"…and she'll be playing Asami Sato."

"Huh?" Blue eyes – contact lenses – blinked in a dark face, the girl looking up from examining the page of potential costume designs that had been shoved into her hands a moment ago. Poor timing, she thought, since the overworked PA had lost her within seconds and she'd missed her introduction of the other young actress.

"Are you even paying attention? Look, I've got places to be. Just introduce yourselves and be in costuming at eight on Monday, got it?"

"Yeah, got it boss lady."

With that, the woman strode off quickly, heels tapping on the concrete as she abandoned her charges in the middle of the lot.

"So, uh…what was your name again?"

"Not telling," the black-haired girl chuckled, tapping her nose with one elegantly-manicured nail, "You'll just have to call me Asami until you figure it out for yourself."

The laughing response only widened Asami's grin, and she turned to begin walking in the opposite direction of the PA, headed for the front gate. The brown-haired girl fell into step quickly.

"Well," she responded when her laughter finally petered out, "You'll have to call me Korra then."

"But I already know your real name! I was paying attention!"

"No, no, no," the girl now known as Korra laughed again, waving her hands, "If I have to call you Asami, you have to call me Korra!"

"I guess I can deal with that. So," she continued, hesitant to pull out a cliché but honestly interested in getting to know the star of the show they'd start filming in just a couple weeks, "Tell me about yourself…Korra."