Summary – Ichigo Kurosaki is a medical student under his father Isshin, a former Gotei 13 captain. Since his father is a former captain of the notorious rival gang of the Yakuza Ichigo often finds himself in the middle of their little fights. The Gotei 13 hates and respects Isshin, for even though he has left the lifestyle of a gangster he still tends to the wounds of the injured in the gang. So what happens when Byakuya Kuchiki accidentally bites Ichigo? Let's follow the story of hate, violence and the sex life of this gangster and medical student.

Info – This is an alternate universe, clearly. The Gotei 13 is a gang that rivals the Yakuza in Japan. There are no Shinigami, they are actually vampires in this story (Those of the Soul Society that is). This is also a Yaoi, meaning BoyXboy, don't like it, get out. There will be some Violence, drugs and sex in this. If something really bad happens I will put a warning before hand so you can skip it if you would like (I know some people can't read rape so I will warn on it if it happens, which there is a high possibility.) though the firsts chapters are a bit deceiving...

Disclaimer – I do not own Bleach or the characters. For that reason the characters may not reacts as they should in some situations, but deal with it. I'm not the creator so I'm just going with what I think they would do. XP


Life could never be fair to Ichigo. Never once could he just be alone in his own home for a night as his father and sisters went out to eat. No, he had to be disturbed from his studies by frantic knocking on the clinic doors. The orangette sighed heavily as he stood from his desk, leaving his homework to be done at a later time. Scowling as the banging continued he quickened his pace down the stairs.

"Yeah, yeah, I'm coming!" he shouted to the person behind the door and instantly the knocking stopped. Roughly opening the clinic door Ichigo was about to tell them to go away. His father wasn't in and he wasn't in the mood to deal with a stubbed toe.

Much to his displeasure two men pushed past him before he could voice such actions. Ichigo stood there holding the door open with his face set in aggravation. Turning toward the two he let the door slam shut. As he went to shout at the two he noticed crimson blood flowing onto the floor from one of the men.

Instantly Ichigo's attitude changed, going from aggression to stern calmness in a mere second. He didn't even question the two men, just urged them towards one of the open beds in the clinic so they didn't get any more blood on the tile floor. As soon as the bleeding man was laid down Ichigo went to work. He removed the man's blood soaked white shirt, only hesitating for a moment at what he saw. Claw marks tore across the pale man's chest, ragged as if an animal had mauled him. Ichigo wasn't a vet but he didn't know of many large animals with five claws and even fewer that lived in Japan, let alone Karakura Town.

"What happened?" He asked in a calm stern voice to the other man who had brought the pale man in as he worked on quickly cleaning the wounds, getting a better view of how deep the gashes really were.

The other man stayed quiet, almost as if refusing to speak to Ichigo and the orangette tisked at the other, clearly displeased with the lack of response. He continued to work on the wounds and went about stitching the gashes. When the man he was working on didn't even make a single sound of discomfort or even twitch as the needle pierced through sensitive skin Ichigo was a bit unnerved. He was a grateful that man didn't move, as it made stitching him up much easier, but it also worried him that the man lacked any kind of response.

Once he was certain the man was properly stitched up he looked up at the mans face he was working on and nearly lost his breath. The man was simply gorgeous. Ichigo was far from being gay, but this man before him wasn't like anyone he had ever met or even seen before. His black hair was mattered with his own blood, but even so those long raven locks that contrasted from the male's pale complexion made Ichigo almost want to reach out and run his fingers through the soft looking hair.

Ichigo of course kept himself firmly in his place and studied the man farther. If he had not of been working on his chest just seconds ago he might have mistaken him for a female. His facial features were elegant and yet sharp in some places, they had a defined look to them, Ichigo could easily mistake him for a noble woman, but he knew otherwise. As if reading his thoughts the man looked at him with sharp accusing eyes and man did those steel grey eyes grab his attention. He was snapped from his small daze at the sound of the front down being slammed open and his father promptly announcing his return. Ichigo sighed and shook his head at his father's antics. looking up at the door way to the clinic, Goat face walked in with a wide grin.

Ichigo was sure the old man was going to try and jump him again, but when his father saw the two men Goat face suddenly turned serious and was by his side in second to overlook the damage Ichigo had repaired.

"Ichigo, go back to your studies I'll take it from here." Ichigo didn't argue, why should he, he had a lot of studying to do for tomorrows test and frankly the red head who had brought the raven haired man to the clinic kept staring at him like he was going to kill him if he made any slip-ups. Ichigo left the clinic and headed back upstairs to his room, where he found some snacks that no doubt Yuzu had brought home for him. Smiling softly he sat back at his desk to continue his work.

Isshin waited for his son to go to bed along with his two daughters before he turned his attention back to the two men before him, a stern look on his face.

"I hadn't realized you had a son with that woman…" came a dark voice that drew Isshin glare to the shadows in the corner of the clinic. Slowly stepping out of the darkness was a taller man with brown hair and matching eyes that were covered with a pair of glasses. He wore a white sleeveless jacket and a black uniform under it, a sign that he was part of the well known Gotei 13.

"Yes, I did have a child with Masaki, now get to the point of your visit, clearly you are unharmed and I'm sure you're not here to check on Byakuya." Isshin deliberately said his late wife's name, he knew the man would never say it, but he refused to let people think lowly of her because she wasn't one of them.

The man chuckled and smiled a dead smile towards Isshin, one that never reached his chocolate colored eyes.

"Observant as ever." Isshin knew it wasn't meant to be a compliment and kept his guard up. He felt Renji stir beside him, but remained silent.

"The elder wishes to meet with you tomorrow evening to discuss a few things." Isshin bristled at those words. It had been many years ago that he had left the Gotei 13 and the Elder had never called on him, what could he possibly want now? With the message delivered the man stepped back into the shadows and disappeared from sight. Once Isshin was sure the man was gone he turned his attention back to the raven on the medical bed, staring up at the ceiling calmly, as if his chest had been stitched back together.

"Good thing Ichigo was here when you got here or you might of had a hell of a time cleaning up, huh Renji." Isshin said in a joking manner, earned a glare from the raven and one from a now fuming red head.

Ichigo was used to random people coming into the clinic at odd hours of the day and even at night. Many coming in with stab wounds, gun shots or beaten brutally. His father had never spoken to him about it, but it was a well-known fact to Ichigo that his father helped out the Gotei 13. As to why, he never knew, maybe he had a debt to pay or something. Ichigo never had a problem with it, until tonight. He had never been unnerved as much as he had when he was finished stitching up the raven. No human being would have withstood such wounds the way the raven had. They would have either passed out from pain or blood loss or would have been screaming in pain. The man had done nothing, just stared blankly up at the ceiling as Ichigo worked, as if nothing was wrong. Plus the man was too cold and his pulse almost non-existent, but he breathing irregular and he was wide awake. Another thing was they refused to tell him what happened. Usually gangsters would complain about how some ass-hole had cheated or jumped them, calling them pansies and cowards for stooping so low. Yet the two had clamped down harder than the jaws of a pit bull.

The orangette growled and clutched his head in frustration. This was getting him nowhere. Throwing his pencil down that he had officially chewed to hell, he stood and made his way into the kitchen to get something to drink, but looked at the time before he left his room.

Five in the morning! Great, another night of not sleeping. School was not going to be fun. Grumbling as he shuffled down the stairs quietly he made his way into the kitchen. He opened the fridge, grabbed the milk and then a glass. The quiet atmosphere was interrupted with the sound of a small chuckle that belonged to his father and then soon a new voice piped in. Ichigo strain to hear what was being said and quietly made his way to the closed door of the clinic where he could hear more clearly what his father and the two men were talking about.

"So that brat was your son, what is he, like seventeen?" came a voice that he was unfamiliar with, though Ichigo concluded it was the red head, since the tone didn't seem to match the raven.

"Hardly he's twenty one, still lives here because I refuse to let him get a paying job until he's out of college," came his father's voice with another chuckle.

"So I'm guessing he takes after his mother's blood more than yours" now that statement had Ichigo confused. If he had said he take's after his mother he could understand that, but the way the red head said it confused him. "Does he know he's a hy-"

"Renji" the voice was calm and commanding, sending a shiver down Ichigo's spine and silencing the red head instantly. Ichigo didn't know what was going on, but everything suddenly got quiet and then suddenly the door opened. Ichigo nervously laughed while rubbing the back of his neck.

"Just came down to check on the patient, to make sure you didn't fuck anything up. You know with you getting old and everything, you might have slipped up and given him the wrong thing," Ichigo quickly said defending himself. His father seemed to believe the statement and smiled brightly at him. The red head though, glared at him and the raven didn't really pay much attention to him at all.

"Just like my son to be concerned for his father," Isshin went to hug him and Ichigo quickly reacted and brought his foot up to meet the man's face with a dissatisfied look on his face, which earned a bark of laughter from the red head.

"Geez, you must be getting old to be showed up by the brat." The red head laughed again, holding his sides. Ichigo glared at him coldly, instantly shutting him up and putting the red head on edge once again.

"Wake my sisters up and you'll see what this brat is really capable of!" Ichigo threatened, his sleep deprived mind already in an agitated state and his sisters not getting enough sleep was unacceptable. Since he himself hated not getting enough sleep, he doubted his sister's would like it either. The red head growled at him and looked ready to pounce but didn't, the raven simply glanced in his direction, commanding him to stay put without words. Ichigo gave him a cocky smirk before entering the room to examine the raven to make sure his father hadn't screwed something up. He looked at the stitches and was surprised to see the wounds that had been ragged and red only a few hours ago already look as if they were nearly healed and no longer red, but a soft pink.

"You have one hell of a healing ability, I don't even think these will scar," Ichigo said before reaching out to lightly touch the skin around the stitches to make sure what he was seeing was real.

"Most of those in the Gotei 13 heal this quickly. Something about a drug they use to enhance their bodies natural healing ability," Ichigo's father said off handily. Ichigo had never heard of such a drug and looked a little perplexed at his father, but before he could voice the question Isshin was already answering his son's question.

"It's still undergoing testing so the public haven't been informed of it, plus most people won't believe it once it is perfected because the Gotei 13 are the one's crafting it, hence why you haven't heard about it." Ichigo processed the information and slowly nodded his head.

"That seems logical, but once it's finished why not just anonymously hand over some data to a research clinic so they can reproduce it. It would help millions if it can heal something like this in mere hours." He question to no one in particular. Isshin smiled and his son, of course he would think of others before anything else.

"You really are stupid. Why would we do that? If we perfect it, we might as well keep it for ourselves and take over the world or sell the drug at a high price." The red head said crossing his arms over his chest in a matter-of-fact kind of way. Ichigo raised a brow at him before glaring sternly at him.

"Because something that valuable could be used for something better than to make someone more powerful or rich. It would save people who suffer from so many different types of trauma I can't even list all of them in the time I have left until I have to go to school and the fact that the Gotei 13 would even consider denying the public access to something so miraculous just confirms my hatred towards them is rightfully placed." Ichigo said darkly in his own matter-of-fact tone. The two glared at each other, clearly disagreeing.

"Renji." The name was once again said in a calm tone, but this time Ichigo could hear the underlying threat in that one name. Instantly the red head stepped down with a huff and refused to look at Ichigo, who smirked in victory.

"Ichigo, you've checked on Byakuya, I think it's time for you to go get some sleep," Isshin said and Ichigo sighed softly before shaking his head.

"Little late for that, I leave in about an hour, but I've got somethings to clean up before I head off. I'll leave you to reminisce about the good old days." Ichigo said making his father laugh at the hidden joke about his age. Ichigo left the clinic and went about getting ready for college; which consisted of showering, getting dressed and eating. The whole time he was going over what the red head had said before he had been found out, trying to figure out what he meant.

Isshin sighed after his son had left for college. Soon Yuzu and Karin would be awake and be heading off to school. He looked at the two men with a tired smile.

"I would suggest you stay the day, it's too early for you to leave. You won't make it before you burst into flames. I'll conceal the area and lock the clinic doors so no unwanted guests disturb you. I do ask that once the sun sets you leave. I would rather not get my family dragged into my past more than they already have been."

The raven nodded and the red head tisked but understood what Isshin meant. Leaving the clinic Isshin sighed and raked a hand threw his hair. Tonight would be a long one, one he hoped wasn't as bad as it was turning out to be, but he had a feeling it would probably be worse.

When Ichigo returned home his mind was in a daze and his body drained of all its energy, it had taken all of his willpower not to pass out in the middle of his History test. Now that he was home after an exhausting day he felt just how weary he really was. He dragged himself into the kitchen to grab something to eat, knowing he needed something since it had been well over twelve hours since he last ate. Thankfully there was some leftover food in the fridge, compliments of Yuzu. A smile touched his lips and he heated up the miso soup left for him. He knew he could eat this without feeling like he would throw it up due to the lack of energy to be able to digest things properly.

Sitting down at the table he ate in silence, letting the delicious soup warm his body and return some energy to him. Once he was finished he decided to get some medicine to help him stay up a little longer, that way he could finish up his homework. When he tried to open the clinic doors and found them locked his brow furrowed. His father never locked the clinic doors, unless he did it by accident. Ichigo sighed as he went to retrieve the spare key from his room, trying to ignore his comfy looking bed that called to him. Grumbling softly he opened the clinic door and headed for the medicine cabinet, temporarily forgetting about the two people from the night before, that was until he turned to leave and saw they were still here and sleeping.

The red head was sleeping in a position that Ichigo could only think to be uncomfortable in one of the chairs in the clinic. Ichigo approached the two quietly so he didn't wake them. He grabbed an extra blanket and draped it over the red head. Now that Ichigo could get a better look at him, he wasn't half bad. Sure, he wasn't as good looking as the raven, but the black tattoos that seemed to cover most of the males body, including his face were appealing. Plus with his red hair down he also looked more appealing. With a sigh Ichigo, was seriously starting to question his sexual orientation. Well he had never gotten a hard on from a guy yet, so he was far. Moving to the raven sleeping on the bed, Ichigo decided to check on his wounds. With delicate movements he removed the dressing his father must have put on. Ichigo gasped softly at what he saw or rather the lack of what he saw. The stitches had been removed and the man's chest was as smooth as a babies skin, as if it had never been torn apart. Ichigo couldn't help but to touch the smooth skin, once again to reassure himself that what he was seeing was real.

As soon as his finger touched the soft white flesh he nearly yelped as a cold hand instantly wrapped around his wrist harshly. He went to jerk his hand away from the offender, but found the firm grasp on his wrist was unshakeable, causing the panic to rise inside him. He looked towards the person who owned the hand that held him in place and instantly stilled in his struggles as his honey brown eyes met blood red. He felt his heart still along with his body before it started to beat frantically as his struggle to escape returned in ten folds. The grip only tightened and soon another arm wrapped around his waist as the man sat up from the bed getting too close for Ichigo's liking. He tied to pulled away, but was only able to lean his face away from the one that was too close for comfort. The felling of something sharp scraping on his neck was probably what frightened him more than the fact the man had just latched his warm mouth onto his neck. Ichigo went to punch the male, only to have his other wrist easily captured with his other one, successfully leaving him defenseless.

Ichigo was in such a panic that when something pierced his skin he let out a very unmanly scream. It wasn't really painful, but Ichigo felt as if something was being taken from him, well more like drained from him. He felt the man swallowing and dragging blood from him, he could hear his heart beat in his ears and soon he was feeling light headed. Suddenly everything was becoming blurry and hard to comprehend and before he knew it his body went slack and refused to obey him and even his own mind was failing to process what was going on. Suddenly Ichigo felt the cold tile floor and heard the murmuring of what he could slightly recognize as his father voice, though what he was saying he couldn't figure out, it was as if he was under water and someone was try to talk to him. Slowly though he was regaining his senses.

Isshin burst through the door of the Clinic after he had heard his sons scream from down the block. He had rushed home in fear that something horrible was happening and he was correct. What he saw left him shocked in the door way. Byakuya Kuchiki, well known for his self-control was feeding from his son, his SON! Isshin was suddenly moving, quickly tearing the raven from his son's neck, already able to tell the raven had taken too much. His son's eyes were far off, his breathing erratic and his heart beat so quick he feared it would burst. Shooting the raven a dark glare Isshin did something he had hoped he would never have to do in his life. He tore his wrist open and forced his son to drink his own blood to replenish what he had lost. Isshin was too busy tending to his offspring to notice the clearly baffled look on the raven or the look of shock on the red head.

Once he was sure his son had replenished enough blood he brought his torn wrist to his lips and licked the wound until it disappeared. Isshin turned and directed a look at the raven, displaying his displeasure.

"How dare you feed from my son!" his voice was filled with venom and though it was quiet and calm, the rage boiling up in his eyes and making his body tremble was evidence enough to let the two know that Isshin was beyond pissed. Byakuya was still staring in disbelief at Ichigo, as if he couldn't understand what he had just done.

Ichigo felt something slide down his throat that left a coppery taste in his mouth. He hated the taste, but was unable to expel whatever the fluid was. He tried to fight against whatever was forcing him to drink the disgusting liquid, but found he had no strength to even properly see correctly. He was able to however feel his strength slowly returning to him, much faster than it had been before. Soon he was able to hear and the first thing he heard was his father bellowing voice, dripped in such rage he was speechless. He had never heard his father raise his voice in such anger or use so many swear words in one sentence. What his father was talking about exactly Ichigo wasn't sure, he still couldn't hear correctly. Groaning slightly his father's loud voice suddenly silenced and he felt like everyone was looking at him.

Blinking a few time he tried to refocus everything once again, only to fail.

"W-what the hell happened?" his voice sound so weak to him that he almost wished he hadn't spoken at all. When no one answered him he blinked a few more times. This time he was able to see a little better. He looked up at his father, who seemed to be holding Ichigo's head in his lap and was staring down at him with a mix of emotions, ranging from pure rage to terror and concern. The other two were still a little blurry, but he could make out where the two were. The red head was on the other side of the bed and the raven was still sitting on the bed and seemed to be starting at him. He was about to ask his question once again before a new voice came from nowhere, gaining everyone's attention.

"My, my I never thought I'd see Byakuya lose his control, what a rare treat indeed. I guess having the elder appoint me the errand boy was a good thing tonight after all." This new voice unnerved Ichigo, mostly because he didn't know who it belonged to and he had felt his father tense up at the voice which let him know that his father was on guard with this new male more so than had been with the other two.

"The elder would surely like to know of this development so it would seem Isshin-san, you will have to bring your son with you tonight. Wouldn't want the poor boy to go through the transition on his own." Ichigo furrowed his brows once again, transition? What transition? His head was swimming with so many things that he had forgotten about the world around him.

When Aizen showed up Isshin cursed silently too himself. He was hoping the male wouldn't show up until after he properly disposed of the two before him and had treated his son. He growled at the man and his words. He did not want his son to go to the elder, but now he had little choice in the matter. The elder would have to decide his fate now. A pointed glare was shot at the stunned raven that was left speechless about his own motives and actions. After a while in silence Isshin grumbled unhappily and he picked his son up, who seemed to have slipped into his inner mind due to the turmoil of what was happened. Isshin only hoped he stayed that way until they could get back from the elder. Stepping closer to the taller made he had a scowl on his face as he waited to be transported to the elders along with the other two.

Once the shadows engulfed them Isshin steeled himself for facing the elder and clutched his son. In his own mind he was already coming up with an argument to spare his child's life if the elder decided he should be disposed of. When the shadows disappeared all too soon for Isshin's liking, he found himself in the old meeting room of the Gotei 13. All of the Taicho's and Fukutaicho's present were staring at him and the others who had arrived. When they saw him holding someone in his arms a few gasped, some looked uncertain while others didn't even care. Aizen went to his respected place along with Byakuya and Renji, the raven staring at the walls with unseeing eyes, still seeming to be trying to figure what they hell happened. Isshin stood with his back straight and a stern look on his face, even as he held his son's chilling body, a sign he was not happy to note.

"Isshin, I am sure I informed Aizen to being you alone, yet you bring a child with you, explain yourself." The Elder demanded, from his spot at the head of the hall. His appearance hand not changed even after the many years of Isshin's absence. He might have a few new scars though, but otherwise the old looking man hadn't changed, even his beard seemed to be the same length. Isshin gathered his nerves before he spoke.

"This is my son, Ichigo, he has was bitten only moments ago, nearly drained of his blood, which I had to replenish with my own so that he wouldn't succumb to death. Aizen appeared moments after this transpired. With our laws I am aware of what I have done and must now come before you with this action and await your judgment." Isshin's voice was rather calm despite his nerves. He knew what he had done was against their laws, but he could not allow his son to die. The elder was calm as ever, not displaying his current emotions. The room was so quiet Isshin felt his nerves twist even more and he couldn't hide the small shiver of fear that his son would be killed.

"Since my teeth were the ones to draw blood I shall take responsibility for this mishap." Everyone stilled in the room and looked to the speaker. Byakuya seemed to have regained himself and his stoic mask, unflinching at the undivided attention brought on by his words.

"I hope you have an explanation as well for breaking the laws for our people" the elder said looking at the raven.

"The previous night I had lost a lot of blood, more than my body could replenish on its own. I knew that if I left when I awoke I would be able to curb my hunger without harming anyone in the household, but the boy had woke me before I was full aware and my instincts took over, a mistake I regretfully must atone for." The raven's voice never wavered and were calm as he explained his reasoning, something that seemed logical, but still didn't seem to sit well with Isshin. Though it seemed to please the elder and his old eyes turned to Isshin.

"Very well I hereby decree that until the boy is no longer a threat he will be under the care of Kuchiki Byakuya"

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