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Death Angel
Chapter Nine: Restoration
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Voices... "Kurapika?"..."Is he awake?"..."He's kind of breathing."..."At least he's alive."..."Kurapika, say something!"
"What time is it?"
"Huh?" Gon's voice.
"He spoke!" Killua yelled. The three of them cheered.
The noise woke Kurapika. He opened his eyes to see three faces peering into his own. "Where am I?"
"Back home." Gon beamed.
"Kurapika, did you get your memories back?" Leorio asked.
"Which ones?"
"Do you remember the Kuruta?"
"Um... sorry to interrupt you two, but Ariane told me to give this to Kurapika." Gon handed Kurapika a folded up piece of paper.

Dear Kurapika-sama,
I hope that potion worked. If it didn't, you probably
wouldn't be reading this, anyway.
Just to let you know, to me, you're been sort of like
a big brother to me. Even though you're gone, can we be
Ariane ^-^
PS: In that library book, you know what I found?
I think it was a very nice quote:
"Once you have flown,
You will walk the Earth
With your eyes turned skyward,
For there you have been,
And there you long to return."
Isn't that great? I forgot who said it. Wasn't the
name Leorio? Your friend?

Kurapika smiled. Thanks, Ariane.

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Princess Floréa: I think that was a suitable ending.
Floraleon: So who said that quote?
Kurapika-sama: It wasn't Leorio.
Princess Floréa: Of course not. It was Leonardo da Vinci.
Kurapika-sama: Who's that?
Princess Floréa and Floraleon: *facefault*
Floraleon: *shoves Fanfiction for Dummies in Kurapika-sama's face*
Kurapika-sama: Oh... so he was the guy in the movie Ever After?
Princess Floréa: Keep reading.
Kurapika-sama: Ah, I see. He was an artist.
Floraleon: Mona Lisa? Ring a bell?
Kurapika-sama: Yes, I haven't called her in a long time.
Princess Floréa and Floraleon: *facefault*