The small mutant lasagna paused as it escaped the house, having run into the safety of the forest. It had gained sentience after it had been made and cooked by none other than England, and was now out to live the rest of its live in the wilderness. The mutated once-food wandered aimlessly through the trees for days, before it happened upon a fox's den. Curious, it went inside, where a female fox was eating a rabbit she had caught. She looked up at the lasagna's approach, and her hackles raised slightly in wariness. The lasagna shook itself in greetings as it wasn't able to communicate, and the vixen seemed to accept this as she turned and went back to her food. The two creatures soon became friends, and they travelled through the forest together many times. One day, the lasagna approached the fox with a pretty and shiny stone, a single question consuming its mind. The vixen tilted her head at the lasagna as it came closer, and it made a flooping sort of movement before it made a strange gurgling sort of noise. To anyone else this would have been undecipherable, but to the fox the question was clear. The lasagna was asking for her to be its mate. Joyfully she accepted, taking the stone and nuzzling her new mate happily. Together, they lived happily ever after, and somehow, they had adorable little lasgagnox babies that yipped and flooped and cutely jumped around.


((Okay, now, before you ask... This story spawned from a roleplay that I was in where England made lasagna and it mutated and crawled out of the window into the surrounding forest. England suggested in OOC that maybe it would meet a fox and have lasagnox babies, but we discarded that subplot. XD Later, though, I had nothing to do in the RP so someone suggested (also in OOC) that I should take on RPing the lasagna. I responded that it would feel weird RPing by myself but maybe I would write a story about it instead. That suggestion was met with enthusiastic responses, so this is that story...))