Hello guys! Welcome to yet another, drunk, half-naked, funny adventure with Zevie and the gang! I've never seen Magic Mike, though I would love to so very much, I could picture this happening, and even though the title is Magic Zander and it has something to do with strippers, doesn't mean it's going to be an exact match to Magic Mike, because I've never seen the movie. ENJOY!

P.S. I decided that I am going to take a break on Whiskey Lullaby and An Enemy's Love, for the sake that I have writers block for both of those stories, but once I find a break though, I will be updating as soon as my writer's block for the stories have ended.

I am also bringing back Club Hub from 'My Best Friend's Girlfriend!"

One day you are waking up with your supporting family and going to high-school when the next thing you know, you are broke, and living on your on. Graduated from high-school and bored with what to do with your own life. Stevie thought she'd be doing bigger and better things with her life since high-school.

Until her parents decided that since her brothers had to earn money for college, then so did she. They kicked her out, all alone in the world of complete darkness and other scary human beings. Her parents were 'doing it for her own good', but to be honest, Stevie knew that they were just going to retire from their jobs and not have to lose so much 401k on her college fund.

She wakes up in her smelly and rusty old apartment, it was the only thing she could afford with minimum wage right now, but she was going job hunting today, for another job to keep her stable for now.

She pulls out her cell phone, which the bill, she isn't going to lie, was probably high with all the messages she keeps getting from Kacey.

Kacey and Stevie are best friends living in two totally different worlds. Kacey was able to go to UCLA to study Fashion Design and has parents to rely on to at least get her through the next four years of school.

But one day, Stevie gets a call.

"Hello?" She answers.

"Hey Steves, it's Kacey," She responds. Stevie smiles as she is placing items into her purse, getting ready to leave. Kacey sounded disappointed.

"What's wrong?" Stevie asked.

"Can we meet somewhere? I really need to see you in person, but it may take me while," Kacey responded. Stevie was confused, what could possibly be wrong?

"If your asking me to wait on you that you can cry about a broken nail again? Good luck with that," Stevie said, feeling a little bit bad about saying that.

"No, no, it's nothing like that. I'm just having a rough day. I'll meet you at Danny Mangos in fifteen minutes ok?" Kacey suggested.

Stevie nodded her head, knowing that she could see her, so she said this, "I'll see you there."

With that, they hung up and Stevie walked out the door, but as she slammed it shut, the door knob fell off, again. She just laid it there and was going to wait until she came back. That's what she usually done anyway, who's going to steal a doorknob?

Stevie arrived at Danny Mangos before Kacey did, but it wasn't too much longer that Kacey arrived with her suitcases? Stevie looked at her three bags and then to her best friend.

"You do know that this is a smoothie place, not an airport?" Stevie asked.

"Haha, funny. I never got over your sarcasm," Kacey said, setting her bags beside her and sitting down across from Stevie.

"What's up? Why do you have all of your stuff?" Stevie asked another question, although she kind of had a hint as to why, but she wanted to be sure.

"My dorm room was infested with all of these types of rodents!" Kacey cried, "They kicked me and my room-mate out and my parents told me that I couldn't come back to them because I knew how to handle myself," She cried some more, "Stevie! I can't even make myself a bowl of cereal without making a mess! How am I going to support myself?"

Stevie calmed Kacey down, "Calm down. Everything is going to be ok. You can come live with me," Stevie said.

Kacey looked up at her, "Are you sure?"

"Are you sure you want to live in an old smelly place? You can girl it up," Stevie said.

"Yes! I will! I have lots of candles and girly things! Thank you Stevie!" Kacey hugged her best friend and followed her out to their cars.

"Ok, well, here's the spare key to my apartment, you go there, and girl it up, I have to go look for another job," Stevie said, handing Kacey the old key.

"Did you lose your other job?" Kacey asked.

"No, I just need more money to support myself. I think you may want to find yourself a job too," Stevie said. Kacey poked her bottom lip out in a pout.

"You can do this Kacey," Stevie said.

"Thank you Stevie! You will not regret this!" Kacey cheered. She gave Stevie another hug before departing off to her car and driving away to Stevie's apartment.

Stevie, on the other hand, drove until she found a help wanted sign on the most unexpected place in the world. It was a bartending job at Club Hub, which is a strip joint for women. Stevie sighed, she needed the money and who knew how bad it was going to be working around half-naked men all night? It sounded good to her.

She walked in and was greeted by man in a silver mankini and a black bow tie around his naked torso.

"Hello, welcome to Club Hub, let me take you to your table," He said.

Stevie stopped him, "I'm actually here to see the manager," She explained. A woman walked out of her office holding a huge wad of money in one hand and a glass of wine in the other.

"I take it you are here for the bartending job?" The woman asked.

Stevie nodded, "Yea, I am."

"Can you make a Long Island Iced Tea?" The manager asked.

Stevie nodded, "Yea. I knew how to make one of those since I was 15. Don't bother asking me how or why," She responded. The woman laughed.

"Sarcasm, I like it. You start tonight at 8 is that ok?" She asked.

Stevie nodded again and smiled, shaking her new boss's hand, "What's your name?" Her boss asked.


"Ok, well I'm Jacky and you will meet everybody else tonight," Jacky responded, "Before you go? Take off your shirt?"

"Excuse me?" Stevie asked. She shrugged and started to pull the hem of her top up.

Jacky stopped her, "I was just kidding."

"Oh, yea, right," Stevie responded, fixing her shirt.

She turned away smiling, but then stopped, turning back around to Stevie, "Wear something sexy tonight chick. Not everybody who comes in here is as pretty as you."

Stevie had a weird look on her face, "Thank you?"

"Not kidding."

"Zander," Kevin fussed, "You need to get a job or something, or I'm going to have to kick you out," He said. Zander tried to beg Kevin to not kick him out of his apartment.

"Please, don't do that," He begged.

"Well, if you don't get the money for the rent then I'm going to have to, we signed a rent agreement and Nelson and I have paid our share. And yours, you really need to find a job," Kevin explained.

"Ok, I'll go look for one right now," Zander said going over to the coat rack and grabbing his jacket.

"Ok, well I'm going to meet Kacey. I'll see you later, and when I do, you better not be jobless," Kevin demanded.

"And Kacey is who again?" Zander asked.

"Kacey is my lady friend who I met at the clubs the other nigh, she gave me her digits and we're going on a date tonight," Kevin explained.

"Oh yea!" Zander responded. They both walked out the front door and talked about the situation a little bit more before they went their separate ways. Kevin went to go meet Kacey. Zander drove around LA until he reached a Help Wanted sign in the window of. . .

"Club Hub?"

Zander pulled into the parking lot of the club and walked inside, seeing exactly what club it is.

"Exotic male dancers? Who knew there was such a thing?" He asked. He looked around when a woman (Jacky) walked out of her office, talking to a half-naked man.

"Sorry that we have to let you go, it's just, you haven't made me anything but ten cents, that's not good. I hope you find your way Chad," The woman said. He sighed and walked outside, which also confused Zander. He watched the man leave with his head down, a few women waving at him as he walked to his car.

"Hello," Jacky greeted him, "May I help you?"

"I was wondering if you had any jobs available?" Zander asked.

Jacky smiled and walked over to him, "What kind of job are you hoping for?" She asked.

"Uh, anything, I guess," Zander responded.

Jacky smile had formed into a smirk, "Take off your shirt," She demanded.

Zander raised his eyebrows but did so, and Jacky looked interested in what she was looking at, "You're hired. Meet me here tonight at 8. Is that ok?"

"That's perfect," Zander said, putting his shirt back on before Jacky stopped him.

"No, no! You can leave your shirt off," She said. Zander laughed and shook the woman's hand.

"I'm Jacky, and don't worry, I do this with all of my employees," She said.

Zander chuckled, "I'm Zander."

"See you tonight."

I know it's getting off to a weird and creepy start but you guys will love this! I promise! Next Chapter Stevie and Zander go to their first night of work!