Hey guys! I love the responses that I have gotten from the last chapter. I can tell that this is confusing you guys (my evil plan is working. :)), so I'll make an explanation log if you guys don't get it by the end. :) I think you guys were really shocked at the end of the last chapter so now that you know what's happening I think you guys know that shit is really about to go down, and let me tell you, it wont be fun shit. :)


Zander couldn't sleep. The endless list of emotions stirring inside of him were just making him too jumpy and shaky to even try to get some sleep. But he remained calm for Stevie's sake. He knew that she was probably just as shook up as everybody else but he wanted her to feel safe with him.

"Are you awake?" He heard Stevie whisper. He looked down at her, her big brown eyes staring up at him, and nodded. She shifted around, wincing, and snuggled closer to him.

"You ok?" He asked.

"Yea, just a little shook up," She responded. Of course she would be. The poor girl was almost beaten to death and even shot and killed someone, all in one night. It's pretty crazy a small side of Zander was a little turned on by Stevie being a badass. But obviously, this wasn't the time to think about that kind of stuff. He'll worry about it when all this wears off.

"I'll keep you safe, don't worry," Zander said scooting closer to her body. She smiles and squeezes him tightly in her hands.

Zander knows that she was about to cry, he brought his hand from his side to her that was clutching a death grip on his shirt and rubs his fingers against her clenched knuckles. Her hands kind of loosen up a little bit and are, after a few more seconds, are flat against his chest but he still hasn't left go of her hand.

"I'm sorry," Stevie sniffled, "I just, can't help it."

Zander nodded, "You don't need to be sorry. You didn't do anything wrong and I understand that you've been scarred. I just hate it that you have to deal with this when it was all my mess in the first place."

"Zander, don't blame yourself for this. This is all Luke, he got into it with us. But I'm kind of confused about something," Stevie said.

"What is it?" Zander asked.

"If Luke killed Jenny, then why did Jacky keep him on the staff at Club Hub? I mean I know that she was afraid for her own life but she could've called the police and he would've went to jail. But why does she keep him on the staff?" She asked.

"She told us that because she didn't want you to worry about me and I haven't gotten my memory back yet. It was a plan to for vengeance. They done that for Jenny," Zander explained.

"Oh, ok, well something still doesn't sound right with this whole scenario," Stevie responded, sitting up and leaning her head back on the wall behind Zander's bed. Zander soon mimicked this action. He looked into her eyes and smiled.

"You're beautiful," He told her.

"Even under all of this mess?" She asked referencing the bruises and scratches all over her face.

"Yes. You beauty is undying my love. You will always be beautiful to me no matter how you look. You could be sick as a dog or jaw-dropping hot and I would still think you are beautiful," He said.

Stevie smiled and kiss his lips, "I'm glad you say that because you will have to deal with a lot more than this. Don't worry though because I won't love you no less."

"And I won't love you no less."

"Hey babe," Jenny greeted her boyfriend who walked into the club with Jacky and Miles. They all walked into Jacky's office and locked the door behind them. Jenny was wrapped in her boyfriend's arms and they were about ready to discuss business.

"So are you two going to talk to Zander and Stevie this afternoon?" He asked the couple.

"Yes we are, but we know that they will ask questions about you so we need something to come up with something else," Jacky responded.

"Yes, like Luke was an obsessed guy who wanted me for himself?" She looked up at him for his approval and he smiles.

"You just love this whole thing of me being obsessed with you huh?" Luke asked. Jenny smiled and nodded planting a kiss on his lips.

"Ok you two, get a room," Jacky said.

"Maybe later, but we're too focused on our plan right now. We've talked about all the things leading up to the murder of Stevie and Zander but we don't know how we are exactly going to murder them," Jenny commented.

"Murder is such a strong word," Miles interrupted her.

"Wow, do you want to ge rid of them or not? Do you love your girlfriend?" Jenny asked Miles. Miles nodded his head and looked at Jacky who was also interested in his answer.

"Ok well then don't do anything to screw this up!" Jenny fussed. Miles looked down at the ground and nodded. Jacky not saying anything, just agreeing with her.

"Once we make a plan to murder them? We do this, tonight. Got it?" Jenny asked.

The others just nodded.

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