Star: Hello ChasexMolly fans! Hopefully... Well my name is starpokemon123 call me Star and I will be your writer throughout the time. I hope you enjoy this and I will try to be as humorous as I can possibly be.

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Star: Anyways this story is in Animal Parade setting and everyone is 7-9 years old. Mostly 8 about to be nine. We just put 7 for poor lil' Luna's sake.

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Star: In the beginning of the story they will be like 5 and a half years old so yeah. Also this story is K+ because I'm paranoid and because Luke and Luna are in the story.

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Molly's five-year old P.O.V (Point of View for people who don't want to google like I did the first time...)

'I love you Lollipop...' Molly was dreaming she was with somebody looking at the ocean... 'What is love?' 'I'm not sure but mommy and daddy use to say it to each other when they were happy... and I'm happy when I'm with you...'

'Beep beep beep beep' Molly's heart-shaped alarm sounded. She hit is with her small hand.

"Uggg," she whispered as she sat up,"I don't like Monday mornings in a new town..." Molly got up and got into the school uniform for her new kindergarten.

"Molly," Molly's step mother,Amanda now Evergreen, went inside Molly's room,"time to get up."

"Yeah yeah woman,"Molly told her,"I'm up."

"Your uniform is backwards sweet heart, let me help," she bend down slowly to help Molly, but Molly pushed her away softly. She was several weeks pregnant and almost due.

"You've helped enough woman," she whispered and walked to the bathroom to change again. Molly's dad walked in as Molly past him leaving the two adult alone in her room.

"What's up with my Molls?" he said and put his hands on her stomach.

"She doesn't like me as her mom or even friend," she told her husband,"she calls me 'Woman' for Harvest Goddess' sake Kenny!"

"She just isn't use to you that much," he told his wife,"she's a bit too much like her mom that's all."

"Don't mention your ex-wife anymore," she said in a disgusted tone,"I hate that lady."

"Yes love," he told her.

"Do you like breakfast Molly?" Amanda asked her,"I made it myself with products of this island."

"Yeah yeah woman whatever," Molly grunted sourly and ate her pancakes.

"Excuse me," Amanda stood up and went to the restroom.

"Molly," her dad told her,"want Amanda to take you to school?"

"Nope," Molly said and smiled,"I want you to take me."

"But I want to start the farm early," he explained. His daughter is too smart sometimes for her age, and it all started when her parents separated. Molly use to be a very cheerful, heck, even naughty little girl. Now she acts like a grown rich lady.

"I don't like that woman one bit," she said and drank some of her milk.

"Don't call her woman," Kenny tried to convince his daughter,"call her mom or Amanda."

"I will only have one mommy and you took her away from me," she told him and looked him in the eye," and the name of Amanda means one who is loved very much," she looked down at her empty plate,"what she is not."

"Molly," Kenny told her sternly,"behave won't ya?"

"What do you mean?" she asked.

"What I mean is that you have been a snotty little girl ever since me and Amanda got together and you act smarter than what you are," he told her.

"Since I found out," Molly was raging,"you are really bad daddy!" Kenny stayed quiet and gave out a sigh. He moved to Harmonica Town to become a rancher like he has done his whole life. He divorced his wife and he won full custody of Molly. Molly wasn't happy at all with any of her parents' drama because there were a few things she didn't understand from many things she did. Little by little Molly understood it was all her father's fault, and her small heart became dark taking over her happiness. Molly might be only five years old, but she understood more than what adults think she could.

"Hi Molly," her new teacher waved to her outside the school building,"I'm Mrs. Hamilton and I'm really happy to have a new student as pretty as you are here."

"Hehe," Molly tugged on her pigtail,"thank you."

"I like her speech," told Kenny,"I can tell she's bright."

"Trust me she is," he told her,"I'll leave you with her... bye Molly."Molly waved to her dad giving a board expression. They entered the class where there were about 13 students all seated.

"Class," the teacher spoke.

"Yes Mrs. Hamilton," they spoke in almost unison.

"-ilton," a blue-haired boy spoke last. Everyone broke in giggles, even Molly. Mrs. Hamilton ignored it.

"This is our new student Molly," she introduced. There were hello's, hi's, smiles, waves, and at the front of the boy was still laughing like a maniac from his 'joke'.

"Luke please calm down," she gave out a sigh,"Molly you can sit in the third row next to Chase, Chase raise you hand." A strawberry blonde boy raised his hand and gave a bored look. He seemed to be the only one that never laughed. Molly went to her desk and sat down.

"Okay class today we will be learning about the Earth's heartbeat," she said and drew a circle on the chalkboard,"we will also go outside and listen to it ourselves." There where little gasps and giggles here and there.

"Okay now everybody go out to play and we will listen to the heartbeat after," Mrs. Hamilton dismissed them to recess.

"Hey Molly," a blonde girl with emerald eyes asked,"want to go play with us?"

"No," Molly smiled,"thank you but I want to go write a letter to my mommy."

"Oh okay then sheesh I was just asking," the girl got all snotty and mean. Molly just rolled her eyes and walked to the only table where Chase was sitting alone.

"Can I sit here?" Molly asked sweetly.

"Hn. Whatever," He grunted not bothering to stop writing.

"What cha doing?" Molly asked him.

"Writing a letter to my daddy," he said.

"I'm writing one to my mommy who is far, far away," Molly explained but Chase still didn't bother to look." where is your dad?"

"My dad is in some place called Heaven," Chase told Molly quietly not looking off the paper one bit,"one night, like, thirty billion years ago he told me to take care and when he came back, he would be back with a King Fish... he did catch it! Mommy told me. But the King Fish needed him in Heaven so he can protect us evem better, so he went, and Mommy says I can write to him so I do."

"That's nice," Molly told him and sat across from him smiling," my mommy is far,far away and my daddy got me new mommy and they are going to have two babies."

"Lucky," Chase said not looking up from the paper one bit,"I'm the only baby my mommy has."

"But I want to be the only one," Molly whined.

"Just write to your mommy like I'm writing to daddy," Chase said and started scribbling some words still not looking up. Molly just looked at the strawberry blonde curiously and then started writing herself.

Deer Mommy,

I L0vE yu! I MiSs Yu s000000000000 much. I want 2 cee yu but daddy said I cant becuz I hav a new Mother. I will NEver call her the samE thing as I call yu! Yu will alwayz bee my 0nly M0MMy . ComE f0r ME plEEEsE!

L0vE Molly yur prinses

ps I L0vE yu!

ps again I stil L0vE yu!

Molly reread the letter over and over again until she was content.

"Done," Molly said to Chase who was still writing.

"Good job," Chase said showing no emotion.

"Chase," Molly said to him.

"Yea?" he responded his eyes still glued to the paper.

"Let's be best friends."

Star: Shorter than I thought but oh wells!

Lilly: I think Molly is to smart for a 5-year-old.

Star: My nephew is three and he knows half of that stuff.

Lilly: Half.

~Star out!