Hey Guys.

I guess you can already guess what this means, but I'm so sorry to say that I lost my passion for fanfiction. I haven't updated this story in over a year, and it's not fair to keep you readers still here waiting. Over the course of the year, I just haven't had anymore motivation to write anymore fanfiction, or read it—and I think I know why.

The reason I started writing and reading fanfiction was because i wanted my fantasy of Damon and Elena being together coming true. We all had that temptation of them finally getting together. They were the forbidden fruit. For me, it was me wanting them together so bad that sparked my interest in fanfiction, but now that they're actually together in the show it kind of dulled the purpose of this site for me, you know?

I still love the show, I watch it every week and I'm so excited for season 6…but I'm not sure I can say if I like Damon and Elena anymore. Ever since they got together, everything I loved about them in the previous seasons was gone. They're not the same couple I fell in love with from the beginning. I hate Elena's character, I feel like Julie Plec destroyed her by turning her into a vampire. The caring, loving, compassionate Elena Gilbert that I used to love, I don't see her anymore—Also why I don't like Delena anymore. I wanted THAT Elena with Damon, not this crappy one.

I loved Damon and Elena when their chemistry was building up from seasons 1-4, but again, now that they're together I just don't see what I used to, it's like its gone and it kills me. Because I fell out of love with the couple, I guess I lost interest for writing and reading fanfiction about them.

I'm keeping this story up, I do think however I may come back to it in the future. But for now, this is goodbye.

I want to thank everyone that's took the time to read my story, I am so grateful for all of you. I have tears in my eyes writing this because the journey here has been incredible. For you all that have been here since the beginning, or if you just started reading, thank you. I love you all so much. Your kind reviews have always made my day and made me so happy I can't put it into words. Thank you for supporting me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

I'm always on my vampire diaries account on twitter now, so if you want to follow me and talk, I'll always be there. my username is iangasm

Thank you again,