The orangette woke slowly, his vision was still impaired by bright lights, but he knew this time something was different. He knew that he hadn't woken up in his inner world. He was somewhere different; some where he didn't want to be.

"Oh, you're awake" came an unfamiliar voice that had Ichigo instantly on edge. He didn't like the sound of this new voice.

Ichigo tried to look in the direction of the voice, but found that he couldn't move, at all! He felt his heart beat pick up its pace as he tried to struggle against his restraints.

"Now, now, you need to calm down, I'm finally able to do some real test on you, I can't have you thrashing around, you might get hurt" That cocky voice didn't reassure him at all and clearly the man didn't care if Ichigo got hurt or not, it almost sounded like it wanted to hurt Ichigo. Ignoring the fear rising up he calmed down a little and though he heard a soft disappointed sigh from the man in the room.

A few moments later the man came into view, stepping beside the bed he was strapped to and held up a syringe filled with translucent yellow liquid that bubbled almost dangerously. Ichigo tugged at the restraints again, felling the leather cut into the flesh around his wrist. He winced at the pain, but it was a dull pain, nothing like what he had experienced in his inner world.

The pink haired man only grinned down at him and Ichigo tensed as the metal needle came closer and closer until he could feel the pressure of the tip on his forearm. He squeezed his eyes shut, waiting for whatever was going to happen to happen. The sound of something snapping though had his attention as his brown eyes darted downwards towards where the needle was. The pink haired man was staring at the same object in shock as he pulled the syringe away, reveling the broken tip.

"Tougher then you look, aren't you kid" The man just chuckled a little before turning on his heel and walking out of Ichigo limited line of vision.

Ichigo took this time to look around the best he could, trying to find anything that might help him. There wasn't much he could see. The ceiling was pure white and a bright light was right above him. The walls were white and he could barely see medical equipment sprawled out on the walls and some tables a few feet away from him. He could only guess he was in some sort of medical room. As footsteps headed back towards him Ichigo looked towards the pink haired man who now held a rather interesting if not terrifying looking tool.

Ichigo didn't even know how to describe what they hell the thing was. The same liquid was held in a small tube that was locked into place by some kind of metal contraption that sort of looked like a tattoo gun. The problem was that the rip wasn't like a tattoo guns. It was more like a really thin drill. It was as thin as a needle, but Ichigo could see the drill groves. Also the metal clearly wasn't steel, but something much more durable and something not normally found with how it almost shined black in the light.

"Now this should do the trick" The man said as he pulled the trigger his fingers was currently on, causing the loud humming of a drill to fill the room, confirming Ichigo's suspicion.

As the drill was pointed towards him once again Ichigo regained his struggle with more vigor. No way was he going to let that thing come near him.

Rukia grunted as she gripped her arm with her free hand. The shifter was much quicker then she first thought he was. He was also more violent than most shifter, as if he had to prove something. So far Rukia was losing and they both knew it. The sudden flash of energy had both of them gasping and looking to the side of the hall they were currently in. Though the wall blocked their view they both felt on edge at where ever was happened in the place they couldn't see. Rukia though tore her attention away from the energy flair before her foe did and used the distraction to her advantage.

"Juhaku" Rukia stabbed the ground, drawing her opponent attention, but it was already too late.

Ice crackled at the tip of her blade that made contact with the ground before ice shot out towards the shifter at high speeds. A smirk played on the small vampire's lips as she watched the shifter panic when his foot was caught in the ice and stopped. It wouldn't end there though, as he slashed at the ice, trying to free himself the ice moved on its own accord once again and traveled up his body as he frantically cursed and swung his sword, trying to free himself. It wasn't long before it was completely encased in a most undignified stance.

Smirking she sheathed her blade before turning to head towards where her brother was. The sound of cracking ice perked her interest as she slowly turned, her calm expression turning into displeasure as a roar of anger filled the hall alongside the sound of shattering ice.

In an instant Rukia was once again defending herself against the shifter who had broken out of her ice by shifting into his other form, a form that made her realize why he was so hard to fight. He wasn't a normal Shifter, he was an Espada, a shifter who could shift at will. In this form, the shifter gained an extra set of arms, with each hand holding a large scythe-like weapon as well. The scythes themselves resemble the appendages of a praying mantis, and have a small golden tassel at the end of each staff. He also gained a golden marking extending from his forehead to below his right eye, as well as a pair of horns on his head resembling a crescent moon, with his left horn longer than his right. It truly wasn't a sight Rukia was happy to see.

"Get back here you little bitch!" sneered the shifter as he attacked Rukia more violently. Defending against the one scythe had been difficulty for her before, but now with four weapons swinging at her mercilessly she couldn't always react correctly and kept getting cut, each one slowing her down even more. Soon the ending blow was heading towards her, a blow she knew she wouldn't be able to dodge. There was nothing she could do about it.

He had to move faster, he had to find him. He was hurting he could fell it. As they neared the center of the building he could fell more and more of Ichigo's pain. He could literally hear the boy's frantically beating heart. He could fell his own heart beating against his chest as if it was going to burst out any second. It was a pain that pale in comparison to the rest of his body. Whatever was happening to Ichigo was going to scar the boy for the rest of his life, if he happened to make it out of the ordeal alive.

Byakuya clenched his jaw, he couldn't think like that. They would find him and he would be alright, he would make sure of it. The raven pushed his speed forwards, only concentrating on where Ichigo was nothing else. So when Renji left their group he didn't even realize, he just kept going, uncaring who was following him anymore.

Turning a corner sharply he felt a new pain burst through his body and this time he couldn't restrain the angry growl that erupted from his as he barreled through the door he believed Ichigo was behind. He didn't even give the people inside to react, he simply unsheathed his sword so quickly by the time he sheathed it again and was moving the people where simply looking at him strangely before falling into pieces. Byakuya went through another set of doors, sure that this time it would reveal the boy he was looking for. Instead he was greeted by another shifter; this one had a cocky grin on his lips as he pushed the white glasses up.

"Welcome, Byakuya Kuchiki" The man gave him a small bow.

Byakuya tensed as he realized he couldn't sense Ichigo anymore. His grey eyes narrowed sharply as he glared at the shifter with pink hair who was to calm. Byakuya bared his teeth.

"Where is he" The raven demanded in a cold tone, a tone that earned him a small flinch from the shifter.

"I'm not sure who you're talking about?" The shifter tilted his head to the side as he touched one of his fingers to his lips as if he was thinking. "Could you be looking for him?" The shifter took a step to the side and Byakuya felt everything stop.

This couldn't be right, no, this…

Byakuya collapsed to his knees before falling over, bracing himself with shaking arms. He felt his whole body tremble as the beast inside him roared with anger and clawed as his entire being, trying to get out, to rip the shifter apart who had done this to the hybrid, to HIS hybrid!

The form that could only be Ichigo was strapped to a metal table, which was propped up as if on display, show casing the beaten and battered form of the young man. Blood ran down his body in waves, bruises could be seen forming everywhere. Large gashes riddled his body as if someone had tried to carve him open while he was still alive. Byakuya could fell the shift and tried to fight it, but it was a losing battle. Ichigo was gone, what reason did he have to stop the shift?

"SNAP OUT OF IT" The loud voice of the boy father broke Byakuya's thoughts as he looked up at the elder vampire who shook with anger in the door way behind him. "YOU'RE JUST GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS, YOUR PATHTIC"

Renji grumbled as he blocked another attack from the strange shifter who seemed to be enjoying the fight all too much. It didn't help Renji was at a disadvantage since his opponent happened to be a child, even if it was a retarded child since it only seemed to be able to say Wounderweiss. As the small blond child lunched another attack Renji cursed and once again blocked the attack and even got off a counter attack. The of course the attack missed. Even if the kid was a retard he was extremely nimble and fast, it was very frustrating for the red head.

"Would you stop moving around you little pip squeak" Renji growled as he finally lunched an attack. Before he had only been defending, but he was getting really annoyed, plus the bust of energy he just felt had left the hair on the back of his neck on end worried him. He knew that energy, but something was different about it and it worried him.

Renji swiped his blade down in one swift movement as the boy dodged it he flipped the handle, changing the direction of the blade and for the first time Renji made contact with the shifter. The red head smirked as he smelled the scent of blood flooding the area, telling him he had landed a good hit on the shifter. Renji didn't let that distract him as he kicked his foot out, throwing the shifter out of range and into the wall. The shifter howled and cried before lunching off the wall in a frenzy.

The frenzied shifter was easier to read and Renji was able to land more hits on the boy, earning more cries from the blond boy. If this continued, it wouldn't be long before Renji disposed of the shifter.

Was she died? No she couldn't be, she could hear the sound of clashing blades and she could fell pain reverberating throughout her body, mainly her head. Groaning she forced her eyes opened to stare at the fight happening not too far from her. The shifter she had been fighting before was fighting someone else she didn't recognize.

The woman toke on the form of a brownish-green ibex-like centaur, complete with a black horse's tail. She had a mask with horns that were long and curved, and also extend slightly, framing the sides of her face, particularly her cheeks. The mask had eyes sockets and even teeth, although there were some missing teeth. Her shoulders were covered by white spaulders that come across her shoulder blade to her neck. She had on white elbow guards and white gauntlets. The parts of her arm that weren't covered by the armor were covered by a black material, which also covered her hands. There was also a white ring at the base of her tail. She held on to a double-sided lance, all in all Rukia kind of though she looked like a medieval knight or jouster.

The small vampire watched in awe as the two shifters fought. She was starting to wonder how she lasted so long against the black haired shifter. He was quick and extremely violent, even more so with the female shifter then he was with her. The male kept throwing insult after insult towards the female and all she would do in retaliation was knock him down a few pegs by landed some good hits on him. Rukia almost missed the tremor in the wall behind her, but thankful she felt it in time and moved out of the way before something large burst through the white thick stone wall, throwing debris and dust into the air.

As the white partials of the broken wall settle Rukia coughed from inhaling the dust and looked up at the man who had made a dramatic entrance.

"I felt your energy spike pip squeak, not have trouble with this weakling are you" Came the voice of the notoriously blood thirsty vampire Kenpachi. Out of all her allies to come and help her it had to be the over bearing brute who would do anything for a fight. She said nothing, just glared up at him as he chuckled at her before he turned his one good eye towards the stilled fight between the two shifters. "Ho you were fighting two, that make this much better, I'll take the stronger one"

Without waiting the large man burst into battle, heading straight for the black haired shifter, ignoring the woman, which Rukia thought was stupid, since the woman was defiantly stronger then the male, even if she might not seem it since her energy levels were lower than the males. Rukia tore her eyes from the blood bath that was happening between the two men as the female shifter swiftly made her way over to Rukia. The small vampire quickly lifted up her weapon, ready to defend herself, only to hesitate as the shifter stopped in front of her and gave a small bow.

"Don't worry, I'm on your side" The woman said before her weapon disappeared and she reached out to the Rukia and took her damaged arm. Once Rukia felt the shifter touch her she hissed and tried to get away from her, but she didn't even seem to have the strength to do that and when she swung her sword to damage the shifter her blade didn't even pierce through her thick skin. The shifter female didn't seem to care or even notice Rukia's discomfort or that she had lashed out at her. She just retched up to her lips and spit into her free hand before smearing the warm saliva on the deep gash on Rukia's arm, earning a disgusted gasp from said vampire.

Black eyes watched in wonder as the wound on her arm disappeared right before her eyes. Her healing was fast, she knew that, but that gash would have taken some blood and maybe a day to heal, yet it was gone from the shifter saliva. She had heard some shifter could heal with their spit, but never believed it until now.

"Thank you" spoke a dumb founded Rukia, though once she said it she felt even more stupid. She had just thanked her enemy, even if this enemy wasn't acting like one she was a shifter, a race who never got along with vampires.

"No need to thank me, You are a good fighter and your help is still needed if you wish to all escape alive, now we best dispose of Nnoitra quickly before others arrive" Before Rukia could say anything else the shifter summoned her weapon against turned with a speed Rukia could only wish to achieve and with such grace she wasn't sure how to describe it.

Renji cursed as he back slammed against the cold white stone wall. He had damaged the shifter greatly, even got close to killing the damn brat, but he had hesitated and he was paying for it. He could smell his own blood in the air, intermixing with the shifter, but his was more potent as his ran down his face and chest. Growling Renji gripped his sword tightly as he looked at the shifted shifter. Wonderweiss become a somewhat mutated version of himself. His shoulders and thighs grow significantly larger, with the shoulders popping out upwards. His arms and legs were also altered in size, being much skinnier than before. There were five holes in his abdomen, with two or three lines within each hole, except the middle. His face was covered from the upper half by a tall mask with three small horns, which seems to make his eye sockets hollow. It was kind of creepy.

Renji groaned as he moved quickly to the side as an arm extended out from the shifters back, an ability the shifter seemed to have. He could summon arms from his back and either use them at the same time or individually, hence the reason Renji was losing again, since it was hard to keep track of all the arms when his vision was impaired by the blood in his eyes.

Just as a rather powerful attack was heading his way he heard an all too familiar roar of anger and all Renji could do was groan as his shoulders slumped a little. This was the last thing he wanted to deal with. Before he could even defend himself he was looking at the back of the one man he didn't wish to see right now.

"What are you doing here, you were told to stay put" Renji growled at the black haired man who refused to look at him as he pushed back the shifter with his two Kusarigama-like weapons, each with two scythe blades, with one inverted, giving it the resemblance of a pinwheel. The blades are connected to a spiked rod tethered together by a long chain, allowing him varies different to both defend and attack.

"What does it look like I'm doing, I'm make sure you don't get your ass killed, remember your life isn't the only one that would end if you died"

Renji would have had a full blown argument with the other vampire, if the shifter hadn't decided he was going to attack, making both Renji and Hisagi defend themselves.

"Renji" The red head looked over at the other vampire and no other words had to be spoken, just a small curt nodded as the red head knew what the other wanted. Renji steeled himself as the shifter pulled back his arms, reading for another attack.

As four arms extended out towards both him and Renji the red head gripped his sword hilt a little tighter and waited for the precise time.


In a matter of seconds Renji's moved, jumped high into the air, flipping himself before he hit the ceiling, making his feet touch the white ceiling. As soon as he made contact he pushed off the ceiling towards the shifter main body mas, gaining its full attention.

"Roar, Zabimaru!" Renji called his blade's name, Zabimaru transformed into an even longer 6-part segmented blade; each segment was wider than the one preceding it from the hilt, with 2 pick-like protrusions on the front and back of each segment, with the ones on the front much longer than the ones on the back.

Renji moved his blade in a way to extended it, calling forth more segments that were connected by a stretchable thread, making Zabimaru more useful as a whip than an actual sword, which was what he did. He moved the blade to wrap around the arms of the shifter that were now directed towards him and used his strength to pull back and make the shifter loose his balance. The shifter just created more arms, but it was already to late. He was off balance and Hisage was in place.

"Kubikake" Hisage said as he threw one of his blades and the chain extended to wrap around the shifter entire body before a strong yank sent the shifter down the hall, into thick walls, seven to be exact. Renji landed beside the other vampire as they stared down the corridor, waiting for the shifter to re appear or the dust to clear. As a few moments past and Renji could no long feel the energy from the shifter he sighed, slumping a little as the other vampire moved to wrap his arm around Renji's wait to keep him from falling.

"You need blood soon" Renji just growled at Hisagi, knowing what he was hinting at, he knew he needed blood, but he wasn't that desperate, plus there was still a mission. Suddenly remembering the mission he pushed away from Hisagi and rushed down the hall towards the energy burst the happened toward the beginning of his fight, hoping he was too late.

Rukia fought beside the female shifter and Kenpachi, well she tried, between the brute of the male vampire and the skill of the female shifter Rukia didn't really get much action. By the end of it Kenpachi was covered in a large amount of blood, not his own and the female didn't even seem fazed by the harsh fighting. The three just stood there for a few silent moments, each one thinking something different.

"We best hurry, I'm sure he's already aware of your presents and on his way to dispose of the hybrid" The female stated before moving forward and lifting Rukia onto her back without a second thought. Rukia squeaked, unsure of what else to do she wrapped her arms around the woman's waist as the shifter suddenly started to speed down the halls. Rukia heard Kenpachi curse and felt as his energy started to head towards them, signaling that he was following. As they hastily rushed through the corridors Rukia held on for dear life as he searched out the energy of the others they were with. They were coming up on Renji's energy along with another vampire that wasn't with them to begin with. Urahara's and Yoruichi's were behind them, but quickly gaining. Isshin's and Byakuya's energies worried her though. She could tell they were close by, but they were stopped and her brother's energy was in disarray where Isshin's was too calm.

"Renji!" Rukia called as they rushed passed them; alerting the two vampires they were friendly. As they past she could fell them speed up, and could hear Renji cursing about something and Kenpatchi made a comment towards Renji, calling him a Princess. If Rukia wasn't so worried she might have looked behind her to see what brought the comment forwards, but her eyes were trained forward toward the door that was quickly coming up on them, the door she knew would lead them to her brother.

When the hybrid finally woke up it had already been five minute's since the intruders entered the building. Syazel knew he didn't have long to experiment on the boy, but he was going to act quickly a get as much information as he could before the boy was rescued, if he could be. Turning on his heel he flicked the syringe, letting out a few air bubbles before walking into the hybrids line of view. It was remarkable really. Only moments ago the boy had been covered in pure white skin, skin that reminded him of the untainted snow of the dead of winter. Now his body was covered in sun kissed skin. His lithe body was strapped down by brown leather straps connected to a metal examination bed, well more like a dissection bed. The straps were around his wrist, upper arms, neck, chest, waist, thighs, ankles and Syazel had even made sure to strap down the boys head, restricting his movement almost completely.

Syazel grinned as panic filled brown eyes darted towards him and examined the object he was hold. As he hybrid tried to struggle Syazel leaned down to inject the yellow liquid that would completely paralyze the boy, he couldn't be too careful. As far as he had been told this hybrid wasn't like any other and to be careful not to let him get his full strength. Szayel though did not count for the needle breaking before it even pierced the boy's skin. Pulling back a little puzzled he looked at the boy.

"You're tougher then you look, aren't you kid" He said with a chuckle before turning on his heel to go grab one of his other tools that he used on other shifters, since his kind had though skin.

Looking over the different tools he decided on the drill needle. It was a design he had created himself. It was painless…well compared to the other ways he had it was painless. Turning back to the Hybrid he walked back over to him after filling the capsule with the proper liquid. As those eyes landed on him again and then looked to the tool Syazel couldn't help but chuckle at the terror that crossed the boy's face and just for the fun of it the pinkette pulled the power trigger, making the drill hum, making the hybrid struggle more harshly as he tried to get away.

Stepping closer to the table he pointed the needle downwards towards the hybrid's arm. Suddenly the leather strap snapped, freeing one of the hybrids arms, which proceeded to lash out and knock the tool from Szayel's grip. The shifter growled as he sneered at the hybrid, who was currently tugging at his other arm, trying to free it as well.

"I don't think do" Syazel said as he reacted quickly, gripping the boy's free hand and pulling it away from the other straps. The boy continued to struggle, trying to make the other strapped loosen. He was so caught up in trying to keep the boy still that he almost didn't hear the loud wailing sound of his alarm system, telling him someone was getting close to his lab. He cursed before stepping back and before the boy could so much as move a finger he lashed up and punched the boy in the stomach.

He was almost free. He had gotten one hand free, if only he could get the other one free before it was too late, but that damn pink haired man had to intervene. He gripped Ichigo's arm tightly, making it difficult to move, but he couldn't give up, and he had to get out. He continued to tug at the leather straps. He could fell them straining under the pressure of his strength and he knew he would soon be able to break free. As his arm was suddenly let go he went to move, but a swift and powerful fist to his stomach left his dazed and slightly out of breath.

Then next thing he knew he felt something sharp being pressed against his chest. It wasn't the drill; it was some kind of blade. It sliced from his collar bone always across his chest to his sternum. It tore a soundless scream from Ichigo. Before he could do much more he felt the blade run across his chest again, mimicking the previous cut, just on the other side. Then from his sternum down to his belly button, this time he let of a strangled cry at the pain blooming in his body. What was his man trying to do, dissect him while he was still alive? The scream earned him an extremely harsh slap, which busted open his lips.

"Quiet now" The man said cruelly as Ichigo felt the blade return to skin, this time though the blade didn't go through his skin, instead the man stopped and suddenly moved. Ichigo felt his world tilt as the bed he was strapped to moved to tilt him up and if he could actually see through the tears in his eyes he might have been able to better discern where he was. The man once again returned to Ichigo and delivered a few more harsh hits, causing more blood to run down his body and bruise to form. Before long Ichigo felt his world wavering in and out of consciousness.

"Welcome, Byakuya Kuchiki" The man gave him a small bow.

The words flooded into his ears and dragged Ichigo's wandering mind into focused. It did last long though, despite how much he fought it he couldn't seem to be his lungs to work properly. He could hear more dialect, but couldn't decipher what was being said.

"SNAP OUT OF IT BYAKUYA" The loud voice broke through the darkening fog that clouded his mind. "YOU'RE JUST GOING TO ALLOW THEM TO DO THIS, YOUR PATHTIC" Anger rose up inside Ichigo. He didn't let them do this, he had fought back with everything he had, and it wasn't his fault he was fucking weak. The echoing laugh sounded in his mind, making him remember the pale imitation of him self, raising his level of irritation.


The sound resonated throughout the room, stilling everyone as both shock and awe washed over the occupants of the room. More shocking then the sound was the high level of dangerous energy rippling out from the still boy, the most shock if not terrified person would have to be the pink hair scientist.

Slowly he turned to look at the hybrid, felling his breath catch in his throat as golden eyes swimming in ebony started at him with untamed rage. He had thought he knew fear, but now every threat, every punishment, everything Aizen had ever done or spoke of doing paled in comparison to the fear he felt because of this hybrid simply looking at him. A tremor of fear ran through his body, something he couldn't repress.

Another snapping sound echoed through the room as black clawed fingers reached up to the leather strap around the hybrids neck. Syazel just watched as the hybrid who should be so far gone that he wouldn't never know what was going on tore off the leather straps that not even the strongest shifter was able to break. A wicked cruel grin made its way to the hybrids lips.

"What's wrong, too scared now that I can fight back?"

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