A lone figure calls out
Bracing the sandstorm
Let us call him the Prince
A prince only in name
Seeking his donkey in a
Desert storm; instead he
Finds a fleeing princess
She is Elika
Princess of the Ahura

The Ahura were once
Prosperous people
They were once loyal
To the god of light, Ormazd
A thousand years ago
War waged between the gods
Ahriman, the god
Of darkness and evil
Struggled for power
Ormazd and the Ahura
Managed to imprison him
In the Tree of Life
A thousand years have passed
The people have forgotten

Elika possesses
Magical powers of light
Which she uses to fend off
Her pursuers; and save the Prince

The Prince follows her
Into the temple
Housing the Tree of Life
Ahriman's prison.
Elika's father,
The Mourning King, faces them
In battle, after which he
Cuts the Tree of Life
Setting Ahriman free
The Prince and Elika
Escape the temple
Only to find a
Corrupted world outside

To rid the world of
Ahriman's corruption
They must heal all the
Fertile Grounds in the kingdom.
They battle the Corrupted,
Ahriman's minions

But along the way, it is
Revealed that Elika had
Experienced death beforehand
Her father asked Ahriman
To bring her back from the dead
Thus the king sold his soul
Becoming the Corrupted
After her resurrection
Elika gained her powers

After healing all the lands
Elika and the Prince
Return to the temple
To imprison Ahriman
The Corrupted king calls out
His daughter's name one last time
Before he throws himself
Into the Corruption
Ahriman rises
They battle him and succeed
But to finish the spell
And seal Ahriman
Elika must give up
Her own life, and she dies...

The Prince receives a vision
Of the king making a deal
With Ahriman, to bring
Elika back to life
The Prince now faces
A hard decision to make
Should he leave the world healed
Elika would be dead
Or should he save the woman
He had come to love
And condemn the world

He chose the latter
Destroying the trees
Of the Fertile Grounds
Cutting down the Tree of Life
He carries Elika
Across the desert
While the temple crumbles
And Ahriman's darkness
Envelopes the world