She heard it shift. Slightly and almost unnoticed but the change in the atmosphere was extremely alerting to her. She stood and from the pocket of one of her robes out fell the gallon she had been given so long ago alerting her. 'It's time for a battle' It instinctively twisted. She sighed, now was the time to put ones self aside for the greater good. Nonetheless she hesitated gripping her wand as she slowly crept out of the common room and into the corridors. The school had never felt so big until suddenly it wasn't. She reached the flashes of the graceful ballet of lights. Beauty existed as screams in discord rose. She joined the brawl sliding in and out of conflict with superiority. She went about like a ghost her mark imprinted and yet she went by unnoticed. The others found a haunting disappearance of their enemy as the fight waned to a dull final out burst. All she could do was done, her task complete and so she slithered out to the stairs. One last time she looked out from the stairwell. She almost did so in a forlorn manner, her blue-green eyes twinkled before they focused on the reality she had been placed. First she noticed the group of students huddled and then one by one they looked around and locked eyes with her. Ginny the first who smiled as she knew now the ghost had shown through. Luna was next who stared curiously and blankly as she always had. Neville was surprised and then pleasant in seeing her. Felicity's feet drove her away but she knew now it wasn't all for not. For love can never die this she was sure. Friendships never cease they only pause. And most of all death does not end all things only life and even then one lives on in the silence of ones heart. Even when the news of Dumbledore met her ears she could not help but believe these lessons. Love everlasting, friendships frozen in the dead of winter would soon melt with the spring, and death that shows us what it means to be alive. Death that shows us there is something else. Death that shows us that love is everlasting and those deaths that are not filled with grief but instead hold the key to truenesses of life. At the funeral service most cried, but she knew that wasn't what this great man would have wanted. She did not weep nor even shed a tear. Instead she cracked jokes to the ground knowing somewhere he was laughing. She laughed quietly and rejoiced in not his death but rather in the life he had lived and the lives of others who would rather see their loved ones smile than cry.

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