to get through the Q&A round." Hyun Kim states. "Well, let's move on."

The hosts then introduce the Q&A round where they ask one person from each couple a question about their girlfriend/boyfriend and then alternate. They also time how long the couples take to answer the questions. Whoever takes the least time wins. We were first.

"Let's start with Mi Juneh and Ji Hoo." Eun Sun says as the timer starts. "Okay, Ji Hoo. What is Mi Juneh's favourite colour?"

"Green." He quickly answers. The hosts turn to me for an approval and I nod indicating Ji Hoo answered correctly .

"Let's ask a harder question now. What are her hobbies?"

"Dancing, karate, music composing, singing... Well let's just say she can do anything if she puts her mind to it. And well let's just say there is a long list of hobbies." He states rapidly.

"Actually there is one important thing you missed." I say as I laugh lightly.

"Laughing." He says. then I approve the answer.

"Okay, last question Ji Hoo. What does Mi Juneh hope to achieve in life?"

"... She hopes to be a great dancer and make it her career or have a career in The Arts. If she can't do either of those she will do anything she can to help others be happy. " Ji Hoo hesitates as if every word is as fragile as a glass. I smile. He got it right on. I can't believe he still remembered I said those exact words from 9 years ago.


"Good Morning." Mi Juneh says.

"Hey! What are you doing here?" Jun Pyo yells at the small little girl. She quickly moves from innocent little girl to menacing killer. Mi Juneh kicks the back of his leg and pushes him down to the ground.

"I can do what I want Jun Pyo." She states. "Don't mess with me."

~~Later on in the day~~

Mi Juneh plays the piano slowly and beautifully as more and more people gather to listen to her play. She then finishes and leaves the piano to walk over to where the F4 group is standing.

"Hey, Mi Juneh. What do even want to do in life? I mean you never focus on one thing. Plus you are already majorly talented at everything so are you going to choose one thing to do in life?" Jun Pyo asks rudely.

"What's it to you curly?" She retorts. Yi Jung and Woo Bin stifle a laugh.

"Whatever. Forget I asked." Jun Pyo says turning around.

"Well... I want to be a great dancer and make it my career or have a career that has to do with The Arts. If I can't do that I will try my best to help others around me be happy." She mumbles.

Jun Pyo turns around."See that is what I want to hear from F4's Mi Juneh." F4 then slings their arms over each other's shoulder and walk off.


I nod in approval at his perfect answer.

"Okay next is you Mi Juneh." Eun Sun says. Moments later I have answered all the questions and our time is one minute and 49 seconds. Everyone gets asked their questions and the teams have the following times: 4 minutes, 3 minutes 7 seconds, 1 minute 50 seconds and 1 minute 53 seconds. The 4 minute group got eliminated and Ji Hoo and I get an advantage in the next round; video gaming.

In this round each couple has one controller and they all play a random video game whoever wins the game gets first place.

"Okay the video game is... Mario Kart." Eun Sun announces. I smile. I have always been great at this game. "Now before we start. There is a rule. You must be sitting with your partner and each of you use half of the controller." Eun Sun then demonstrates with Hyun Kim by taking the left half of the controller and Hyun Kim takes the right half.

A few minutes later we have been given our controllers and all the couples have to sit on one couch. One small couch. I happen to be the last one to the couch and I don't get a seat. Even the armrests are taken.

"Here. Sit." Ji Hoo tells me. For a few moments I am confused but then he grabs my hand and pulls me down and I land on his lap. My heart starts beating faster and I am scared he will hear it. Looking at me in the eyes he says; "You look heavier than you look." He chuckles as he spots a pink tint on my cheeks.

I grab the left part of the controller. "Here." I then turn around toward his face and we are only inches apart. Now it's his turn for a light blush to appear on his cheeks. He then takes the right part of the controller. All the cameras are pointed on us since our position is 'cute' yet 'casual'. I sit on Ji Hoo's lap as his arms are around me so that he can reach the controller.

"Okay! Let's start." Eun Sun says. I quickly adjust to the odd way of playing the game and we quickly come in first. Just before we pass the finish line the couple in second place somehow speed in front of us and win the game.

"Damn it." I whisper. Then I feel a mouth close to my ear

"Don't worry we'll win the next round." Ji Hoo whispers and again all the cameras pointed on us.

~~10 minutes later~~

"Okay! We are going to make you look fabulous in the water!" Kyu Bok, my costume/makeup designer says. I laugh nervously. He starts showing me a few bikini's and swimsuits and I say no every time. After I say no four times in a row he just chooses the one he likes and makes me put it on.

I go into a changing room to change into the bikini. It is a brown swimsuit with pink polka dots and ruffles.

"Are you done? We are going to the swimming pool soon."Kyu Bok asks.

"No. I am not coming out in this!" I say.

"Oh my. I can't believe I have to resort to this. Here you will need this." Kyu Bok throws a towel over the change room door.

"Huh? What?" I ask but he has already left.

"Mi Juneh?" I hear Ji Hoo's voice say as he walks in the room. "Come on. Let's go. I know you are done. I don't care how you look. Let's just get this over with."

I reluctantly walk outside with a towel wrapped around me.

"Okay, good. Let's go." He grabs my hand and drags me out to another building where the other couples are waiting at an indoor pool.

"All the couples are here and as you have noticed the last placing couple in the previous round has been eliminated. We are down to three couples. this will be a swimming contest the couples will take turn swimming and whichever couple finishes first wins.

I am then finally forced to take the towel off of my body so I take it off and put it on a chair nearby.

"Hey Mi Juneh, let's pract-" He stops mid-sentence as he sees me. I look down at my body. I don't look that good. I mean I don't have a lot just a small hourglass figure and the only really good thing about me is that my stomach is flat.

"Hey! Ji Hoo. Are we going to practice we have two minutes." I say. Then I stand at the edge of the pool and remove my flip flops. Then I dive in and quickly swim to one end of the pool and back making a perfect flip when I get to the other side. When I get out of the pool Ji Hoo is still looking quite surprised at seeing me in a bikini but I don't care. "Hey, Ji Hoo. We are going to compete soon. Get ready." I pause and come close to his ear and whisper. "Don't get used to it. This will be the only time I wear this so let's move on with life." I smile at him when he blushes and snaps out of his surprise.

I don't blame him for being surprised. He has barely ever seen me in a skirt let alone a bikini. He then removes his shirt that he is wearing to reveal a sculpted chest. My turn to be surprised now I think in my head as my heart skips a beat.

I have never seen him without his shirt. I mean when we were little we never went to the beach or anything because back then Jun Pyo absolutely hated the water and wouldn't let any of us get near it. He looks good. I wonder if this is what he was thinking when he saw me. Ah! What am I thinking?! Well have to admit... he looks good.

It looks like he has been working out. His abs are more defined and his biceps look strong. He practices swimming and then the contest starts.

We all get into our lane and Ji Hoo is first up against all the other boys in the different couples. A bell rings and everyone dives into the pool. Ji Hoo quickly comes in first. I smile looks like those arms of yours are at a use now. As Ji Hoo is swimming back toward me the boy from the couple beside us is starting to catch up and soon enough they are tied. when Ji Hoo reaches the wall I dive into the pool and swim as fast as I possibly can. Slowly, I bring myself to get ahead of the other girl in the lane to my right.

I flip and almost choke on the water but hold it back.

Great. Now I am in second. Let's speed this up.

I swim faster and make it so that I can at least tie the girl to my right. I touch the wall and lift my head out of the water. My breathing heavy. "Who won?" I ask.

"It's a tie!" Eun Sun announces. "Let's quickly move onto the photo shoot to determine the winner. The last couple has already eliminated."

"Okay, we will start the photo shoot and since everyone already has their swimsuits on we will make it a swimsuit photo shoot . Okay please proceed to your seats couples." Hyun Kim says.

I walk over to the seat beside Ji Hoo. "Sorry for dragging you into this couple thing. I thought it would be fun. It might just seem like work to you though so...sorry." I almost whisper the last word.

He smiles at me. "It was fun. I get to spend the day with you." He says then he pulls me onto his lap. The area where his bare chest touches my back feels like it is burning. His hand is holding my upper arm and I feel it being lightly squeezed and instinctively I tense up. "Looks like you have been working out, Mi Juneh." He says.

I laugh. "I should be saying the same to you." Turning around I lightly punch his chest."Right? Hey, it's been five years. You think I wouldn't work out?" I ask jokingly.

"You don't look the type." He smiles and I punch him in the arm. "Hey! That hurt." For a few seconds there is silence but then we both start laughing.

"Snap. Snap. Snap." I turn around to see a person with a DLSR camera taking snapshots of Ji Hoo and I. "It's really good keep joking around with each other. You guys radiate casual and cute." The camera man says. "Oh, by the way you can go in the pool too."

I turn to Ji Hoo. He smiles. "No. Don't you dare. I will kill you." I threaten. In seconds I am being lifted up and Ji Hoo is carrying me bridal style. I squirm but he holds on tighter and keeps me against his chest. "No! Put me down! No."

"Stop moving." He says as he walks to the edge of the pool.

"No! Let go." I say.

"Okay." He lets go and I fall into the pool.

"Ah! I hate you." I say just as I get my head above water.

It's like when we were kids. The normal Ji Hoo is back. he used to be full of energy when we were young. He probably put a wall around him after everyone he loved left him...

"Oh come on! I just got dry!" I yell at him. I look up to see him laughing. It's been a long time since I saw him laugh so genuinely.

He looks down at me. "Hey! You told me to let go so I did." Then he sees the devious smile on my face. "What are you going to do?" He asks slowly.

I walk over to the edge of the pool and before he can react I jump to grab his hand and I pull him into the water. He falls in creating a splash of water. He quickly recovers from the fall and splashes water at me.

"Hey! What was that for?" He asks.

"Revenge." I smile and splash water back at him. Soon after we are in a splash fight. "Okay. We. Should. Stop. Getting. Kind. Of. Tired." I say taking a breath between each word.

"Okay." He replies. We both go to the edge of the pool and lean on it with our arms resting on the ledge. I see Ji Hoo glance at the camera but I brush it off. I mean what is he going to do right? Wrong. As soon as his eyes come back from the camera he puts his left hand beside my left and his right beside my right so that he has caged me in with his body. I feel his lips touch my ear as he whispers. "Let's just fake the couple thing till the end shall we?"

I keep my eyes focused on the tiles of the pool so that he can't see my most likely red face. His chest and abs are touching my back and I can feel his strong legs near mine. Then the curious side of me forces my body to turn around to look at his face.

"Hey." He says quietly.

"Hi." I almost squeak. Ji Hoo's lips are only inches from mine and out of the corner of my eye I can see Eun Sun, Hyun Kim and the camera man anticipating for something to happen.

"Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!" The other couple says. Then slowly everyone in the room joins in to the chant. I sigh inwardly. Then I feel Ji Hoo's hands on my head as he tilts it down and kisses my forehead. My heart skips a beat and I blush madly and to make it worse for me he then pulls me into a tight hug. I can hear cheers and camera snapshots but it sounds distant as if I am in another world.

Why do I feel like this? I have never seen Ji Hoo as anything more than a brotherly-like figure ...right? What changed? I mean, I love someone else, right? Why do feelings have to be so confusing? I have always loved... Woo Bin. Ji Hoo loved Seo Hyun so I gave up on him years ago and Woo Bin was there for me and I somehow I fell in love with Woo Bin. Are my feelings for Ji Hoo still there even after I knew that I loved Woo Bin? I guess they could be... He has gotten over Seo Hyun... Ughh! I will discuss this with myself later!

"Okay! Now we will be showing you the pictures that were taken of each couple and you. The viewers will be voting for which couple is the cutest! Whichever couple gets the most votes wins. " Eun Sun says.

"For Ji Hoo and Mi Juneh dial 123-456-789. And for..." I don't pay attention to the rest because Kyu Bok is calling me over.I get out of the pool and walk over to him.

"You did amazing! Oh, this is Si May. She was the one who dressed up Ji Hoo. Anyway, you guys did amazing the camera man got some beautiful pictures." Kyu Bok says.

"Thanks but do you think we will win?" I say.

"I don't know the other couple looked really good in their pictures too. Don't worry I can already tell the viewers will like you better." He replies.

"Thanks. Hey, do we get to keep some of the pictures?" I ask.

"Yes you do. Here." Kyu Bok hands me a small stack of pictures.

"Omigod! I can't believe this is what we looked like when we were joking around!" I say as I flip through the pictures. Then I flip to the picture where Ji Hoo kisses my forehead and just looking at it make my heart race.

"Hey. What are you guys looking at." Ji hoo asks.

"Oh here." I give half of the picture stack to him including the kiss picture.

"Thanks." He says.

~15 minutes later~~

"We will now announce the winners of the contest!" Eun Sun says into her microphone. "The winner is..."

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