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Silence filled the air in the dark room. A small ringing sound cascaded through the wind and through the headphones on top of the brunette's head. She raises both of her arms, closing her bad eye and pointing it to her target. She holds the small gun in her quivering hands and pulls back on the trigger, sending a bullet through the target's head.

Tears, silent, fall from the ducts that just ended up flooding, and she pulled the trigger again.

"UGH!" She screamed, and shot again. She walked up towards the target and started beating up on it. Screaming at it, kicking it, slapping it, punching it. Anything she could do to make herself let loose the last part of her mind that remained sane.

"Stevie!" She heard her boyfriend, Zander, yell. He ran over to her and wrapped his arms around her balled up form on the dirty floor. He pulled away to look into her eyes and wipe away the sad tears from her red and puffy cheeks. He's gentle when he does this because her face still hurts from when that bastard Luke beat her half to death. Luckily, he got what he deserved.

Stevie and Zander decided to leave the gun range and go back to their apartment. Stevie and Kacey moved in with Kevin, Nelson, and Zander shortly after Stevie was attacked. She felt a lot safer being there.

Once they got back to the apartment they heard Kacey on the phone with someone. They obviously wanted to talk to the two of them.

"Oh here they are. Here's Zander," Kacey said, handing Zander the phone. He grabbed it and put it up to his ear.

"Hello?" He answered.

"Hey Zander, it's Jacky. Look, we really can't be ditching out on the club. The workers are getting angry and are threatening to quit if we all don't come back and help out. I need you guys there tonight and I'll pay you and Stevie, both, extra on your paycheck," Jacky begged to the man.

"I don't know. Stevie's not been feeling good you know after everything that's happened…" Zander started before Stevie interrupted him.

"If she needs us there tonight then we will go. It could help get our minds off of everything that's been happening," She explained.

Zander nodded, "Ok, we'll be there," He said.


After this, the two hung up. Jacky turned around from her office phone and looked at the trio standing in front of her.

"They'll be here."

"Stevie," Zander argued. "You know you don't have to go. I'll just tell Jacky you're staying home and I'll go in." He knew she wouldn't agree. She'd put up the tough girl act, and say she could take it.

One thing Zander loved about her, but found frustrating as hell at the same time.

"No, you can't do that. I already said I would do it. Let's go," Stevie said.

Zander drove the pair to the club, and they took a few moments to just sit in the semi-empty parking lot. It was actually pretty dead than they were used to.

"You sure you're okay?" Zander asked.

Stevie nodded her head and made to open the door, but Zander rested his hand on hers. "Just stay here for a minute, Steves. Don't be all tough. I know you don't want to go in there," he said softly. Stevie's jaw was set tight though, and Zander knew she wasn't going to talk about it.

He rubbed the pad of his thumb against the back of her hand gently and then got out of the car. Stevie followed behind a short moment after. They walked into the club ready to start working. Miles came out of nowhere suddenly, smiling like an old friend would.

"Hey, guys! Glad you're finally here," he said.

Zander raised his eyebrows slightly as he asked, "You said you needed our help tonight. . ." he gestured around with his hands suddenly and continued, "but there's practically no one here?"

"Eh, still a little early," Miles said, shrugging. "So, go get ready, guys!"

Zander and Stevie exchanged a look and both shrugged.

Once they were ready, the bar started to fill up a bit. Not as busy as usual—that was a good sign… for Stevie and Zander anyways. "Stevie," Jacky called after a few hours.

Stevie turned towards where Jacky was calling her from. "Yes?" she called back.

"Would it be too much trouble to ask you to come here for a moment?"

"Uh…" Stevie looked toward the stage where the guys were putting on their show. All the women were busy watching, so she wouldn't have to worry about leaving her post. She shrugged and looked back at Jacky. "I guess not."

She walked into Jacky's office and looked around. Jacky was just here? she thought, confused. A small click! from behind her caught her attention. Stevie turned around and came nose-to-tip with a handgun.

Her eyes grew wide. "J-Jacky?"

"Shut up," Jacky spat, keeping her trigger finger on the trigger. "Scream—call for help—do anything at all and I'll pull it." Stevie kept her mouth shut.

Jacky nodded her head towards the back door. "Start walking. Don't think about running, either."

Once outside, Jacky forced the gun harshly in between Stevie's shoulder blades. She kept her trigger finger off of the trigger, but regardless of that fact, a gun pointed in your direction was nothing to take lightly. "If you run, I'll shoot," she threatened.

Stevie scoffed, "You'll shoot even if I don't run, right?"

"My you're pretty and smart!" Jacky said in a sarcastically bitchy tone. "Just keep walking," she sneered.

Stevie tried to keep the shakiness out of her breathing, but again, a gun pointed at your body was nothing to take lightly. Every few minutes or so, Jacky would push the trigger back slightly, just making a small click that was enough to worry Stevie.

"What are you going to do with—"

"—with Zander? Don't worry about your boyfriend," Jacky said. "We've got Miles and Luke taking care of him," she said smugly. "Keep walking!"

"Hey, Z," Miles said, walking into the changing rooms. Zander had already changed into his next outfit—this one wasn't exactly his favorite, so he was a little reluctant to put it on.

"Hey, Miles. Need something?" Zander asked, trying to find some way to make this outfit more comfortable. Miles gave an amused smile.

But that smile faltered and he looked at Zander seriously—despite the ridiculous outfit—and said, "Look… you need to go find Stevie… you guys should really get out of here. Jacky has something planned…"

"Like…?" Zander asked, raising an eyebrow.

Miles sighed, "Luke's in on it… and I was too at first, but I can't go with it. I've grown fond of you and Stevie." At the mention of Luke, Zander's body tensed.

"Hell no," Zander said defensively. "Where is Stevie? If Luke's helping Jacky—of all people!—where is she?" Miles gave him a sympathetic look.

"I wish I knew… all I know is Jacky called her into her office not long ago. About ten minutes?"

Zander felt a pang of fear and he was already stripping out of the outfit and into his regular clothes-screw it if Miles is here, he thought. When he was dressed, he stormed out of the changing rooms and looked around the bar.

Stevie wasn't back.

Zander made to turn around, but someone had tugged on his hair roughly and pulled him into Jacky's office-Luke. Zander groaned as his head was forced back so he was staring at the ceiling with his mouth wide open in shock.

"Looking for your girl, huh?" said the taunting, all-too-familiar voice that was Luke. "Sorry to say this, pal, but Jacky's already taken her somewhere else. Telling you would just screw everything up," he said with a dark chuckle. He pushed Zander away and watched as he landed in the chair across from Jacky's desk.

Zander glared death at the man before him. "She'll kill her this time, you realize. And I won't hesitate for one second to do the same to you," he sneered. He launched a punch at Zander's gut and laughed darkly as Zander hunched forward, grunting.

He held his gut exhaling slowly.

"In fact," Luke taunted, "I bet you she's already lying in her own blood."

"Shut up," Zander muttered, still trying to breathe through the agony in his lower abdomen. "Stevie's tougher than."

Luke scoffed, and then tossed his head back laughing. "You don't get it," he said, wiping the tears from his eyes. "This is too much fun. Jacky's not stupid, you know. She knows what your girl's capable of. She brought a gun with her… more than one actually. Stevie ain't walking away from this alive."

"I swear to God, I'll—"

"—You'll what?" Luke said in a dangerously quiet tone. There was a hint of a dark smirk in his eyes. "Kill me? Kill Jacky? Good luck, pal. We've got—"

The door burst open in that second, and Miles stood in the doorway. Luke turned to face him as he said, "I've evacuated the bar."

Luke smiled.

"Good, Miles. Go see where Jacky's got the girl."

Miles nodded. He left the room and Luke turned back to Zander. "Where was I—oh, right. We've got enough weapons to maul you and your girl beyond recognition."

"Why do you want to hurt us anyway?"

"Oh, it's fun," Luke said. Sadistic prick. "But this isn't for Jacky or me… it's for Jenny," he smirked.

"Jenny?" Zander asked, furrowing his eyebrows, confused. "She's dead…"

"Uh, uh, uh…" Luke said, smiling evilly. "She's not. Come in here, babe!"

Zander looked towards the door, and there was Jenny. Like he'd remembered her. All his feelings came back in that instant, and all of a sudden he felt winded. Like all the air had been strangled out of him.

"J-Jenny!?" He cried, dropping his jaw slightly.

"Hello, Zander… did you miss me?" she asked, smirking.

"Can't you see it in his eyes?" Luke teased, pulling Jenny towards him. He planted a kiss on her lips, and it was sloppy and quite embarrassing to watch, but that was the point. Zander watched helplessly.

Jenny had been alive all this time.

She pulled away from Luke's kiss and faced Zander. "I won't lie. I missed you a little too," she said smugly, obviously lying.

"Jenny… why are you doing all this?"

"Because, Zander," she said in a sickly sweet tone, "You weren't supposed to get over me!"

Zander realized then that it was jealousy. Jealousy did make people crazy.

"What the hell are—"

"—I mean, Stevie wasn't supposed to come into the picture! You were a lousy boyfriend, but you weren't supposed to move on! You were supposed to be so crushed over me! Not move on!" she spat, sighing angrily.

Luke kept his arm around her waist.

"I don't love Luke," she said then. Luke wasn't surprised. This had been the plan all along. "I loved you. But I wanted you to worship me! And you didn't! Instead, you went off and started dating some… some…" she couldn't think of the words.

"Luke wanted—wants Stevie! And I want you to kiss the ground I walk on! God, you're such an idiot, Zander! Can't you ever put two-and-two together!? You took Stevie from Luke, and he wanted her for himself so that you would move on from her and come back to me!"

"Well, you're the idiot," Zander spat. "For… God knows how long, Jenny, I thought you were dead! I mourned your loss for God. Knows. How. Long," she said, punctuating each word. "And Stevie was never Luke's to begin with… your plan has faults everywhere! And I've figured it out. You can't accept anything you have. You're selfish, Jenny… and I should've realized that a long time ago."

Jenny's mouth hung open in shock. Nothing was going according to plan.

"Where is Stevie—where the hell is she?" Zander demanded, standing up. Luke pulled a gun from the top drawer of Jacky's desk.

"Sit back down, Robbins," he said quietly, darkly. He kept his finger on the trigger. "I'll pull it if you don't sit the hell back down!"

"Go ahead," Zander said, spreading his arms wide, making himself an open target.

Luke pushed the trigger back and the second he felt the resistance, he pulled back completely and the bullet released. Zander shut his eyes tight, but something heavy fell on top of him, knocking him to the floor.

"Son of a bitch, Miles!" Jenny cried, kicking the toe of her high heel against Miles' chest. "We had one bullet left—one!"

Miles choked, spitting out blood, and said, "And now you have none."

Jenny screamed in frustration and looked at Luke. "Don't just stand there, moron! Take him to Jacky! She's got more bullets."

Luke pushed Miles' dead body aside, and forced Zander to his feet by pulling his hair roughly. Zander groaned, but got up to his feet and let Jenny and Luke drag him out the back door to where Jacky and Stevie apparently were.

There was a small lot of thick foliage behind the bar.

"Jacky!" Jenny called furiously. "Give us your gun! That idiot Miles intercepted the only bullet we intended to use on him!" she said, jabbing her finger at Zander's chest.

At Jacky's feet sat Stevie. Her arms were tied behind her back, and a cloth covered her mouth. There was a faint smell of chloroform, and Zander could see by the dazed look in her eyes that the substance was starting to put her to sleep.

"Get a good look at her," Luke said into Zander's ear. "That'll be the last you see of her."

Zander struggled to get free and punch the life out of this guy, but Luke was unfortunately stronger at the moment. Jacky held the gun at Stevie's forehead.

"Make any sudden movements Zander, and I'll pull the trigger…" Jacky threatened.

"This should prevent that," Jenny said from somewhere on his left. It was too dark to see anything now. The sun had set hours ago. Jenny's hand found Zander's mouth, and before he could move away there was a cloth over his mouth with a strong, sweet scent of chloroform.

Now he was really screwed. They were going to kill both Stevie and Zander, and no one would ever find out.

There was a faint sound from a few some blocks away. It grew louder and louder, and the chloroform on Zander's mouth was making it hard for him to focus. His vision blurred and cleared, and there was a small ringing in his ears.

He felt like he was going to be sick.

"Who the hell called the police?" Jacky cried, holding the cloth closer to Stevie's face. The chloroform had already put her to sleep, and her head lulled to the side slightly. God, they'd be lucky if they made it out of this alive.

"God damn it!" Jenny cried, "It must've been Miles before we shot him!"

"Shut up, the cops'll hear you!" Luke spat, elbowing Jenny.

"Don't touch me!"

"Quit bickering you two idiots! Those cops are going to catch us if we continue fighting!" Jacky said, frustrated. She pushed Stevie's body to the ground, beside Zander, who was slowly being put to sleep by the sweet scent of the chloroform that had been soaked into the cloth held on his face.

"If we run, they'll catch us," Jenny said quietly, realizing how quickly their plan had gone wrong.

"Hands up where we can see them!" a cop called, coming through the trees. "Put your weapons on the ground, and arms up—NOW!"

The three—Jacky, Jenny, and Luke—put their arms up and waited for the cops to grab them. They shoved their arms behind their backs, and the cops cuffed them until the cuffs felt they would cut off all circulation.

The next few weeks—or months?—had gone by in a flash. Zander and Stevie had been hospitalized, and so had Miles, but his condition was already too far gone. He'd died before the paramedics had even gotten him to the hospital.

Jacky, Jenny, and Luke had been charged for attempted murder of two—Zander and Stevie—and the murder of Miles. Of course, they'd been found guilty, and they'd been sent to prison—exactly where they belonged.

Zander and Stevie had been hospitalized for a while, having been through two traumatic experiences in such a short time had a serious effect on both their health. They'd been given the same room, considering they had given the nurses and doctors a hard time about having separate rooms at first.

Stevie was asleep in her hospital bed, and beside her bed stood a tray stand with untouched food. The nurses had been, for two weeks now, fighting and urging her to eat, but she wouldn't. Very rarely could Zander convince her to take a few bites.

Her weight had dropped immensely, and it worried Zander—not that he was eating much himself. But seeing the love of his life so shut up inside of herself from the world worried him. At least she didn't stay up night after night, unable to sleep, just like him.

Every time he closed his eyes, he could smell the chloroform, and see the gun held at Stevie's temple. He was haunted of those images for weeks, but thankfully, with the three behind bars, he had some peace of mind.

"Steves," Zander said quietly, trying to rouse her without moving from his bed—the nurses gave him hell about that a few days ago. "Steves, wake up…"

She groaned quietly and then turned to face him. She opened her eyes slowly and looked at Zander. Even though she looked thin and exhausted, she still had that happy spark in her eyes every time she saw him. "What?" she asked, faking annoyance.

Zander laughed quietly. "I need a favor… but I already know you'll object," he began, looking into her eyes, begging. He knew that usually got her.

She bit her bottom lip, pondering for a moment. "Alright, shoot," she said, ignoring the shiver that slivered down her spine at the word "shoot."

Zander felt that small shiver too.

"Can you pretty, pretty, pretty please," he said, pausing for a minute, "Eat—"

Stevie groaned, and turned away from him.

"—some of your food. I hate seeing you this way," he said softly. He kept his eyes focused on her back, knowing she could feel his eyes watching her. They stayed like that for a good 10, maybe 15 minutes before Stevie sighed in defeat.

"Fiiiiiine," she groaned. She sat up in her bed and pulled the tray in front of her. There was a chicken salad sandwich—one of her favorite lunches, a glass of iced water, and a small apple on the tray. She stared at the sandwich for a moment, and then picked up the apple.

Gotta start small, Zander could imagine her thinking. He chuckled and watched as she sunk her teeth into the apple and smiled as she bite down, peeling off a chunk. She chewed slowly, and after a moment, she swallowed. "Thank you," Zander said.

"Yeah, yeah," Stevie grumbled, taking another bite. Okay, so the apple was really good. She didn't plan on going anorexic… not at all, but the smell of chloroform was stuck in her throat and the images of the gun held against her body.

It wasn't hard to lose your appetite, really.

"Hey, Steves?" Zander said after she'd put the apple core back down on the tray. He hadn't said this in a while to her, only because things had been so hectic. But this was the one time the nurses weren't barging in. It was the perfect time.

"Mhm?" she said, playing with the fold of her blanket.

"I know I've only said it once…" he began, watching as her eyebrows furrowed in confusion. He waited a second before continuing. "I love you, Stevie… a lot…"

She gave him a small smile. "I love you too, Zander."

"And I'm not asking you to marry me… not yet… it's too sudden, and everything that's happened lately… it just isn't the right time…" he said slowly. Stevie nodded. "But I definitely want you in my life."

"I want you in mine too," she said quietly, giving him a small smile.

"So… I need you to do me one more favor," Zander said. Stevie rolled her eyes, laughing. "No, Steves… I'm serious, okay?"

She stopped laughing and gave him a serious look, "Alright."

"The favor is that you have to get better, okay? Because we can't stay stuck in this hospital. We have to be strong, and pull our own weight."

"I agree," Stevie said, sighing lightly. "It's just hard."

"I know, baby. But we can do it," he said, giving her a goofy grin. She laughed and nodded her head.

"I'll only get better under one condition though," she began, holding up a bony finger. "You have to get better too, got it?" she raised an eyebrow waiting for his response.

"Of course, Steves."

"Why did you decide to get this club and become it's new owner again?" Zander asked Stevie.

It had been a few months since they had gotten out of the hospital and Stevie was back to normal. Her face was back to normal as well as her state of mind when it came to the many mental disorders she suffered while in the hospital. She's never been so happy in her life, and Zander was to thank for that. He has loved seeing Stevie smile and successful. It gave his heart warmth that he played a huge part in her happiness.

"I don't know. I need the money to get through college. And, I like seeing you get out there and dance," She claimed innocently. He smiled, a faint, red tint took over his face.

"I knew you'd blush. Now go out there and give these ladies what they want Mr. Sexy-Back!" Stevie slapped his ass and got his song ready.

"You know sometimes I question why you don't get jealous of the women who want to touch me," Zander said.

"Hahaha! Don't flatter yourself Zander," Stevie said. Playing his song, the women started cheering. They knew who was coming out. Stevie kissed her boyfriend before he walked out on stage and started shaking his stuff. Stevie laughed as she announced his appearance.

"Ladies! Please enjoy this dance from our very own, very famous...Mr. Sexy-Back!" Stevie said. The other dancer soon joined him in for the choreographed dance on stage. Stevie laughed at her boyfriend some more, as well as the other dancers. Zander looked backstage at her and just smiled because of her happiness. He blew her a kiss and continued his dance to "Sexy Back" by Justin Timberlake.

They all lived happily for the rest of their lives.