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Rating: PG-13 - suggested child abuse, language

Summary: a girl defends herself to her guidance counselor.

Feedback: just like Eliza Dushku, more gooder! ^_~

Author: cheebs!

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improv # 47 - Ryan Adams song title challenge


I'm /not/ stupid. I know lots of stuff, like the female
Pharaoh was named Hatshepsut, and an F5 tornado can pull
a house off its foundation. I tried to do the homework, but
the letters didn't make sense. No, I'm not lying.

Yes, I know I smell. I couldn't use the bath today. Yes, I
know my clothes are dirty. Gonna point out that they're too
small too? Tell me something I don't know.

Go ahead and call! You think you're the first teacher that
has? They never do anything, just call and ask her a bunch
of questions which she lies to. They don't even come to the
house. They don't see me or talk to me. Why should they,
/she/ doesn't. May as well not exsist unless she wants me
to get her something, or be her punching bag...then I wish
I really didn't. Exsist, that is.

Yeah, there's lots of things that don't exsist, so? Damn
straight vampires are one of 'em. I don't buy that Anne Rice
bullshit. Sorry...but it is, y'know?

Whaddya mean they're real? Lady, whatever you're on, could I
get some? Yeah, I do stuff once in a while.... Whatever the
guy I'm with has, usually X, some 8-balls. Yeah, did that a
couple o' times too -- smoked it, though, never touched a
needle, see? No tracks. Weird thing is, I don't think I'd get
any if I did now...I heal real fast. It's kinda odd...'bout
a month ago, I started to heal up while my mom was still
wailin' on me. Got real strong, too, and shoved her across
the hall, into the bathroom.

She never got up...so I can't use the bath. And I'm out of
change for the washer. And I'm out of money to get change.
But at least she isn't hitting me.

I'm not crying. I'm /not./ You callin' me a liar? I don't
cry. Crying's for babies!

I don't know why my hand's bleeding. Looks like I dug my
nails in too deep. Just like I told you, I got real strong.
It's scary, I don't know what I am anymore.

Whaddya mean? /How/ will you help me? And why would I let
you? I hardly know you. You're just my guidance counselor.

What's a vampire slayer?