Pokémon Spirited Away

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Summary (last one, a moment of silence please…MOMENT OVER!): White and co. had reached Zeniba's house, only to find that the witch was kinder than her sister. White presented the seal back to Zeniba, who was surprised to find that the spell was gone. White said she had squashed the slug, causing Zeniba to have a laughing fit and reveal that the slug was placed inside N by Yubaba as a ways of controlling him. The spell Zeniba had placed on the seal could only have been conqured by love. During tea, Zeniba told White she'd have to find the answer to her problems on her own and that she should try to remember N. After a while, White began to cry since she can recall nothing to help them when Zeniba revealed a gift to her: a purple Ponyta tail holder, woven by friendship, the most powerful magic of all, second only to love. N shows up then and the two share a heart tugging reunion. Zeniba accepts the apology and sends White, Boh, and the rest on their way, No-Face staying with her to keep her company. White tells "Granny" her real name before flying off on N's back. On the way back, White tells N a story from when she was younger; dropping her shoe in a mighty river and falling in, only to be guided back safely to shore. White realizes it was N who had saved him and told him the name of the river, Natural Harmonica, thus breaking Yubaba's influence on him. He and White kiss each other as they fly through the air, as do Snivy and Oshawott. They both express that no matter what, they will continue to love the other, death not stopping their love. They then fly back to the bathhouse to face off against Yubaba once more.


Dawn had arrived at the bathhouse once more, tension and apprehension sweeping over all the employees. Yubaba was waiting at the gate, pacing about impatiently in front of an empty pen. The employees were hidden from view while Lin scanned the skies, searching for any sight of someone.

Her eyes widened and she grinned while shouting, "THERE THEY ARE!

The other employees went to look; everyone including Lombre, the foreman, and all the employees that had once shunned the human girl shouted happily as they saw her, N, and the trio of Pokémon land on the other side of the bridge, N and White holding hands. Kamaji cheered as well, a woman with a large hat shielding her face besides him. Yubaba glared at them both before smirking.

"I see you failed to bring my baby back!" she called out to them, not seeing her son for who he truly was.

"You okay with this" White asked Boh, who nodded and flew forward, carried by the Pidgey.

The chubby little Patrat was carried forward, rising high above everybody's heads, causing everyone to watch him in confusion. In mid-air, Boh shifted back into his big baby self and landed on the bridge with a thud, surprising everyone but the ones who knew the truth.

"Momma!" he said happily, the Pidgey (who had decided to stay the same, it wasn't a huge fan of the woman's head it had) perched on his shoulder.

"My baby!" Yubaba cried, hugging her son tightly. "Are you hurt? Traumatized?" She drew back to look him over. "You're standing up all by yourself when did that happen?"

"Don't forget your promise!" N called out to his master. "You must return White, Bianca, Cheren, and their Pokémon back to the human world!"

"What did you do?" White asked N in surprise.

"I'll tell you later," he said with a smile and a gentle squeeze to her hand.

"Not so fast, N!" Yubaba said with a nasty grin. "I still get to give Lea one last, final test."

"BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" the employees yelled, Lin and Kamaji the loudest. The woman besides him shook her fist at Yubaba.

"SHUT UP!" She shouted, silencing them all but the woman who kept shacking her fist.

"Stop it Momma," Boh scolded. "Lea-White and I had a really good time. She's my friend, Snivy too!"

"Wha…? B-but a deal is a deal sweetie pie," Yubaba said, surprised to find her son standing up for the human girl.

Boh gave his mother a stone cold look as did the Pidgey. "If you make White cry, I won't like you anymore."

White smiled and shook her head. She had so many caring friends. Hard to believe that at one time, her only ally was N. Now everybody was here, standing up against Yubaba for her. Kamaji and Lin, who had helper her and mentored her so much. Boh and the Pidgey, both wonderful traveling companions, were here for her too. No-Face might be strange, but he counted as one for White too. Zeniba was another grandmother. Totoro, the Dragonair, and all the soot sprites had welcomed her with open arms/paw. They all were there for her.

"Hey! Granny!" White called.

"Granny?" Yubaba asked confused.

"You're right! A deal's a deal!"

White looked at N and gave him a look. He nodded and the two walked forward. He was surprised by her reactions, but he knew that this was her way of honoring her friends as well as the deal he had taken with Yubaba. The Pokémon followed after her.

"Alright, I'm ready. I'll take your test," White said to Yubaba.

Yubaba grinned. "You've got guts, kid." She held up a rolled up paper scroll. "Here's your contract. Time to take the test. One more thing though…N…We agreed to this earlier."

"I can't be here for you at the moment, White," he told her as he released her hand and walked over to the side. "I'm…A part of this challenge too."

"Okay, just be safe," White told him. He nodded and gave a smile to her. Yubaba snapped her fingers and N disappeared.

"He'll be back at the end. Come over here," Yubaba said.

The witch led the way towards the empty pen. White hoped from the depts. of her heart that N would be okay and hoped that the test wouldn't be too sneaky. She walked after her when Boh grabbed her arm gently, concern written on his face.

"It's okay Boh. I think I can handle whatever you mother can throw at me."

She went over to the pen. It was now full of Purrloins and Deerlings that were either milling around or snoozing.

"Now then, there are three parts to this test. See if you can tell which of these Pokémon are your friends," Yubaba instructed. "I've placed a spell that masks their memories and most of their personalities. You get one try. Succeed, and you all go home. If you fail…You'll spend the rest of your existence here in the bathhouse."

White nodded and stepped forward. White had paid attention on her visit to Bianca and Cheren, to never forget them. Now it was up to her to determine who they were.

White's eyes scanned the crowd. In one corner, she could see a hunched over Purrloin with a Deerling besides it. White smiled. Most Yubaba had said, not all.

"Cheren's the one in the emo corner, freaking out now that he knows spirits are real. Bianca's the one comforting him," White explained.

"Hmph. You've passed stages one and two," Yubaba admitted, she waved her hand and smoke erupted throughout the pen. "Time for the last test."

Once the smoke had cleared, White could see that it was full of Zoroarkes with green manes.

"One try. Find N amongst the imposters," Yubaba. "If you win, I send your normal friends and yourself back home. Lose? Not only do you stay in the bathhouse, you'll have to rip the real N's heart out of his chest!"

White couldn't breath as the crowd around her gasped. Snivy glared angrily at Yubaba, now that she finally approved of White's mate, there was a chance he would be killed by White herself! Tepig and Oshawott restrained her. Kamaji and the woman turned to each other as Lin shouted angrily. Most of the employees gulped. Totoro and a few of his friends joined to watch, the Snorlax's grip tight on the umbrella.

White took a deep breath to calm herself down. She was not going to fail, she promised to herself. She looked at the Zoroarks. She examined each and every one of them with care. They weren't showing any personality at all, thanks to Yubaba, so she had to remember what N really looked like. T

"Huh?" White asked confused.

She checked again. Then a third time. Everything: Fur, eye color, markings…

"There has to be a mistake," White said turning to Yubaba. "None of these Zoroarks are N."

Yubaba growled and gripped the contract tightly. "None of them? Is that really your final answer?" she questioned, her eye twitching.

White stared at her. She wasn't sure; she was positive. Some of them looked similar, but none of them were N, her first alley, friend, savior, love. White nodded her head and said, "I'm positive."

The contract in Yubaba's hands exploded, turning into confetti as all the Zoroarks in the pen transformed into Pokémon-girls and Politoeds.

"YOU GOT IT!" They sang happily to White.

Everyone broke out into hysterical cheers. They were overjoyed to see she had not been fooled by Yubaba's trick. White laughed happily as she watched them jump up and down, singing, dancing, and some even running forward to her. White was touched.

"Le-White!" Kamaji shouted as he pulled her into a six-arm embrace.

"Hello Kamaji," White said as a bunch of soot sprites hopped onto her shoulder and began to squeal in her ear, ecstatic in her win.

"There's someone you need to meet. Hey! Moeshasi!" He called over his shoulder. The woman with that large hat, so familiar to White, ran over and she ripped off her hat. She was tall and thin, with lots of grey streaked brown hair and pale blue eyes. She and White could have been twins, had they been the same age.

"…GRANDMOTHER!" White cried as she leaped into a hug with her spirit grandmother. She laughed and pulled her granddaughter closer.

"Oh! White! How I've missed you," she said. "How long have you known?" she asked holding her granddaughter out to look her over.

"Since I learned that Moeshasi left her forty years ago," White said, tears in her eyes. "That's when you showed up in Unova and had Mom. And then…Kamaji is…"

A single tear leaked from behind Kamaji's sunglasses. "Give your grandfather a hug girl!"

She did and cried happily. Lin brushed up behind her.

"Geez Le-White! I can't believe you! So, old man, did you even know this whole time?" she asked as she hugged White and ruffled her hair.

"I've had my suspicions since she showed up, but nothing positive," Kamaji admitted. "When you get back home," he said, addressing White, "Give your mother, my daughter this," he said, slipping an envelope into her hands.

"Look how big you've grown," Moeshasi remarked to White.

"You only died a few months ago, I've haven't grown that much…"

Moeshasi shook her head. "Not in size of body, but…In the size of the heart," she said, placing a hand on White's shoulder. "I just hope you'll do alright with Natural."

"When I see him," Kamaji vowed, "I'm going to give him a lecture on what he can and cannot do with my granddaughter."

"You didn't do it with your daughter," Moeshasi said challengingly.

"I can't just leave the spirit world you know!"

They looked at each other and smiled.

"It's good to be home," Moeshasi said. "Here, White a little gift."

In her hands was a hand held mirror. "It lets you see anywhere your heart desires, even here. So you can always communicate with us."

"Thank you grandmother, I love it," White said, holding it close to her heart.

"Hey White," Lin said, dragging her away from her happily reunited grandparents. "Do you really like N?"

"I don't, I love him," White said.

Lin sighed. "When you love someone, they drive you crazy."

"Hey, I survived the spirit world. I think I'm all set about crazy."

Lin laughed. "Just give us a call once in a while, 'kay?"

"'Kay." White said.

Boh grabbed her arm again. "White, I'm happy I got to meet you. Sorry about everything…"

"It's fine Boh, water under the bridge."

He smiled at her. "I'll never forget your story White, I promise. That's something really important."

White was touched again. "Thank you Boh, that means a lot to me."

It took a while for White to return to the bridge, working her way through the spirits that wished her well. She turned around and waved to everybody. "Thank you all!"

"Alright you win! Get out of my sight!" Yubaba pouted.

"Thank you for everything, granny," White said with a bow. She turned back to the crowd again. "Bye everyone! Thanks for all the help! Miss you!"

"White," N said, appearing from nowhere and wrapping an arm around her waist.

"N!" White cheered, hugging him. Cheers and cat-calls issued from the crowd.

"Robbing the cradle, huh N?"

"I'm not standing over the bed of an infant, stealing it from its parents' and grandparents', watchful eyes," N called back. He nodded to Kamaji. "I hope I have your blessing."

"You've got mine, dear," Moeshasi said with a smile. Kamaji sighed, defeated.

"If you make her cry, I swear to Arceus N…"

"Bye Grandmother, bye Grandfather!" White called to them both as she and N raced away, down the bridge. The cheers growing louder. N beamed at her happily as they ran, holding hands, the Pokémon trailing after them.

They ran down the empty streets; past the restaurants the around the corners. So hard to believe that they had been running in the opposite way only three nights ago, White mused.

"Where are Bianca and Cheren?" Oshawott asked N.

"When White passed her final test, they both woke up and their on the other side of the river. They're looking for you all," N replied.

They had reached said river, or what was left of it. The area surrounding them had returned back into the wide, grassy fields White had first encountered when she had first come here.

"The water's gone. I can walk across!"

"But I can't," N said sadly. "This is as far as I can go, White. I need you to go back. You'll do fine."

"What about you?" White asked. She didn't want to part with N any more than he did.

N smirked slightly. "Don't worry. I'm going to have a little chat with Yubaba. I'm going to quit being her apprentice. I've got my name back, White. I'm coming to join you as soon as I can. Thanks to you, I'm finally free."

"But you don't have a river anymore…"

"I don't need one; the river was my home because my heart was there. Now, my heart's with you," N said holding her close.

"You think…We'll see each other again?" White whispered.

"We will, I know we will. Right now though, you must go home. You've got an errand to run for your grandfather. Good bye White. Until we see each other next."

"It won't be soon enough," White said before kissing N one more time.

"I agree, every minute will feel like a year, every moment a month, and every second an hour. One last thing you must do for me though, don't look back as you return, at least not until you've gone through the tunnel. White…I love you, now and forever."

"Forever and always," White told him.

White stepped down the stairs, holding onto N's hand for a few more moments. When she finally let go, she felt a part of her leave and latch onto N and a small piece of him clicking onto herself. Yes…She would meet N again. Sooner than later. But now was the time to return home. White led the way for the Pokémon, sliding down the hills and skidding over the rocks. Her hair bounced about, still secure in the purple hair tie, her bag thumping her hip.


Far in front of her, at the entrance, were Cheren and Bianca, both waving to her. White gasped and rubbed her eyes before she started to move again.

"There you are! We've been looking for you!" Bianca called.

"Where the hell have you been?" Cheren questioned.

White ran the rest of the way down, meeting them at the bottom. She threw her arms around them both, glad to see them.

"Sorry to make you guys wait!" she cried.

"Next time you go exploring while trying to find our Pokémon, please let us tag along," Bianca begged as White released her grip.

"Wha? Are you guys okay?" White asked.

"Is something wrong with them?" Oshawott asked White.

"Perfectly fine," Cheren said, confused. "Other than obsessive worrying," he said, shooting a look to Bianca.

"What?! It was not my fault last time!"

White was surprised. Didn't they remember anything? They couldn't hear the Pokémon anymore either.

Bianca and Cheren went on ahead into the tunnel, bickering together. White sighed. She guessed it was some sort of spell, placed on all non-spirits that left. But she was at least a quart spirit, she'd be fine.

"Do you guys remember?" Snivy asked her companions.

"How could I forget the one I love most of all?" Oshawott asked her. She grinned.

"Let's go," Tepig said, walking forward.

White was very tempted to turn back, to look once more for N. She twisted her head slightly, then shook and walked forward. She'd listen to N's words again, just as she always had. The air around her wasn't pressing on her anymore. Like it was saying goodbye.

"Come on White!" Cheren called back to her and the heroine walked forward, note in pocket and mirror in bag.

They all traveled in silence through the darkened tunnel, at least till the end.

"How long is this tunnel?" Cheren asked.

"Hang on, just up ahead," Bianca said to her companions.

Her friend stepped out first, letting out gasps of shock.

"What the heck?" Cheren asked as he and Tepig ran or to their bike. All of them were surrounded by tall grass, covering the dirt path and fallen leaves were stuck in the wheel spokes.

"It's dusty too," Bianca noted as she wiped her seat down.

"Told you we shouldn't have stopped," Cheren grumbled.

"Okay fine, next time we find a tunnel, I'll listen to you."

White then turned around to look at the building. The building was no longer red and bold, an entrance to the spirit world. It was, instead, a crumbling white-stoned tunnel that probably led to an empty field, lacking magic and the little town and the bathhouse. Never again would White step through the tunnel into the spirit world. Never again would she go through her and see her friends. But that didn't mean she couldn't return there. And besides, she had her memories, a mirror, and the Ponyta tail holder.

"White come on!" Cheren called from where he and Bianca were on their bikes, ready to go.

"You two go on ahead," White shouted. "I'll meet you at the main road, okay?"

"Okay!" Bianca cried as she sped away, Cheren in tow.

White turned back to the tunnel. She let the Mienshao ears appear and strained them, searching for a single sound. Deep within the tunnel, while most would have lost it with the wind, there was a howl coming through.

White smiled, tears in her eyes as she listened to N's call.

"SHAOOOOOO!" White called back, hoping he would hear. She then went to the wall and, with a bit of fire, began to burn something into the stone. And far away, yet not so far, a green-haired young man stood in front of a wall and scratched something on it as well.

Once finished, White turned away from the wall and picked up her bike. She hopped on with Snivy. White pedaled away, turning her head once to get a look at what she was leaving behind. The words, English and Japanese stared back at her. She smiled before heading off to rejoin her friends, in her heart knowing that one day she and N would be together again. Until then, she would keep the memories close to her. The memories of love, life, adventure. The memories of when she had been spirited away.

And elsewhere, the green-haired man had stopped his carving and smiled. He had heard the call of a Mienshao for a brief few moments and now turned to return to the bathhouse, ready to face up against his master again. He knew White would wait for him, but he wasn't going to make her wait any longer than necessary. But for now, he was going to hold the memories of her close and dear, until they were reunited again.

The words the two had written; one name each and a simple phrase, stood out on the walls. The first two were very different.

For N: 白ヒルダ月 White Hilda Touko

For White: ナチュラルハーモニカ Natural Harmonica.

The last words were the same, there to stay, etched forever in time.

私はあなたを決して忘れないだろう。I will never forget you.


Can I cry now? It's finally done! I'm thankful to all the readers that have read this fanfic and I'm grateful to Riley Sky, for inspiring me. And thank you to both Pokémon and Studio Ghibli, for making my childhood. If you have not see Spirited Away, GO WATCH IT, along with other Studio Ghibli films. I'm going to make more crossover between Pokémon and Ghibli movies. I've added a poll onto my account that I want everyone to check out. And remember, memories are never forgotten; they're just hard to remember. Thank you all again.