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This takes place a month after the fight with the fullbringers

Prologue: Cerulean

Hollows, said to be the greatest and oldest threat to the soul society, even before the creation of the 13 court squads, soul reapers alike have eliminated the threat too many time to count, hollow are saw as impure beasts that feed on other innocent souls as instinct, hunger, or (even sickly enough) fun, soul reapers do not do so which is why they are seen as the protagonists the kill hollows, save souls, and transport the souls to the soul society.

This is how things have always been, but the former bears more pain than the latter, unlike hollows when a soul is taken to the soul society or becomes a soul reaper they remember nothing from their past lives, but hollows do, they remember the happiness and pain, but are unable to return to it. They have to devour souls or the souls they have eaten will eat them from the inside and they will be lifeless shells no different from those who suffer from Apathy Syndrome, cursed to wander until they are eaten, but what if it wasn't that way.

This story is about one who was pitied by a soul reaper who saved him from his hollowed and about how he will repay the debt; this is the first true hollow turned soul reaper.

Outside Central 46

A large man(tall as 7.5 feet) in a black cloak stands outside the walls of seireitei feeling nostalgia. He has blue mane-like hair the reaches his shoulder blades he wears a helmet like Komamura used to wear(only smaller) to hide it and his face out of fear of being recognized in the aftermath, his zanpakuto has a blue handle, it has no guard and its slim as a regular katana, but longer than any ordinary one, the scabbard is long like the katana, also unlike other shinigami it is placed on the right of his side(this indicates he is left-handed) he bears a kasa that rests on his back while the string is around his neck supporting it, he bears blue metal shoes that are similar to Captain Koamaru's, but they have two studs protruding them, he has gloves much like Captain Komamura, only somewhat a little larger to fit his hands they are also blue. He carries a case of full of yellow stones made for one purpose and that purpose is that when it begins no one from the outside may interfere.

For hours this man has composed what he is about to do, many ways he has gone about this, but all failures, he refuses to break the promise he made so long ago, this will not be the last time he attempts this he may go at it a different way, but never like this. He places his hand on the barrier that surrounds seireitei, this will the eighteenth-thousandth time that he has ''snuck" into seireitei or the two-thousandth time, (chuckle) he found it funny that the soul society's shinigami had never noticed how he had always been there though he remembers all of them, but none were the one he was looking for. He knows he is powerful enough to attempt this, he takes off his kasa, his keepsake, and places it on a large nearby stone out of fear it would be ruined. He remembered all to come given the nature of the bait that he laid which used the only one name to make sure they would come. Sensing their reiatsu he knows they are all here. He places a strange black stone with green glyphs on it in his cloak.

He Shunpos to the designated areas a places the stone in the right spots, then before placing the last stone he walks through the barrier undetected (again) and throws the last stone over his shoulder and he clutches a silver arrowhead in his pocket this is the item that will grant his escape and bliss to the shinigami. He goes in search for this one person, before he walked in invisible as if one of them, but now he walks in as RYOKA.

His name is Cerulean and he broke from the hollow fate

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