Lovely Turn

by: WhiteGloves

Basically making it fast for these two!

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"You love him, don't you?"

Katniss looked up at Peeta from where she was standing. They have just both been welcomed warmly by their whole district moments ago. Now, they were both at the tent to take a little while and get a few things clear up when Peeta pointed this question at Katniss.

"What?" she quietly asked, completely startled by the unexpected question. She saw Peeta press his lips together like he usually does when he hesitates and she saw how his eyes wouldn't meet hers like he usually does when he was feeling down.

"Gale, I mean…"

It was Katniss' turn to hesitate.


"Look, I know you want to forget about everything that just happened," Peeta pressed a patient smile as he gently grabbed her right hand and held it to his, "and I did tell you that I don't want to… mainly because of us, for what we have—or had, for that matter…"


"but I don't have the liberty to tell you anything about your decision, we both survived and I'm happy I get to live another lifetime where you know about my feelings for you."

Katniss blinked and frowned at the same time. She felt nervous without knowing why—it was the same nervous feeling she had when she thought Peeta died.

"But, I suppose not all the odds are in my favor."

Peeta squeezed her hand gently, and then slowly let her go. Katniss shot Peeta a look.

"What're you saying?"

"You love him, right?" Peeta asked looking calm and composed but Katniss could see the side of his lips trembling, "It's okay… I'm not gonna held you down…. We're not in the game anymore."

"Peeta, stop." Katniss said through gritted teeth as she sharply gave the boy a look, "What's gotten into you?"

She took his hand and tightly held it into hers.

"I'm not gonna leave you, okay?"

"But Katniss—"

"T-there's nothing between Gale and me so you better shut up, dammit."

Peeta stared at Katniss who shook her head and then lunged forward and embraced him tightly.

"So don't say that… never say it…" she whispered, closing her eyes tightly and sighing heavily on his shoulders. She never really appreciated his presence once… but it was funny how it seemed important that he was with her all of a sudden. What do they call it? What did Haymitch say about that?

Oh, screw him. Katniss shook her head.

"I love you…"

"Katniss—" Peeta sounded alarmed—

"And that's not only because we're both playing in the game… it's because it's just." Katniss pushed him away a little, and then punched him lightly by the heart and then gave him an angry look.

"I was ready to die with you," she said sounding severe, "If you don't call that love, then what was it?"

Peeta gave her a long look, and then after awhile, he sighed in relief and then smiled too.

"Am I that important to you now?"

Katniss raised her eyebrows and attempted to punch him again.

"Shut up."

Peeta smiled. "I love you too."



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