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Giving In: Chapter One

I was only looking for a shortcut home
But it's complicated
So complicated
Somewhere in this city is a road I know
Where we could make it
But maybe there's no making it now

"Salvatore! Hurry up." Bill the security guard screamed.

Damon Salvatore just got out of his jail cell, hands cuffed, and was on his way to his court hearing. He's been in jail for 27 months already for quite a number of vandalisms, robberies, and two murders that were claimed to be "accidental". Not to mention many other illegal acts that he got away with. He was going to the hearing to identify if he would be freed or not.

He was 22 years old and he's been a rebel most of his life and got his way through life by his smooth talking ways and his gorgeous looks. He had raven black hair and ice blue eyes. He was perfection. But looks can be deceiving, because this man was anything but perfection, he was indeed a criminal.

"Calm down dick, I'm coming." Damon snapped, clearly not pleased with the guard's bitchy attitude.

"Watch your mouth Salvatore." Bill warned.

"Did I hurt your feelings Bill?" Damon snorted loudly.

"Keep moving asshole." Bill gritted, not in the mood with Damon's pig-headed behavior.

It's been like this for the past two years. Damon would always be arrogant and snappy to the guards, especially Bill; and Bill never wanted to put up with it. He always saw Damon as a cold-hearted jackass who deserves to rot in here, and Damon always acted like he didn't have a care in the world; that he didn't give a flying fuck about anything. He was always had an incredible amount of confidence in prison, which is a bit hard to believe. Nothing scared him, but everything pissed him off.

Damon just chuckled as he walked through the prison with the guard. He gave grinned evilly at the people staring at him. Once again, he showed his confidence as the cop escorted him to the vehicle. He laid back in the black leather seats, and Bill sat across from him, as the driver started to head to the court house.

"These cuffs are tight, help a guy out?" Damon made a mocking smirk and jiggled his cuffed hands.

"Can't you just keep your mouth shut?" The cop asked bitterly, rolling his cloudy grey eyes.

"Nope," He pooped the 'P'. "How about when I get out, you and me go grab a beer?" Damon asked sarcastically.

"Please, Salvatore. There's no way in Hell you're getting out of that shit hole." Bil said confidently, looking him dead in the eye.

"And what makes you say that coppy?" Damon smirked, not intimidated one bit.

"I won't allow it."

Damon rolled his eyes.

"That's a little melodramatic, don't you think?" He asked.

"And you know," He continued. "That's the judge's decision to make." He chuckled.

"We'll see about that" Bill said emotionless. It was his turn to act over confident.

"Yes we will." Damon grinned, still not phased at all by Bill's behavior.

For the rest of the ride Damon layed back and stared out the window smirking to himself. Looks like he knew something the cop didn't.

Meanwhile, Elena Gilbert was sitting at the Grill with her two friends, Caroline and Stefan. She was a 17 year old high schooler, who spent the day working and studying for school and spent the night living her life and hanging with her friends like any normal teenager would. Elena had a great life. She had a great family, great friends, and great grades. Even though everything in her life was great, she still felt like something was missing. There was a void in her life but she couldn't figure out what it is. Instead of worrying about it, she usually just brushed the thought off and ignored it while she lived her life.

"So, what are we doing tonight?" Caroline, the perky blonde asked

"I have no idea" Elena yawned, flipping through the menu.

"Got any ideas Stefan?" Caroline asked looking at Stefan.


Stefan didn't answer. He was just seemed to be off in dream land as he was sprinkling the salt from the shaker onto the table, and watched the tiny white grits fall.

"Stefan?" Caroline asker again.

No answer.

"Stefan!" Caroline stated loudly, shaking his shoulder.

Then he snapped back into reality.

"Hmm?" He mumbled.

Stefan wasn't himself. He was usually always in the conversation and always listened, never missed a word. He's usually always on the ball, but today, he was away with the fairies and seemed distracted of some sort. Defiantly not himself.

"Hey, are you okay?" Elena asked, a little worried.

"Uh, yeah, fine." Stefan said blankly, trying to compose himself together.

"Stefan you're not fine, you've been acting weird all 's not you. Seriously, what's wrong?" Elena confronted him.

He took a long, deep breath.

"My brother may be released from jail." He blurted out, worriedly.

"Woah, you have a brother?" Caroline asked shocked

"Yep." He confirmed.

"Wait, you have a brother—in prison?" Elena asked startled.

"Yep." He said again.

"Why haven't you told us any of this?" Caroline asked.

"Because I did'nt feel the need to! I figured he'd be locked up for a long while."

"How long has he been in jail?" Elena asked.

"Over two years." He said.

"Well, he's your brother, and you don't have a bad bone in your body, if you two a related, could he really be that bad?" Caroline chuckled, trying to lighten the mood a bit.

Stefan just stared at her for a moment.

"He ripped this town apart with lots of illegal shit, so much shit that I lost count, not to mention he killed two people!"

At this point many eyes on the grill turned to look at them with confused, puzzled, and shocked looks on their faces.

"Oh my God—shouldn't he be in jail for life if he killed people?" Caroline whispered shocked.

"You would think, but somehow, everyone believed him when he said they were accidental."

"How could you just say it was accidental and get away with it?" Elena asked, disgusted.

"I don't know" He answered. "But that's Damon for you." He continued. "He always has something up his sleeve.

"Wait, lets move back a sec, you said he may be released, what do you mean may?" Elena questioned.

"If the judge says he can."

"Well, that doesn't necessarily mean he is getting out." Caroline stated hopefully.

"Like I said…It's Damon."

Damon walked out of the courtroom a free man—sort of. He still had his handcuffs on his wrists. He was officially released from that shit hole, but he was on parole.

"Hey Bill, time to uncuff me." Damon smirked.

"Dick." Bill murmerd as he unlocked the handcuffs.

"So, how 'bout that beer buddy? Damon chuckled as he reached into his back pocket and pulled out a toothpick at popped it in his mouth.

"Are you fucking joking? Go to Hell Salvatore." He snapped.

Damon shrugged and patted his shoulder.

"You put up a good fight Bill, but c'mon we both know who was going to win this battle." He chuckled and turned on his heels and walked out of the courthouse.

Damn does it feel good to be free, he thought. How have things changed over the last two years? How was his brother? Pfft. His brother, he thought. Goody Two Shoes. How is St. Stefan going to react when he returns home? Damon just laughed at the thought. When should he call his buddies and let them know he's out? Probably tomorrow. Right now, he just wants to enjoy being a free man. He cannot wait to clean himself in his own shower, sleep in his own king sized bed, have as much sex as he desired, and get his own fucking privacy. Fuck, It's good to be back, he thought.

When he got to the boarding house, there were no cars in the driveway.

Looks like Stefan isn't home, He thought to himself.

Damon took the toothpick out of his mouth and stuck it through the keyhole and worked his magic. Only Damon Salvatore would know how to pick a lock with just a toothpick. He threw the thin stick of wood on the ground and walked in.

"Fuck" he said loudly as he scrunched up his nose. It smells like a fucking fruit basket in here, he thought. He made his way up the stairs to take a shower, and maybe sleep for a bit.

Stefan is sure in for a big surprise.

He walked into his room and felt relieved. Nothing was touched, everything was just the way he left it; just the way he remembered. He finally had his own space again. He took off his shirt and made his way into the bathroom, and closed the door behind him.

Elena was a little disgusted by the fact that this criminal that ruined this town and killed two people could be released back into town. She took a deep breath. There's no way he could be let out, she thought, as she ran her fingers through her long, chestnut hair. She doubted he would be released. Nobody can ill two people and only be in jail for two years. Stefan had nothing to worry about.

Then Matt Donovan, Caroline's boyfriend walked up to their table. He worked at the grill and it looks like he was either done with his shift for the day, or on break.

"Hey guys, what's up?" He asked before he kissed Caroline's cheek.

"Nothing really" Elena said.

"Ok well, you ready to go?" Matt asked turning his attention towards Caroline.

Caroline looked at him confused for a moment, then she remembered.

"Oh Crap." She looked at Elena and Stefan apologetically, her blue eyes shining."I'm so sorry guys but I forgot I made plans with Matt tonight, I can't hangout later."

"It's fine Caroline, go have fun." Elena smiled, encouraging her.

"Yeah, go ahead" Stefan agreed.

She smiled at them and blew them a kiss as she got up and walked away with Matt's arm around her waist.

"So, what do you want to do?" Elena asked Stefan

"I don't know, what's Bonnie doing?"

"Don't you remember she's out of town with her family?"

"oh right, right." Stefan mumbled, still out of the conversation.

"Stefan c'mon," Elena pursued him. "You need to stop worrying about your brother. You're stressing yourself out over something that probably isn't true. I doubt he will be let out."

"Yeah, I guess" Stefan said. He finally seemed like he was relaxing."Want to go to my house? I guess we could work on Mr Saltzman's project there." He suggested.

"Yeah, sounds good…only if we order a pizza and watch reruns of 'I Love Lucy'" Elena laughed.

"Yes to the pizza, no to 'I Love Lucy'" Stefan chuckled.

"Alright fine, but you're no fun." She said, jokingly.

They both walked out of the Grill and to Stefan's car. Stefan and Elena were good friends, but that's all they could ever be. They became friends a year and a half ago. They tried to see if they could be something more, because they owed it to themselves to find out, but they both agreed that they were better off friends, and that's how it stayed.

When they arrived at the Boarding House they walked up to the front door, and saw that it was unlocked.

"Shit, I probably forgot to lock it again." Stefan said.

"Dammit Stefan" Elena laughed. "One day you're going to get robbed." She joked as they walked in the huge house.

"Yeah, Yeah I know" he chuckled.

They made their way to the den and sat down. They talked and laughed for about five minutes when Elena suddenly stood up.

"Hey, could I have a bottle of water please? I'm going to use the bathroom." She asked sweetly.

"Yeah sure." Stefan complied.

Elena left the room and headed for the bathroom, as Stefan went into the kitchen and got two bottles of water from the fridge, and made his way back to the den and sat down, waiting for her to return.

"I thought I heard noise down here." A familiar voice said from behind him.

Stefan immediately stood up and turned around to face the man in the doorway of the den.

His brother. He's back.

"Damon." He stated

Damon's smirk never left his face.

"Hello, Brother."

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