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Illusion of the feathered serpent

5 days later

Training room(Cerulean's house)

It was early in the morning, Sung-Sun was on top of a tree in the training room, she was wearing a green and black colored Yukata made by Menoly, she had her asuachi at her side and her small shinai in her hand, she focused her reiatsu throughout her body causing her to glow ghastly pink color, she held her shinai back handed focusing her power into her attack, her target were the leaves on the top of the trees, she tried to train her wind reiatsu and shunpo attempt to cut all the leaves off the top of a tree but, the trees were very sturdy,

"This troublesome tree, I'm sick of it." Sung-Sun said before she swung her shinai

She then swung her shinai creating a whirlwind of power that would rival a tornado, it whipped and turned what ever was in its way with no mercy or prejudice, it tore many of the leaves off the top of the tree but, not all, they flew into the air and moved irregularly. Sung-Sun then shupoed off the tree and over to the now quickly flying leaves with and attempt to catch them all, she reached her hand out of swiped as many as she could shunpoing, swerving and swiftly moving at every speed needed to catch each the few seconds it took to catch the leaves she dropped to the ground gracefully on her feet, she then dropped all the leaves she collected and discovered that she was missing a leaf, she turned around and discovered that it was inches from the ground and just when it was about to touch then ground Sung-Sun took a single step and shunpoed and reappeared back in the same spot as if she hadn't moved at all, she had her palm closed and her shinai at her side along with her asuachi. Sung-Sun then said as she dropped the leaf,

"Perfectly done as usual," she drew her asuachi from her side and held it up," I hear this thing every night when I sleep, perhaps I will finally be left out of the dark." Sung-Sun then said as she dropped the leaf,

She then felt a torrent of frustration hitting her in her heard like an arrow fired from a grudge fueled marksmen his father's killer, she was the only one of her sisters that had not attained their zanpakuto and gained great power and ability thus fueling her desire to become stronger in her own right. She had increased her shunpo tremendously in such a short time that it startled Cerulean a little even though she wore the same training weights as everyone else did she somehow kept her place as one of the fastest of Cerulean's students along with Hanatarou, Harribel and Ulquiorra the ones whose speed are closest to captain, her kido had also increased to a great level and lastly she was getting better at Kenjutsu than before even if her shinai was smaller than the others' were she was still an effective combatant. She along with the others continued to improve impressively.

Mila Ross was very adept at her shikai somehow using a sword and shield made her a more formidable opponent than before, she could coordinate her blocking and strikes with no absolute trouble what so ever like a true honest to goodness gladiator which made it hard for Sung-Sun to hit she could also control the earth with it as well, it had the ability to create stone structures to attack or defend with by using her shield an using her sword to convert earth to sand, her kido had als increased, but mostly offensive spells than seal and defensive, she was also great at shunpo as fast as any Lieutenant though she was no where nearly as fast as Sung-Sun was, she was also physically stronger than most of them being able to lift 8 times her weight, she continued to try and break the ore that rested inside the boulders that Cerulean made for but was still incapable of destroying it. Mila felt good about gaining her zanpakuto before Sung-Sun and happy that she wasn't the last to get her zanpkuto out of everyone in the house, she and Apacci made it known to Sung-Sung when ever he insulted them as a counter offensive though they did not wish to hurt her harshly, she was confident in her power as much as the others were and she was not afraid to stop Apacci from going completely nuts from her anger which occurred less and less, but she made no one know to her secret. She trusted Cerulean to some extent enough to let him give her more help with her abilities and like a dad a little bit.

Harribel had grown stronger that before, she believed that she could surpass the power she had as an arrancar, her shunpo was surpassing a Lieutenant's but she did not have Sung-Sun's natural talent for it, her swordsmanship had improved as well using a cutlass instead of a katana, though the blade was no were near big as her old one it proved to be just as if not more effective Cerulean even helped her learn how to use it more effectively she could make waves of water appear from nowhere with little effort and use it for attacking or defending, she could raise its temperature to scolding hot or glacier cold whenever she wished, she could also do high leveled spells of each category except healing and her battle experience made this all usable. Harribel continued to look after her sisters as well as she could and finally believed that Cerulean, Hanatarou and Soifon could be trusted, Cerulean made no attempts to harm them at all instead he only tries to help them, the worst he does is tease them in a comical way like the time he whistled the theme to "Jaws" while Harribel was eating, he was even a kind figure to Nel, Hanatarou stayed his kind and caring self he continued to help Menoly with healing, he continued to spar with Grimmjow and bond with him through it as he did with Gaintenbaine, he treated her sisters with the utmost respect ad courtesy and acted as Nel's older brother and Soifon continued to keep her promise and to tell no of anything that what happening and exposing them, thought she continued to talk to her formally out of respect.

Grimmjow had become stronger than he'd ever thought he would become with shinigami abilities he was stronger than when he was Hollow, his endurance to pain was second to none as he could take blows that would kill most people this was due to Cerulean's intense attacks during training, he had a hug amount of reiatsu that was getting near captain level making him one of the strongest in the house, he had incredible shunpo, but he was not the fastest though he was fast enough to catch up to his opponent and cut him to less than ribbons, he was also getting better at Hakudo due to his own hand-to-hand experience and due to his practice with Gaintenbainne and his swordsmanship was one of the best and he continued to work on it to fulfill his goal and Hanatarou seemed more than happy to help for some reason. Grimmjow may not have been the nicest person among them, but he was still considered a friend among them, he and Gaintenbainne were still on good terms with each other though they still fought and argued they still showed their respect for each other and when they trained together they held nothing back: Gaintenbainne would use kido, his lightning reiatsu and his shikai while Grimmjow used his shikai, his Hakudo and used his power to beyond extent causing each other to grow strong but they agreed that they would not cut each other's limbs unless Hanatarou was around to fix them after all he was the only one who could use the healing stitches spell, he still would get mad at Nel ,but he did try to be nicer to her which would lead to her sometimes ,to his annoyance, to hugging him causing him to yell at her and this caused Apacci to kick him, he still respected Apacci's attitude and guts despite her constantly kicking him for his rudeness, he still had infatuations towards her, but made sue to let no one else know especially and her, but Gaintenbainne hinted that he could see it. He and Cerulean were becoming closer through his training, Cerulean saw that the more he trained Grimmjow the more he was seeing his old self in him, the old part of him that only wanted to become stronger.

Gaintenbainne had gotten a bit stronger in the last few days due to Grimmojow's intense sparring sessions there were times that he would use his shikai or just his hands to please Gaintenbainne, either way it was all beneficial even his sparring with the others, he gained more control over Raijin's ability to control thunder and lightning by switching how to hold his katar: striking with the blade would activate the lightning and using the handle would create thunder, he tried to use his lightning reiatsu to augment his shunpo, but to no success he would be unable to cover his body with enough of it and he would lose concentration too fast, he had great kido, but he could mostly cast electrical based spells and Cerulean sought to remedy that, he was one of the best at Hakudo and that influenced Grimmjow to fight him bare handed of course if it ended in a tie then Cerulean would step in and hurt the both of them leading to Menoly having to heal them both. His relationship with the others was stable he was the last to try and start trouble which helped him be on good terms with the others, though he would fight with Grimmjow over trivial things like last pieces of food on the table, time in the shower and ect., but this was the greatest indication that they were friends they were still seen having fun together in all situations and their bond showed when they trained together, he was on good terms with Hanatarou because he would be kind to them and heal them along with Menoly, so in return he would help Hanatarou with Hakudo, he continued to let Nel eat his afro, but to an extent not to let her take any hair off and he liked and appreciated Cerulean for his training and kindness for letting them stay here.

Menoly was starting to become a better shinigami and healer, Hanatarou began to inform her of medical plants and remedies such as aloe vera and others, she had finally been able to combine healing kido with Supaidā ohariko 's spider silk ability though she was unable to do the healing stitches technique she made up for it with that, she was better a kido now due to her practice with Hanatarou, Sung-Sun and Cerulean, she was very good at shunpo and fighting with her sword, but not an expert like the others were but Cerulean made sure that she learned to defend herself despite her being a healer. Menoly was nice to everyone and made sure to heal them the best she could and gained their favor, Harribel and her sisters treated her with the utmost respect and kindness, Grimmjow still acted surly toward her but not in a way he would physically harm her, Gaintenbaine treated her with respect much like the other women, she was nice to Nel and treated any scruffs that she got playing in the house, she had also formed a friendship with Hanatarou though he still treated her as a student and Cerulean was like a dad that she never knew and as Cerulean watched her and Hanatarou train together he decided that he would teach them something that he thought they would be capable of learning. She was also one of the only ones to see actual blooming romance in the house.

Apacci had learned more and more about fighting as a shinigami, her Hakudo ability had increased a bit despite only kicking and using her legs and feet she was still capable of fighting those who could use Hakudo normally and combining her fire reiatsu with it made the attacks more effective and powerful, she had mastered some of the fire kido that Cerulean had taught her granted it took a few weeks before she was able to do them without causing them to explode which meant that Hanatarou and Menoly got more experience healing burn wounds, she was very fast at shunpo and even tried to combine it with her fire reiatsu with some good results like tackling someone while your body is on fire and she also had more control and power over her reiatsu she was now able to burn 4 of the training cigarettes during the day and to encase her entire body in flame. Apacci found it very ironic that Sung-Sung was one of the last to get have her zanpakuto come to her considering how she acted on a higher opinion of herself she and Mila found it very funny, but she made no actual attempts to hurt her feelings greatly, she maintained a somewhat strange relationship with Grimmjow: the two were head over heels for each other, but never said anything to each other about it and whenever Grimmjow did something she saw as rude or unnecessary she would hit him in the head much like how Hikifune would do to Cerulean when they were in a relationship.

Ulquiorra,sadly, was no where near close to having a zanpakuto, he had mastered multiple forms of kido though not all casting whatever spell he knew with perfection and precision he eve knew some of the spells that Cerulean had created, he was also one of the best swords men that Cerulean had taught he was even better than Tousen was when he was young and that was something to marvel at precise quick with lack of flaws that can be seen, he was also an expert at shunpo he was one of the fastest in the house, he had a somewhat rare and cool he could fight without a sword with speed and unsuspected power and precision, but the only problem that he had was that he was not making any contact with his zanpakuto spirit or his inner world, not even a whisper from his spirit he was passed Lieutenant level but he had not even developed a blade yet. Ulquiorra found keeping his distance from the others was harder than he suspected, Harribel continued to make attempts to get closer Ulquiorra trying to put up a conversation with him and there were times that he wished to actually talk to her, but he thought that it was a bad idea being attached to someone that could make his face burn red and his own heart beat so fast that it could explode, if her was capable of getting attached, Nel tried to give him some of her sweets but he merely turned them away, he remembered that she was present when he and Ichigo confronted each other he was surprised to see her trying to be nice him, she kept saying she had a present for him and it wasn't ready yet but he didn't believe that she had the motor skills to create anything he would want and then there was Hanatrou, the first person to actually try and be nice to him, he did not know whether he was a fool or a bigger fool, he was never approached in a friendly manner or in a way that showed if anyone cared for him, he was a loner and someone built to kill people, but it seemed as if though Hanatarou cared about that he knew less about him than the others did ,but he was curios about his abilities, he had not seen Hanatarou fight with his zanpakuto yet and it was something that he would think about. Cerulean would do his best to try and make Ulquiorra feel welcome, but the green eyed man made no change to their lack of friendly relationship, though Ulquiorra could admit at times that he could feel a faint feeling of kinship from him, but he could never tell why.

Nel was as happy as she could be, she still missed her brothers in Hueco Mundo she was happy with the brothers and sisters she had in the Soul Society. Cerulean still gave her homework and she was getting better at it though she would complain as to why she was not taught the things that the others where and he responded that she wasn't old enough and that it was too dangerous for her and she would pout, but she would be too upset. Nel was like the youngest member of the family that everyone did their best to look after her, she was annoying at time but they still wanted her around, she had gotten along with her sisters very well and they made sure to give her a bath and help her, Grimmjow and Gaintenbainne tried their best to treat her nice despite her annoying them and they could dislike her completely, Hanatarou and Soifon were one of the many people that she enjoyed seeing, she considered to be Hanatarou lovey dovey over Soifon and vice versa she could decipher the way those two looked at each other and it would make her giggle. She would still have dreams about the "Pretty Lady", she would always love to dream and see her, she was very familiar to her as if she had met her before, but the woman made sure to tell her to keep her a secret or Cerulean would take her. She was also trying to make something for Ulquiorra in an attempt to make him feel more welcome, she was using some molding clay that Cerulean bought for her and when he asked what it was for she said it was a surprise and she didn't need his help with it.

Hanatarou had made incredible progress since the day he had first started training with Cerulean, it surprised him more than anyone how strong he was at the moment:his swordmaship ability had increased surpassed that of Lieutenant level by several feet and was as stronger than even some of the Lieutenants by a grand margin he and the others sparred with each other very often and he would use his both his shikai abilities against them he would win or lose sometimes but he was getting stronger though sometimes something strange would occur during the fights he would sometimes see the slightest influence on his opponent's attack and even see a foreshadowing image of the attack just like with Hisagomaru, he had gotten used to fighting with Kiiro Hisagomaru despite it being a gun he was extremely fast at shunpo being able to feint his attacks whether using Zanjutsu, Kido or Hakudo , he could after images of himself though it would sometimes make him dizzy the faster he got,he was also better at casting kido than before and proved that by using high level spells such as the Haien, Sokatsui, Rikujokoro and others, he wasn't an expert at Hakudo compared to others despite his hours of practicing, but he would still hit the crucial place on instinct meaning he merely needed more physical strength which was hard for him, but other than that he had seemed to be used to training other of his shinigami aspects other than healing, but he still preferred that other than that, he still trained his healing Kaido, but he was wondering when Cerulean was going to teach something about it he knew. Soifon pointed out to him that his shikai may be increasing his zanjutsu, kido and shunpo abilities which is why he's so much stronger than he was before, he didn't understand why but she was right. Hanatarou had been on good terms with the others except for Ulquiorra, he fought Grimmjow using all his abilities no matter the risk being able to heal wounds he would cause using his Crimson reiatsu so to help him become "Kenpaku", he was nice and polite to Harribel and her sister and gladly cooked for them, he continued to teach Menoly being close to knowing all he knew and the to keep their friendship despite their teacher/student standings, Hanatarou would be given apologies from Gaintenbainne for Grimmjow beating him up and calling him "Rinkers" and Hanatarou responded that it was okay because they were friends and he and Gaintenbainne were friends as well, Apacci trusted Hanatarou as much as the others did and continued to call him "Hana" and Hanatarou would be kind to her though he could sometimes see Grimmjow scowl at him when they would talk, as for Mila even though he was not present when on the day she attained her zanpakuto Hanatarou was still more than happy to help her anyway he could and she would treat him nicely in return, Sung-Sun saw that he was much nicer and trustworthy than she thought at first seeing how nice he was to the others as well as herself, he would try to be nice to Ulquiorra still leaving him food by his room door, only for Grimmjow to eat it, he would offer to spar with him but he would get turned away, he was worried that Ulquiorra might have been depressed but he could not control how people felt the best he could do was give him space, he continued to be a big brother to Nel and enjoyed it though though whenever she asked a medical question like where babies come from and if she came from the same place Cerulean would dump her on him with no hesitation. As for his standings with Soifon, he would show and tell her everything that he had learned from Cerulean as well as answer any question she asked him with the truth, they continued to spend time together purely for business both hiding their growing affections for each other, Hanatarou continued to hide his true emotions for her, but he would unintentionally leave hints that he cared for her well being and emotions not only because she was helping her but because she was someone he felt for, he knew that he could never tell her because there was never a chance that she would accept him, some one who would pass up a chance at promotion, who hides his power like a coward, wanting nothing but to be a healer, who would? He was also shaken up a bit by what the fortune teller had told him that he was going to die, she knew about his true feelings for Soifon and his family, he would rarely show it, but he was kind of scared.

Soifon continued to question Hanatarou until she ran out of questions for the day, she trusted him enough to know that he told the truth and she knew him well enough to know if his story checked out, she and Hanatarou would continue to meet each other and was careful not to let anyone know about what they were doing less they misinterpret her intentions, but was she starting to misinterpret her intentions for why she continued to help Hanataro, it was true it was pure empathy toward him having to lose his master the same as she lost Yoruichi but then she started seeing him for who he was: a nervous, gullible, easy tripped, brave, kind, loyal and even a bit handsome man and that was the problem he was not only someone that she considered a possible danger, but someone that affected her heart in a way that she never thought possible, he was the cause of her misjudgment in a situation that would need only a quick blade to disperse, but she stayed her's because of him, he was capable of making her blush and speeding up her heart beat with no effort whatsoever, what was happening to her?

Sung-Sun then clenched onto her asuachi with hate and anger, she then contemplated as to why she had not obtained her zanpakuto when all of her sisters had gotten theirs, she had always thought she was the most mature out them, the most refined, polite and more but such a thing was humiliating that she is one of the last to gain great power for a reason that she couldn't even figure out, Cerulean had explained before that someone needs to be at a certain level for their zanpakuto to take form, but she could wait no longer. She then pointed her middle and index finger and drew her arm to the side of her body and focused her reishi into the tips of her fingers,

"Kaze no suīpu(Wind sweep)." she the swung her arm creating a slicing wave of wind and reiatsu that chopped down many of the trees in her way. She then walked over to one of the stumps and sat on it,

"I will not sit on this filthy ground, I prefer a less disgusting stump in possible." She said with much pride. She then crossed her legs and placed her asuachi in her lap clutched onto it angrily,

"I will not lose to those cows!" She thought. She then initiated Jizen and drifted into her innerworld.

Sung-Sun's innerworld

Sung-Sung then opened her eyes and saw that she was floating on top of a cloud, she did not fall into it or through it, she touched it and felt that it was a bit wet, she got on to her feet and the cloud dispersed and she saw that she was standing on top of a piece of floating earth that had grass grown on it, she was surprised at how she was easily fooled into thinking what it was. She then looked around and saw that her innerworld was nothing at all as she remembered as usual, for some strange reason her innerworld would change every time she went there: her inner world seemed upside down which made it difficult to navigate, it contained mountains that pointed down instead of up, trees had been torn from the earth floated in the air dropping from the ground above Sung-Sun slowly but surely, the clouds were huge and they replace the ground as Sung-Sun's platforms for her to walk on,she had no clue whether they were either, the sun shined from below and finally the most significant part of Sung-Sun's innerworld was that it she would get headaches while there, her breathing would be restricted to small and short or at times huge and the air became thin,either way breathing became harder for her the more she went there and that was a problem, she would always pass out from lack of air thus getting kicked out of her innerword.

"I need *Pant* to find *Pant* that thing *Pant* quick!"She said as she panicked due to the soon to be lack of air.

She needed to find her zanpakuto spirit but there was a hard and unfortunate fact, not only does her innerworld change whenever she goes there, but she had never actually seen her zanpakuto spirit before, she could hear it but all it ever told her to do was to try and find , she didn't even know what it looked like only that it was a woman due to its voice, it had never once showed its face.

"I hope you find me this time, having you pass out her sullies my good realm."

Sung-Sun then tried to step onto a cloud, but the moment her foot touched it the cloud dispersed and turned into leaves that fell down into the sky( which is upside down) until they reached the sun and burned.

"That'll be me next if I don't find that woman soon, wait that happened because I touched them, maybe if I'm lucky enough-" She stopped thinking and acted, she drew in some air, she them moved her hands in rotating circle to simulate a sphere, she then blew into it and this caused the air to move around in her hands as they moved, she a turbulent wind formed creating a sphere.

"Soyokaze!" She said, she then launched the sphere at the mountains above, when it reached the mountains it exploded with high air pressure causing the mountains, trees even the entire area along with the sun to disperse into green leaves, they then surrounded Sung-Sun in a cyclone like manner as if being commanded.

"Damn *Pant* what *Pant* is this *Pant* a *Pant dream?" Sung-Sun said as she tried to keep her composure.

"More of an illusion, like the one you place upon yourself everyday." Sung-Sun then clenched her fist.

"What?" She asked questioning her zanpakuto spirit's evaluation of her being.

"You've always put yourself in a higher opinion above your sisters, insulting them, calling them on their mistakes and laughing to yourself how you could do it better."

Silence, I don't, I've never-"Sung-Sun was then interrupted by her breathing becoming more difficult, the leaves swirled around her faster, when they dispersed Sung-Sun now found that she was in an abandoned arena, she was bound with chains putting her on her knees.

"Mila, Apacci, Loly and even Menoly, you point out their wrongs so that you seem right, face it you are a liar, a true master of illusion." The voice said with confidence. Sung-Sun was in tears, she didn't want to accept what her zanpakuto was saying, she didn't want to say it was true, but the more she spoke of it the more that she started to accept that her zanpakuto was right about her.

"Its true, even though I care about them I insult them to try and cover up the faults that I can't stand, the faults that me myself own: I snore loudly at night, I burp and flatulent when no one looks, food gets stuck in my teeth and more, even if its in my nature to insult them I can't help but feel as if my own flaws are erased as I do so, I do love them but the truth in all is just that I point out others flaws to hide my own." She said this surprisingly with a breath full of air.

Suddenly the chains that bound Sung-Sun suddenly dispersed like dust and released her, her breathing was then returned to normal, the arena then turned to into a plain like area with shoulder tall grass, their were small cyclones swirling around the area, the air looked as if though it was being bent and affected and the clouds in the sky were shaped like apples. Sung-Sun began walking for a bit, somehow she knew in her heart,in her soul, that this was truly how her inner world was suppose to look. She then took a deep breath and smiled,

"I like it here." She said with some giddiness, she then realized that this was something that her sisters had all experienced and she felt happy for them instead of just scornful and envious.

She looked around and saw that there was a chair with a strange creature that she longed to see: it was a woman in a some-what sexy figure, she had a pink feather boa around her neck, she had scaly jade green snake skin, she had curly white hair, she wore a white fur jack over a silky green dress, some feathers covered her arms and legs, she wore green lipstick and she had snake eyes and fangs.

" You finally broke the illusion, the illusion you placed upon yourself for soo long is broken." Sung-Sun walked closer to her zanpakuto,

"I suppose I am to change my actions?" She asked as she walked closer. Her zanpakuto then shook her head,

"No, I only wanted hide myself until you were true to your actions and emotions, you can still insult people, I will still offer my name and form to you." She said with approval.

"And what exactly is your true name?" Sung-Sun asked, she then held her hand out to receive her blade. Sung-Sun's zanpakuto spirit then chuckled to herself,

" Fezā no hebi(Feathered Serpent), take my true form and command me to, Yūwaku to kūki o mage(Tempt and bend the air)"

Fezā no hebi then got out of her chair and then she sprouted a pair of beautiful pure white wings, she then flapped her wings creating a whirlwind of power that hit everything around her, she then flew upward toward the clouds. Sung-Sun smiled at what had happened,

"I do love apples." She said as she licked her lips then left her inner world to see her zanpakuto and as she did a red fruit dropped from the sky and onto the ground, an apple.

Reality( Cerulean's Training room)

Sung-Sun woke up from her Jizen, she looked in her lap and saw a tanto in her lap: it was a a Hira Tanto, not longer than a regular tanto, the handlscabbard was jade green with images of scales, the scabbard was and eggshell white with images of feathers, it had a small circle guard and it was something she liked at the moment. She got on her feet and walked away from the trees, when she stopped walking she drew Fezā no hebi from its scabbard and look at the blade.

"I've done it, this is the result of shattering my own illusion, but what can it do?" She said to her self, she then decided that it was a good time to try out her shikai. She took a deep breath and found that it felt less strenuous to take in large or short amounts of air at a time, it was as if the way her innerworld effected her breathing was the cause of this thus giving her more control over her breathing. She swipes her tanto,

"Yūwaku to kūki o mage, Fezā no hebi."

Wind reiatsu then surrounded her tanto, it glowed a pink color that caused it to shine bright and change shape, when the wind stopped it revealed that it turned into a Japanese War fan, a Tessen: the outer spokes were colored white and made of metal along with the sticks and guard, the guard was colored jade green had a picture of a snake with pinkish tint, the sticks were jade green, when she opened the fan she saw that the leaves were made of lacquered paper attached to the ribs and a metal outer cover, the leaves were painted white and it showed pictures of feathers that shined in her eye.

"Just my style, just like the others." She said with a smile. She closed her fan and looked around to see if any one was watching and saw no one was around, she then jumped in the air laughing happily and spun around happily.

"Yes, Go Cyan, Go Cyan!" She cheered as she spun. Then a chuckle then sounded causing her to stop cheering and look behind her and awkwardly saw Cerulean with an apple in his hand smiling like a fool with his eyes closed, she gained a sweat drop of humiliation. Cerulean walked forward getting closer to her,

"So this is what your like, when no one watches, its kind of funny." Sung-Sun then sighed, she blushed furiously embarrassed by what had then lowered her head,

"What are your demands?" She asked. Cerulean then threw the apple over to Sung-Sun who caught it,

"Relax, I won't tell anyone, but it looks like you finally got your shikai and a nice looking one at that." Cerulean said.

"I am appreciative Sensei, but it would not be tragic if I was less of a liar." Sung-Sun said in a guilty tone. Cerulean then snapped his fingers creating a short turbulent wind that hit the apple that Sung-Sun was holding, a few seconds later split into several pieces in her hand.

"Its fine, everyone has that side of them that they don't want anyone to see, even me." Cerulean said,

"Really, well since you've seen a fragment of my own then I should ask for you to share one of yours." Sung-Sun said as she put the apple piece in her mouth. Cerulean smirked at Sung-Sun's request and decided to comply after all fair was fair and the others hadn't woken up yet so who would know, except Legion of course.

"I was in a relationship with a purple haired woman, she was curvy, light on her feet, powerful and motherly, she was also one of the best cooks I ever met,she was captain of the 12th division back before Aizen made his move." Cerulean said with his face blushing a bit, he was pulling on his own cheek and smiling. Sung-Sun was surprised to her that someone like Cerulean who claimed to try and preserve his privacy would try and have a romantic relationship with a woman, let alone a captain of the Gotie 13.

"How did you met her?" Sung-Sun asked with intrigue and she ate her apple.

"Well you know how I told you all that I snuck into the Gotie 13 a lot before I had all of you to keep me busy, well one day when I was making my way around the 12th's lab avoiding the detectors and cameras it was perfect until being lured by one of man's many romances."


Cerulean was sneaking around the 12th division, he had his green stone on his person so not to be detected and he moved lightly so not to trip any alarms, he used Legion to go in and memorize the placement of the cameras, security codes, alarms and ect. As he walked and made his way around the HQ Legion was very impatient because he knew that Cerulean was hungry again and if he knew anything about Cerulean was that he would eat everything but the bathroom toilet to fill his stomach,

*Rumble* Cerulean's stomach rumbled and growled, he was near his limit, he had to eat something or he was going to keel over.

"You should have eaten something before coming here, you can't find his reincarnation if your too damn hungry to do anything and pass out" Legion said quietly to his master. Cerulean continued to look around until he stepped into lab of some sort,

"I'm fine,I just need to h-hurry and t-test-" Cerulean was interrupted by the magnificent smell that had invaded his nostrils, it was a delicious smell of well made food, before Legion could stop him he levitated of the ground and followed the smell, Legion then kissed his, but goodbye even though it wasn't certain he pretty much thought that he and Cerulean were gonna bite it.

"What the hell are you doing, snap out of it!"

Legion commanded. Cerulean didn't listen though he just went in the direction were the smell was coming from until he saw a table with big plates with more food on them than he could count. Legion knew that Cerulean was going to try and eat it all, as Cerulean walked toward the plates with hungry intent, when he reached the table he reached out for a dumpling only for his hand to touch a woman's he looked up and saw a shinigami female: she had long flowing purple hair, she wore purple lipstick, a Captain's jacket and as far as Cerulean was concerned she was a real looker. There was an awkward silence when the two touched hands, but unfortunately it wasn't a romantic pause due to the woman's next actions,

"Ryo-" Before she could finish Cerulean jumped over to her and grabbed her before she could shunpo away, she wrapped his arms around her and pinned her to the ground, he then formed a sound proof barrier around the both of them.

"Let go of me, don't make me kill you!" The captain female said angrily. Cerulean then frowned, he was caught though it was what he deserved.

"Relax, I'm not gonna hurt you or your squad, I'm here looking for someone."

"And its not her, got caught for nothing hope your happy." Legion said with much disdain. Cerulean and the woman widened their eyes in surprise, Legion then realized his mistake and sighed at his equal amount of stupidity compared to Cerulean's. Cerulean then looked at the woman and saw that she was surprised to hear a voice.

"Who said that, is there someone else?!" Cerulean then got of the woman and scooted several inches back from her, he then grabbed his scabbard,

"And you call me stupid!" The woman then got on her bottom surprised at the man's actions and the source of the other voice,

"T-That sword just spoke!" She exclaimed with some fear.

"Don't worry, its normal he's a zanpakuto!" Cerulean said,

"A zanpakuto, your a shinigami?!" the woman said surprised. Cerulean then wiped his brow.

"Yeah, I technically am, but I'm not out to hurt anyone I'm just looking fo- can I have some of that foo-


Cerulean was interrupted by the captain punching him in the nose, he was sent flying into the wall of the barrier, he then fell down on his face, the woman then started beating on his body,

"YOU BASTARD, YOU SNEAK IN MY HQ, TRY TO EAT MY EXPERIMENTAL COOKING, GRAB ME AND PRESS THAT HARD BODY OF YOURS AGAINST MINE AND NOW YOU ASK TO EAT MY FOOD!" She screamed as she beat Cerulean over and over again, she then began stomping on his face. Legion just laid there with mixed emotions, he was a bit upset that this woman was hurting his master but happy that Cerulean was getting what he deserved. When the woman stopped beating up, she turned her back to him and walked over to the opposing wall of the barrier,

"How do I get out of this thing, I have to report him." She thought.

"I'm not letting you out if you out if it means that you rat me out, personally I want to leave your whole realm alone, but I keep my promises." He said with some conviction, the woman then looked back at Cerulean and saw that he was still awake and alive. Cerulean the leaned against the wall of the barrier and smiled,

"Your not leaving till I know you won't rat me out." Cerulean said, in all honesty he had used the arrow head earlier that day and it needed to charge so he couldn't force her to forget him. The woman then crossed her arms,

"Well that means that I'll just break out." She said as she cracked her knuckles. Cerulean shook his head,

"No good, that Haori makes you stick out like a sore thumb, I've learned to gauge your power from that beating you gave me." He pointed out. THe woman then said,

"Well I guess I'm stuck here, because I won't let you do this and not get caught, I'm sorry." She said, she then walked over at the opposing wall and sat down.

59 minutes later

It had been nearly an hour since the two were trapped in a barrier of Cerulean's design, they didn't talk to each other one bit, they merely stared each other down and wondered what the other was capable of, it was scary but fascinating at the same time. As the woman stared down Cerulean she could not deny that she thought he was a little handsome even for someone who was now currently and invader, but she did want to know his name it was only polite. She was about to speak but,

"Whats your name ma'am?" Cerulean asked stopping her from doing so, the woman gained a tick mark of anger and irritation,

"Why should I give you my name?" She asked.

"Give me yours and I'll give you mine." Cerulean said pointing at himself. Legion then hit Cerulean in the head,

"Moron, give her your name, why don't you ever think!" Legion said angrily,

"It-" The woman was interrupted by Legion, he floated over to her,

" My name is Legion,I would like it if you didn't refer to me as an "it"." Legion said in an angry tone, Cerulean grabbed his before her could say anything stupid,

"Don't mind him, he just more irritable than most are, but can you blame him he's a zanpakuto and they just do they're job they do what they're told and they don't even get paid much." Cerulean said.

"*Chuckle* I suppose so, but mine can't spend money, I'd tell you more but I its really not my prerogative to share information." She said in a gentle tone, she then pointed her finger at Cerulean,

"Now about your name," she was then interrupted by Cerulean,

"I'll tell you mine only if you tell me yours and maybe I can have some of that food." Cerulean then said,

"Fine, then, my name is Hikifune Kirio Captain of the 12th." She said with a smile.

"My name is Cerulean, no surname, my zanpakuto's name is." Cerulean said as he grinned, Legion groaned at the fact that Cerulean had given his name as well as his own.

"Cerulean, well it certainly suits you I kind of like it, so No Surname-sama who exactly are you looking for, a family member?" Kirio asked with much curiosity.

"Not a family member, I only ever had one son and I he doesn't live with me anymore." Cerulean answered.

"Son, your married?" Kirio asked,

"No, he was adopted, but I took him in." Cerulean pointed out.

"Well tell me who is it that you would be driven to to sneaking in here?" Kirio asked

"I'll tell you after you let me have some of that food." Cerulean said with a grin.

"I guess you really are hungry, I guess you can have some, but leave some for me and I have to warn you that its very dangerous to eat it-" she stopped talking when she realized what was happening, this man was being friendly with her so to convince her not to report him and it almost worked,

"I see what your doing now, devil!" She said angrily,

"What, Kirio-chan I'm just hungry." Cerulean said,

"Don't pull that "-Chan" crap like your flirting with me, your trying to get me to let my guard down so that I'll let you go and keep you secret, you bastard I'll cave your skull in!" She yelled. Cerulean blinked several times, he then pointed at Kirio,

"But isn't that what you were trying on me," Kirio then widened her eyes in shock," the moment you said that I could have some food was when I realized that you could get to the other captains and gang up on me while I ate, that wasn't your plan?" Cerulean asked.

"No, don't... my plan?" She asked with question.

The two looked at each other with great embaressment, their faces turned red from the shock, they both had a chance to deceive the other and screw him or her over but it looked as if though they enjoyed each so much that they didn't realize they had a chance. Legion then floated in between the two,

"*Laughin* I can't believe you two, too over the moon for each other to realize what you could have done!" Legion said happily, Kirio then gained a tick mark of frustration, she then grabbed Legion and hit Cerulean with him.

"What was that for?!" Cerulean asked with a bump on his head.

"Because you so- damn it, are you hungry or not?" She asked. Cerulean shook his head,

"No, I shouldn't have been so rude and tried to take your food." Cerulean said bowing his head,

"*Chuckle* Its fine, many people love cooking, looking back on it I'm complimented now I want to let your try, not my experimental food of course." Kirio said with sincerity,

"I'd love that, but can you-"

"Keep you secret, I still don't know you, but perhaps if I offered daily attitude evaluations then perhaps I'll see if I can keep you secret until then I won't tell a soul." Kirio said while blushing,

"So what its like a date?" Cerulean asked,

"Maybe, and I might cook you something." Kirio said smiling. Cerulean then walked over to Kirio and kissed her on cheek, he then put down the barrier, grabbed Legion,

"I'll see you later then." He then shunpoed away. Kirio then touched her cheek,

"Subject is charming and affectionate, this could be interesting, too bad Hiyori can't know."

Flashback end

Sung-Sun had sat back down on her stump as Cerulean told his story, she was filled with intrigue over this woman and her power over Cerulean, she saw the look on his face and she could tell that he truly cared for her and missed her.

"I had no idea sensei, but why did you break it off." Sung-Sun asked,

"Oh we had no choice, she had invented the gigai and was promoted to squad zero." Cerulean pointed out,

"And she just left, I'm sorry if she-

"I told her to go, we both knew it was best." Cerulean said in a stern voice, Sung-Sun then realized that she overstepped her boundaries and bowed her head,

"I-I'm sorry, I should have shut my mouth." She said in a guilty tone. Cerulean then smiled,

"Its fine, for now lets just work on your shikai, whats it do?" He asked,

"Not sure, all I know is that it might be a wind-type." She answered,

"Well open it and test it out, try a command or something." Cerulean said with excitement. Sung-Sun then opened the war fan, she then saw how beautiful the feathers looked and remeber what had happened in her innerworld, about how the leaves were part of an illusion,

"Yūwaku suru(tempt)." She said as if being commanded,

Suddenly a pink bright light emanated from the pictures of feathers on the war fan, a whirlwind of leaves surrounded Cerulean and Sung-Sun, the two thought that it was Sung-Sun's wind power at work, but something was wrong, there was no wind. Cerulean then used his Pasu and found that,

"This is an illusion, these leaves are just and illusion, its an Illusion-type too, that's cool." Cerulean said with a smile.

"Yes that's all good but how do I turn it off?" Sung-Sun asked,

"I'm not sure, try closing the fan." Cerulean pointed out, Sung-Sun then closed Fezā no hebi and the illusion dispersed,

"Incredible, I wonder though." Sung-Sun said, she then took Feza no hebi,

"Kūki o nejiru(Twist the air)!" she said as she swung the closed fan upward, this created a powerful updraft of air that surprised even Cerulean, she then twirled it around and the air started becoming thinner, she then stopped and when she did Cerulean gave her a thumbs up.

"Incredible, wait here." he said, he then shunpo away and back with a Japanese paper umbrella in his hands, it was white with a picture of a lotus flower on it, he gave it to Sung-Sun who accepts it. The two then walked toward the exit,

"Just don't open it in the house alright, you wanna tell your sisters, you not having a zanpakuto was something they rubbed in your face a lot." Cerulean asked,

"Maybe later, I am anxious to pit Mila's earth against my wind and Apacci's fire." She said, Cerulean then started laughing a lot,

"Earth, Wind and F-*Laughing*!" he couldn't even finish his sentence it was so funny.

"What is so funny?" Sung-Sun asked,

"I-Its nothing, I tell you what I have some old CDs, later I'll let you listen to them and you'll see why." The two then made their way to the exit.

Human world(Ikebukuro)

Chizuru was on her way to school, she lived nearby so she didn't have to take commute she was walking slow but not so slow that she would be late for class, she was used to navigating around Ikekbukuro because she had to spend countless nights studying maps so that, she really didn't like her new school or how much bigger Ikebukuro was compared to Karakura town and the people were much more shadier than them, but there was a bright side to all this, there were no Hollows in Ikebukuro that she had seen yet, she still saw ghosts but there were no shinigami to make them move on, she would try and leave them alone, but it was like they were attracted to her, you have to understand there were no other people like Kisuke to help her, most of the ghost had a grudge kick to them, but lately they would disappear on their own not to be seen again.

"*Sigh* Another day here, maybe I'll get used to it." She said in dismay, she then looked around and saw that some of the ghosts had disappeared again she thought that it was Hollows but she had seen none she wondered what had happened, but she merely continued walking trying her best to put that thought out of her mind.

"M-Maybe they moved on, I can't do anything about it." She thought to herself while walking,

As she walked down the street getting closer and closer to her destination she tunred around the corner and overheard several students 10 feet from her, they were all in her class and grade, 3 girls: a tall one named Chiyo she had curly blond hair, a black hair pin shaped like a heart and blue eyes, she carried a pink backpack on her back she had the official school uniform: a navy blue blouse, navy blue skirt with black socks and black shoes, next to her was Karin, she was shorter that Chiyo she had chin length brunette hair, brown eyes, she wore a small black chain necklace around her neck, she carried a backpack on her shoulder, and she wore the official school uniform, next was Kazumi, she had long pink colored hair with a blue streak down a side bang, she was the same height as Karin, she wore the standard uniform, but she didn't wear a book bag, but she did have a carrying case for all her books that was pink and decorated. As the girls walked to school they were talking to themselves until they saw Chizuru and began to feel disgusted to the fact she was walking their direction,

"Its the the shaman weirdo again, why is she following us." Karin said with hurtful intent,

"You don't think she's gonna hound us, ofcourse who could blame her guys come after us all the time, but we have P.E. together and I hear if your not careful she'll get you from behind *Laughing*." Chiyo said jokingly,

"Just shove her in the closet while the teacher is gone, everyone does it and it is small enough for her to change into, its what she gets for playing for the other team." Kazumi said,

"What the hell was with the being able to see ghosts, I could stand her being a lesbian, but who is she trying to fool and the fact the Suguru-kun likes her, I want him!" Karin screamed,

"Shhh, don't she's right behind use, she might do something!" Chiyo said in a worried tone

"*Scoff* Whats she gonna do sick some damn ghosts on us?" Karin asked,

"Yes, there have been accidents all over the city day in and day out and people have been dying, but they're all accidents." Chiyo said in a scared tone,

"She might be right 30 people died while taking subway, something caused the brakes to go bad, but it was in one of the new trains so it shouldn't have even happened in the first place!" Kazumi said,

"You two idiots think that ghosts are responsible, how stupid, lets just go to school." Karin said in a annoyed tone, the three then walked faster so that they were not late for school.

"Accidents, I-I haven't seen any ghost cause them, they're just being stupid." She said to herself.

"C-Chizuru-senpai, h-hi!"

A voice said from behind her, she turned around and saw Suguru walked toward her, he had short black hair, shorter than her, he had a ponytail in his hair, he wore the official school uniform except with blue pants and he had male shoes. Suguru was in a lower grade than her, he was a shy and constantly bullied by by the upperclassmen, they constantly trick him, but in truth he the only guy who ever had a thing for her though she was not interested in him at all, he was responsible for several love notes that were all from him, some of the guys who bully him even spur him to trying to ask her out knowing that she'll say "no" thus humiliating him, she understood how he felt so she agreed to just be his friend though she could tell he still liked her and the problem was that a lot of the school girls were head over heels for him even though he was a underclassman. Chizuru turned around walked over to him, the two stopped merely feet from each other,

"Hey Suguru-kun, how are you?" She asked greeting him. Suguru panted indicating that he was tired,

"I-I'm fine, I just rushed over here and I-I'm a little tired is all." he said,

"Well lets go before we're late." Chizuru said, the two then started walking to school,

"C-Chizuru-senpai, d-do you like it here yet, b-because before you described school and the city in words I can't repeat in public?" Suguru asked worried,

"Y-Yeah, I was mad when I said that, don't worry about it I'm alright now." Chizuru said with a fake happy voice, but Suguru was still worried, he really liked Chizuru in fact she was the first girl he ever had a thing for, most girls like Karin crowd him and try to flirt with him and it always made him uncomfortable, but when he first met Chizuru she didn't treat him like the other girls, he saw how beautiful she looked to him,despite her being a Lesbian he really liked her and unlike the others he actually believed that she could see ghosts.

"Oh, o-okay I believe you." He said,the two then walked to school.

As they did, several miles away from them a traffic light was being tampered with by two monkey like aduhjcas hollows, no one could see them or stop them, they were being supervised by Ami who watched as they sabotaged,

"Hurry, makes sure that you know how to change the lights, its rush hour this afternoon and we need to cause a crash, when the cars pile up shoot them with a Cero." Ami said with a stern voice.

Soul Society

Hanatarou and Soifon were on their way to the Rukon District, Soifon and Hanatarou were on their way to get something to eat, but Soifon saw this as an opportunity to see that fortune teller that Hanatarou spoke to her about, she noticed that he was a bit more cautious about his abilities since then and though that is a good thing, but it was like he was getting paranoid looking over his shoulder, asking Soifon if she was followed and more and she didn't like that he was like this that he was scared and she wanted to help. As the two walked down to get their food Hanatarou looked over his shoulder to see if anyone was following them, seeing this Soifon sighs,

"Will you stop it Yamada, its hard seeing you like this so much." she said annoyed. Hanatarou lowered his head,

"S-Sorry, I'm a bit scared these days." Hanatarou said, he then turned his body around in a quick spin as he walked leading to him falling on the ground, Soifon shook her head and desperately wanted to kick him so she resisted, she then extended her hand grabbing his collar and pulling him off the ground,

"T-Thanks, I'm so-" Hanatarou was interrupted by Soifon,

"Yamada." She said in a warning tone, Hanatarou realized what he was about to apologize for not doing anything really wrong and stopped. Just as the two continued walking Soifon then decided to put her plan into motion,

"Yamada, I need to do something, go and get me some dango, honey flavored." Soifon said,

"Okay." Hanatarou said, he then ran toward the sweets shop with no clue that they didn't have any honey flavored dango, she then began walking and searching for the Fortune Teller's home,

"Yamada said that it had masks pinned to the outside walls and that one was missing." she thought as she looked around for the place, after 30 minutes of looked she suddenly saw a wall covered in different masks and an empty space between them,

"A missing mask, this must be were that faker lives, time to get Yamada to snap out of it." She thought to herself, she then walked toward the door and was about to knock on it but,

"Its open, you can come in." an elderly female voice called out, Soifon stopped when she heard this, whoever was inside that house knew she was about to knock on her door, she then moved her hand to the door knob and was about to pull it but,

"You have to push it missy." the voice said, Soifon then tried to pull on the door and found that it wouldn't open, she then pushed it and it opened for her,

"What is this?!" She questioned in her mind, she walked inside.

The fortune teller's home

When Soifon went inside she saw Sakujitsu sitting at the table with a plate containing one croquet of yellow colored dango.

"Are you Sakujitsu Ashita?" Soifon asked,

"Yes, its a pleasure to meet you Shoalin." Sakujitsu said, Soifon then widened her eyes at the fact she knew her real name, a name that not even Yamada knew about, she then decided to try something,

"My name is not Shoalin, it is Soifon, Captain Soifon of the 2nd Squadron." She said with pride,

"I know, I've lived a while and the captains and lieutenants are famous, so its no wonder that I know your rank and you just look like a Shoalin because of the braids." Sakujitsu said,

"What about the door?" Soifon asked,

"This place is creeks a lot so, most people are polite and knock so when you stepped on my porch I knew what you were about to do and most people who haven't been here before don't know whether to push the door, I was just lucky that you were about to pull it." Sakujitsu said smiling,

"So basically this woman was able to just guess, I think I've seen enough." Soifon thought, she was about to leave but,

"I also know because of Hanatarou." Sakujitsu said, Soifon stopped and stayed she was now surprised that she knew about her association with Hanatarou,

"About that, what did you tell him, he has not been his usual self since he last came here and that upsets me that he has become so frightened and I'd appreciate it if you'd tell me what you told him so that I can dispel this illusion that you placed. Soifon said with angry intent, Sakujitsu smiled at this, she knew that she was the one that Hanatarou was in love with and she could tell that Soifon cared for him as well,

"You don't think I'm a real fortune teller, that I cast Illusions with words and easy to gather information right?" Sakujitsu asked,

"Yes, I know for a fact that you are a fake, now if you would tell me what you told him so that I can leave." Soifon said in a demanding tone,

"I tell you what, if I can get you to believe I'm real I keep his secret and I tell your future, but if you still aren't convinced then I'll tell you his future and the future of the man that has the mask that is missing from the wall outside, is that a deal?" Sakujitsu asked with a smile, Soifon didn't really have time for this but anything to stop Hantarou from acting so strange, but she also didn't have time to question why she cared anymore,

"Alright, use that crystal ball o yours." Soifon said,

"*Laughing* Miss Soifon if a fortune tell uses a crystal ball then that is how you know they are fake, just raise your reiatsu high enough for me to see and my heart will do the rest." Sakujitsu said,

Soifon then nodded, she rose her reiatsu enough so that her body would glow yellow with her reiatsu, Sakujitsu then looked at Soifon and grinned,

Your family is of assasins, they have been for generations all born with the power and skill needed to silence threats, but you however stumble and tripped, you were nervous and scared, it was to the point that your parents offered you to a future Captain as a student and the terms accepted on the count that you would serve as her bodyguard, she was made very clear that you were to be trained and treated as a weapon but she did not comply as she treated you as a person with kindness, she touched your heart and you worshiped her, it was for this reason that your heart was broken when she left you, no matter the reason and your heart hardened making you capable of taking her place. Following rules and procedures that you would never break out of knowing the consequences and reasons until you met a man, you saw him when he did something that caught your eye and you investigated in secret following him, when you found what he kept secret you had all that you needed to turn him in for multiple crimes, but you saw something familiar in him, an emotional feeling of losing his master and you understood so you had agreed to keep it secret and that was weeks ago, but only if you examined who he really was and through that he someone you never truly believed existed, he is clumsy, nervous, shy and seemingly unreliable, but you and a small few know better: he is brave, kind, forgiving and more, its because of this that and the time you've spent together that the true reasons of your mission have fadded to nothing, you do it because he is the only person in years that has ever truly reached your heart even though he doesn't know, you keep his secret because you are in lo-"

Soifon drew her zanpakuto and pointed it at Sakujitsu with her eyebrows furrowed and a bead of sweat going down her cheek, Soifon was frightened that Sakujitsu could know this information, it was then that she understood that she would actually read the future,

"S-She knows even about my emoti- how could she?!" Soifon thought in fear,

"Since I win the wager you should know that I already promised Hanatarou that would tell no one, now if you will allow me to continue?" Sakujitsu asked unafraid, Soifon then put her zanpakuto in her scabbard and bowed,

"I-I'm sorry I-" Sakujitsu the put her hand up interrupting Soifon,

"Its fine, but it highly clear how you feel, is it really so wrong?" She asked,

"You know that I am a Captain and that he is a shinigami as well, such a thing is foolish and I am not meant to love." Soifon said,

"All people are meant to love, even devils, even if you don't know how, but maybe you should let him know, keeping such a thing buried will not have good results." Sakujitsu said,

"It is better for both of us, no matter how much it hurts." Soifon said sadly,

"It is fine, I know whats going to happen, now about your future-" suddenly Sakujitsu then widened her eyes and smiled,

"This future is connected to Hanatarou's." She thought and continued,

"Your future will be near death, you will be in a dark place and your heart and emotions will break from torture because of the demon who serves a forgotten enemy the man who bears the inugami mask, but despite your pain and suffering you will endure there will be a light, you will see cherry blossom's petals of hope and will deny you of death." Sakujitsu said with confidence, Soifon then nodded,

"I am not sure if I can interpret that, but thank you and again forgive me for my disrespect." Soifon said apologizing,

"It is fine, would you like some dango I know its your favorite." She said gesturing her hand to the plate,

"No, I should be going." Soifon said heading toward the door and just when she was about to leave,

"He doesn't know your real name yet, perhaps you should tell him, after all he loves his birth-name." Sakujitsu said in a smug tone, Soifon the widened her eyes and left,

"He is going to die." She said to herself.

Soifon made her way over to Hanatarou who was talking to the owner of the sweets shop, she saw that his head was hung in sadness and the owner turned his back to him walking away, he turned around and saw Soifon and walked toward her,

"C-Captain Soifon, d-did you finish what you needed to do?" Hanatarou asked,

"Yes, sorry if I took long, but what were you and the store owner talking about?" Soifon asked,

"Well I was trying to get the Honey flavored dango like you asked, but the owner said that Miss Sakujitsu had bought the last one, sorry." Hanatarou said, suddenly Soifon remembered the dango that she was offered by Sakujitsu and truly believed that she was a fortune teller,

"Its no trouble, we've wasted enough time already, lets just go to your master's house."Soifon said, the two then walked side by side they felt as if their hearts were pumping 13 times a second, at the moment they were close to someone who had the ability to affect them emotionally. Hanatarou's desperately wanted to make his heart known to Soifon, but he could do nothing out of respect for her,

"I-I need to push this down." He thought while blushing,

"I need to hide this until I die." Soifon thought failing to hide her blushing face, her hand then touches Hanatarou's hand, the two feel this and blood rushes to their cheeks, they then take three steps away from each other as they walked no looking at the other's face, not knowing what the other desperately wanted what the other felt and how it mirrored their own emotions, an emotion called "love".

Cerulean's house

Hanatarou and Soifon walk into Cerulean's house, but are surprised to not be tackled by Nel, instead they are greeted by Mila who resting from training by eating a big piece of meat and drinking a large amount in the kitchen. Hanatarou and Soifon then walked over to her,

"Hello Mila-sama." Hanatarou said, Mila looked up from her food,

"Hey Hanatarou, hi 2nd Captain how are you?" Mila asked politely,

"Taking a break are you, lay." Soifon said,

"Its not like that, I got hungry so I came up here for a snack, the others are down stairs, except for Nel who's in her room." Mila said,

"She's in her room, whats she doing?" Soifon asked,

"Don't know, she's been like this for a while, she says she's making something, but she won't let Sensie help, it makes him cry *Chuckle*." Mila said smiling,

"And that's funny?" Soifon asked,

"Well, you haven't seen Sensie cry before.' Hanatarou said,

"Speaking of which, he says he has something he wants you and Menoly to learn something today." Mila said,

"Thank you Mila-sama." Hanatarou said while bowing,

"Come on you make me sound like a dictator, just call me Mila, everyone does." Mila said,

"O-Okay Mila." Hanatarou said,

Hanatarou and Soifon were about to go down into the training room, but Hanatarou wanted to check up on Nel first, they walked up the stair and walked over to Nel's bedroom door, Hanatarou then knocked on it,

*Knock* *Knock*

"Nel its me, Hanatarou." Hanatarou said, the door then opened revealing Nel who smiled and tackled Hanatarou to the ground with a hug,

"Hana!" Nel exclaimed happily, Soifon smirked to herself,

"There it is and now for me." she happily thought, Nel then jumped off Hanatarou and looked up at Soifon,

"Hello Bully Bee Onee-chan." Nel said greeting Soifon, Soifon looked down at Nel,

"Hello Nel, what are you doing?" Soifon asked,

"I'm making something for Ulqui-chan." Nel said,

"Ulqui-chan?" Hanatarou asked, Nel then smiled,

"Yep, I'm making some thing to make him happy, daddy can't help cause he has big hands and he might break it." Nel said,

"He is a sizable person." Soifon said,

"I can help if-" Hanatarou was interrupted by Nel,

"NO,it for Ulqui-chan and its a surprise, bye bye." Nel said, she then quickly went back into her room and closed the door, Hanatarou and Soifon looked at each other with question,

"I wonder what it is?" Hanatarou questioned,

"Its probably harmless, we should head down to your master." The two then went downstairs into the training room.

Training room

Hanatarou and Soifon arrived in the Training room where they saw Grimmjow and Harribel sparring together with their sealed zanpakuto, Gaintenbainne, Menoly and Apacci were watching as they fought: Grimmjow shunpoed behind her and struck down only for her to counter by quickly turning and parrying the attack, the two the clashed blades and continued to fight, Harribel then took her blade and thrust at Grimmjow's eye only for him to catch it in his mouth and stop it dead in its tracks before it could reach his skin, surprised by this Harribel swiped her zanpakuto back tacking it out of Grimmjow's mouth, but Grimmjow saw this as an opening and dashed toward Harribel and swung horizontally but Harribel quickly blocked it, the two were in a standstill as each pushed hard trying to overcome the other and win,

"Wow, these two really are one of the strongest here, over 3 hours now sign of them tiring." Gaintenbainne said amazed at how well his friend was doing,

"Doesn't matter though, Harribel-sama will still win." Apacci said confidently,

Harrible then created a cyclone of water around her and Grimmjow, it spun at high speed and it was closing in of her and Grimmjow, when it hit Grimmjow's elbow the water pressure cut it so he moved his elbow forward at bit, but the water still closed in,

"Bitch, trying to be sneaky are you, well no chance am I losing to this!" Grimmjow thought, he then rose his reishi to a high amount causing his body to glow, he then shunpoed in the air raising his blade up preparing to strike down,

"Water wave past this woman." He said as he shunpoed down , he then struck down parting the cyclone of water creating a wave of reiatsu causing the water to disperse, he laughed believing he had won, but he saw that Harribel was gone,

"I missed, where did she-"

"Grimmjow behind you!" Hanatarou screamed in panic interrupting Grimmjow's thoughts,

Grimmjow then turned around and saw that Hanatarou and Soifon had arrived, but unfortunately he left himself open and Harribel then slashed through his side and stomach gaining the winning point and causing Grimmjow to start to bleed out, then as if on instinct Hanatarou drew Hisagomaru and shunpoed attacking where Grimmjow was injured healing him causing the gauge to be fill 1/3rd a way. Harribel put her zanpakuto away and looked at Hanatarou

"He was fast, its almost frightening that his instincts to help work with his sword, I suppose that's how Sensie was able to train him so well." Harribel thought, she then looked at Grimmjow,

"And he is so much different than before, stronger than before." she thought,

"Point, Harribel 21- Grimmjow 20!" Menoly said with glee,

"See I told you, but at least he's not dead." Apacci said worried, Gaintenbainne then chuckled at Apacci's concern of Grimmjow, but his friend was not very happy, Grimmjow realized that he had lost because of Hanatarou, he could care less that he healed him,

"Hell Hanatarou-senpai, Captain Soifon!" Menoly said,

"Hey Hana, hey Captain Soifon when did you guys get here?" Apacci asked,

"We just arrived, we saw your sister upstairs." Soifon responded,

"I am glad you both arrived, because of Hanatarou-kun I was able to win." Harribel said,

"Yeah, but I don't that Grimmjow was as happy." Gaintenbaine said pointing at Grimmjow, they all then looked and saw that Grimmjow was putting Hanatarou in a headlock and they all gained a sweat mark of awkwardness,

"See what you did Rinkers, you made me lose and now I'm behind 2 fucking points!" Grimmjow said angrily as he tightened his arms around Hanatarou's neck,

"S-Sorry, I was trying to help O-Ow!" Hanatarou said in pain,

"Anyway, Sung-Sun got her zanpakuto she's practicing it with Sensie, its and Illusion and wind type, they are that way." Harribel said, pointing in a direction,

"I have to come with you, according to sensei he has something for me and Hanatarou to learn." Menoly said,

"Lets just wait for those two to get finished." Gaintenbainne said.

20 minutes later

After Grimmjow had punished Hanatarou for his mistake, Menoly, Soifon and Hanatarou made their way to Cerulean and Sung-Sun, when they made their way there something strange started to occure, they started to see a pink bright light,

"What is that?" Hanatarou asked,

"Not sure, perhaps it Sung-Sun illusion at work." Soifon said,

Then as they walked their bodies seemed to lean a bit, then they saw that their vision was starting to flip and turning like a clock hand,

"W-What the hell is this?" Menoly yelled. Then in no time it looked as if though the entire training room had turned upside down, Menoly and Hanatarou tumbled while Soifon kept her composure and stood straight, unfortunately for Hanatarou he tumbled and fell on Soifon who also in turn fell onto the ground,

"Sung-Sun close the fan they see it." Cerulean's voice called out, the pink light then disappeared, the world was no longer upside down, Menoly got up off the ground, but Hanatarou and Soifon saw that Hanatarou was on top of her and the two started to blush, Soifon then put her hand to his chest and tried to push him off of her but her will would not allow her to do so, Hanatarou put his hand to the ground to try and get up, but he was unable to move either,

"W-What, why damnit, why is this happening, p-push him off you woman!" Soifon thought to herself as her body got hotter and hotter,

"J-Just push on the ground and y-you'll get off her, why can't I do it!" Hanatou thought to himself, but the two didn't move, their bodies were not responding to their minds, but to their true emotions and wanted to stay until,

"Captain Soifon, Hanatarou-senpai are you both okay!" Menoly asked looking at them, Hanatarou and Soifon's bodies then shot off of the ground,Menoly blushed at what she had seen,

"Were fine!" They both said simultaneously,

"W-Were they-" Menoly's thoughts were interrupted,

"Good, now I can teach how to do that trick I want you and Menoly to know." Cerulean said, they all turned and saw Cerulean and Sung-Sun behind them,

"Oh, hello Sensei." Hanatarou said, Cerulean then hung his head in shame at Hanatarou's response,

"I liked it better when I startled him, he took the fun out of it." he thought to himself,

"Hello Sung-Sun-sama." Hanatarou said greeting Sung-Sun,

"Hello Yamada, 2nd Captain." Sung-Sun said greeting them, Hanatarou was glad, but he noticed something about Sung-Sun's nose, she was a booger that could be seen, but he kept quiet about it,

"Congratulations on attaining your shikai, but where is Ulquiorra at, he is absent." Soifon said,

"He's in the wood training by himself, he's not a very social guy, I know the feeling, let him be." Cerulean said,

"I hope he's fine." Hanatarou said worried,

"Relax, Legion is disguised as a plant so I can check on him, no wait he found him, he's tossing Legion in the river and now Legion is cussing in multiple languages." Cerulean said,

"Just show Yamada what you want him to learn." Soifon said impatiently,

"Fine, everyone follow me in the woods, I have some dead trees to see." Cerulean said, just as they were about to walk,

"A-Actually I need to talk to Sung-Sun for a minute." Hanatarou said, everyone was in question to what this was but also if Soifon would allow the two to talk alone until,

"Fine, lets go." Soifon said bluntly, Cerulean was surprised,

"She trusts him that much now?" He thought,

"Fine then." Cerulean then grabs Menoly and Soifon and shunpo to the destination leaving Sung-Sun and Hanatarou alone,

"What is it that you want Yamada?" She asked, Hanatarou then pulled a tissue out of his medic pack and said,

"Y-You have a-a-a booger in your nose that I can see, s-sorry." Hanatarou said handing her the tissue, Sung-Sun then blushed embarrassed and took out a compact mirror from her Kimono and saw that he was right,

"D-Damn it I thought I got it!" she said flustered, she then took the tissue and blew her nose clean, she then turned to Hanatarou and said,

"I-I'm sorry, I know I look disgusting." She said sadly,

"No its fine." Hanatarou said,

"B-But it was embarrassing a-and disgusting." She exclaimed,

"I know, but its fine I embarrass myself every day." Hanatarou said, Sung-Sun then felt a bit better that Hanatarou didn't point out her mistake while the others were around,

"Thank you, Hanatarou, y-you should go meet the others." Sung-Sun said, Hanatarou then shupoed to the others leaving Sung-Sun to train.

Forest(training room)

Hanatarou had arrived next to Menoly and Soifon where they where to train for the day, before them were three large dead sakura trees, Cerulean was leaning on one of them with a smile and his Kasa on his head,

"This is your Kaido training, as you know Kaido restores reiatsu, touching the soul, but it also can give life to people as well." Cerulean said,

"B-But Sensie, we know this alread-" Hanatarou was interrupted,

"No talking just listen, what the kido corps or even Unohana haven't figure out yet is that Healing Kaido can work on not only humanoid organisms or animals but plants as well." Cerulean said with a smile, the three then widened their eyes in surprise,

"Did you know this?" Soifon asked Hanatarou,

"N-No Its news to me too, I just thought that it could only work for shinigami,arrancar, humans and animals." Hanatarou said surprised,

"B-But how is that related to this?" Menoly asked,

"Well a long time ago I learned to do something with Healing Kaido and I want you two to learn, but your not strong enough to do it yet so I set these up, I want you to use healing Kaido on these until they bloom as fresh and living trees again, like this-" Cerulean then put healing Kaido on his hands, he then touched the tree it was brought to life, it bloomed Cherry blossoms, the bark was brown again and its outline glowed green, Hanatarou, Soifon and Menoly was amazed by what they saw,

"W-WOW." Hanatarou said, Cerulean then put his hand into his pants and pulled out a bag of rose seeds and handed it to Hanatarou,

"You two will start with these trees, Hanatarou since you have to leave and don't live here then you'll use these now will you both agree to this?" Cerulean asked,

"Of course!" The two said, Soifon grinned at their excitement,

"Perfect, lets get started!"


As Chizuru was walking home from the manga cafe she hear sirens from ambulances and police cars not too far from her location, she followed them and saw that there was an accident, a car pile up, she saw how scorchted the cars were and gasped, the paramedics were carrying tons of body bags away. She got closer and overhear two people talking,

"Another accident, when the pile up started I heard some of the cars exploded for some reason." The man said,

"Ikebukuro is just filled with freak accidents lately." His friend said, Chizuru then wondered why she didn't see any ghosts around, she started to walk back home wishing that she was back in Karakura town when she looked at the roof of an appartment and saw a woman with two creatures beside her,

"I-Is that a shinigami?!" Chizuru thought,but when she blinked the figure disappeared from her sight,

"I-I guess I'm just seeing thing." She then walked home.

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