Once there was a girl lonely in the world. Her heart was made of stone, Her brain of gold, Her voice from birds, her disposition was that of the expected. She was sullen and quite. She held her own a voice stayed in her throat. Never uttered a word of discontent in a world she didn't belong.

Her mother the first to go and her father soon after. A bruise here and there blood decorated her dresses of ruffles and laces. Ripped from and unwelcome home she made the oddities of a family. Three little boys became her sons. Two girls became her sisters. Eleven years old she was told, a land of legend awaits. A castle of dark and light should have made her whole world bright.

Gryffindor! The hat bellowed, for the brave and the bold, the loyal and kind. Prove herself she must do. When the darkness fell her lonely world.Blood stained her new uniform and the snow held only that of a day alone.

A boy was heard to have saved the day but she saved her own in a new kind of way. Blood stained them and she wasn't more proud when she returned the next year to find someone else's blood on the wall. Stone cold hands or not hands at all. If she had not been so blind to all the world, then maybe she could have seen everything happen all at once. Living in a lonely world means no secrets, no fear, no unforeseen repercussions, Life is simple then. She used to think that maybe if all the world were like her then maybe silence would fall a whole country maybe then there would be no fear or hate. How wrong she would be. Crippling fear falls upon the world she lives in now only thirteen and barely a thought to anything other than the fear a daughter holds for a father. Now the once lonely girl was no more. She found that love could break the stone encasement of her heart. Love could make her whole in a way she had never known. A boy of special value made a home in her once lonely heart. Until the darkness of grief and sadness takes a newly made heart and clouds its better judgment. Now the once lonely girl has lost the boy who found a home in her heart, she has lost the father who loved her more than his own life. She sang a tune of sweet sorrow to him as she put his soul to rest. Her sisters were dead, and her eldest son ripped from her side. The once lonely girl was lonely again. Now more than ever. The heart once made of stone had shattered into one of love and then as quickly as it had loved it shattered into broken pieces. The little lonely girl sat alone on her way to castle of light and darkness not expecting a new year to bring about such pain and hate in the heart of a little lonely girl like her.

Umm... It gets better! After this very sullen stor poem thing... Sorry