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"Goblin King, I would like to talk to you in the mirror… RIGHT NOW."

Nothing happened.

Some goblin snorted in sleep.

The Goblin King's smirk broadened even as a light flared into his eyes.

Groaning over it, Sarah bit her lip and decided. She would risk it.

"I wish to speak with the Goblin King in the mirror… RIGHT NOW."

"Why, cruel-eyed Sarah, how lovely to see you again."

Sarah's double-take at the interpretation of her words nearly gave her whiplash. Yes, there was the Goblin King, visible in her mirror. He was behind her in her room, looking at her using the reflection.

"What – How – But – Not – " As Sarah's spluttered attempts to form a coherent sentence increased in urgency, the Goblin King drew nearer. He rested a single finger on the top of her head.

"What's said is said, Precious. Now, we've spoken using the reflection, thus fulfilling the wish. What a pity that there's no cost for it."

And he was gone, leaving some glitter to shimmer in the air.


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