Princess Floréa: What'll it be about?
Kurapika-sama: Me!
Princess Floréa: Good! *glomps Kurapika-sama*
Kurapika-sama: Oof.
Floraleon: Okay, it's about angels, and Kurapika...
Princess Floréa: Inspirational streak!!! *starts typing furiously on keyboard*
Kurapika-sama: What's with her?
Floraleon: All authors are like that.
Princess Floréa: *yells* What's the title?
Kurapika-sama: Death Angel!
Floraleon: Hey, I'm the muse!
Kurapika-sama: Then what title would you give it?
Floraleon: Uh...Death Angel...?
Kurapika-sama: *snickers* See? *gets glomped really hard by Floraleon* Oof.

*** *** *** ***
Death Angel
Chapter One: Since Four Years...
*** *** *** ***

Leorio threw down the newspaper and stared out the window. He was twenty two now. Kurapika, where are you? Leorio wondered. You said you might come back... and for four years, you haven't shown your face...

Flashback One>
"I have something to take care of." Kurapika said as he packed his bags.
"What is it?"
"I can't tell you."
Flashback Two>
They watched Kurapika leave. "Will you ever come back?" Gon asked.
Kurapika turned and smiled mysteriously. "Maybe."
End of Flashbacks>

"Have you failed?" Leorio said to the air, "What mission could take you four years? Or... Kurapika, is it because you are..." He couldn't bring himself to say the last word. Dead? "I'm going to find you, Kurapika."
"If so, then we're coming too!" Leorio gave a start. The two sixteen-year olds, Gon and Killua, were standing behind him.
"Sorry, couldn't help listening." The ever sassy Killua grinned, "When do we start?"
"Tomorrow?" Gon looked eagerly at Leorio.
"Okay. Tomorrow."
"Can you still remember Kurapika?" Killua pressed his face against the window.
"Smartest kid I'd ever met." Gon and Leorio answered at the same time.
"Then he should be okay."
"Unless Kurapika was outpowered, outnumbered, or outwitted, he should be." Leorio leaned back in his chair.
"What are the chances of that?" Gon flipped through the newspaper on the floor.
"I don't know, but I hope he's still alive."
The other two nodded.

*** *** *** ***
Princess Floréa: Well, it was a start.
Floralean: It's okay.
Kurapika-sama: ?
Princess-Florea: I'll put more Kurapika in, later...
Kurapika-sama: ^o^
Floraleon: ...Getting harrassed by twelve year old girls.
Princess Floréa: Not girls. Angels.
Kurapika-sama: O.o