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I never wanted to go back to that life. The life he saved me from.

"Hey Baby!" Christian said as I approached him in front of our high school Monday morning.

Every time I saw him it amazed me that he was my boyfriend. I wasn't particularly pretty. I know a lot of people say that about themselves but for me it was the truth. When I was younger I was picked on by the other kids because I was overweight in Elementary school. When I went to middle school I had lost the weight but now I was not as developed as the other girls. Now in high school, I was average weight with muddy brown hair and aqua blue eyes. Then there was Christian. He was beautiful. Every girl in our whole school has wanted him since kindergarten. He has always been fit and really sporty. He is also intelligent and really funny. He has beautiful bronze hair and piercing (almost translucent to his soul) blue eyes.

We were always friends. In the beginning it was just because we lived in the same apartment building and our parents thought it would be rude to not introduce us since we were the same age. Then we went to the same school and soon were really good friends. He protected me from bullies when he could and I read him my favorite books whenever we hung out. A few years ago (I was 14-15) everything changed. He saved me from a life that I was thrown into and one I thought I would never go back to. However, that story is for later.

"Hey Christian!" I said with the goofiest smile on my face.

As I got closer he grabbed my hand and pulled me in for the world's tightest hug that was laced with desperation and longing.

"uh…Christian…are you ok?" I ask as I struggle to see his face

"I just really missed you Ana. Every second I am away from you feels like eternity.." he said releasing me from his muscular arms but he still grasped my hand and brought it up to his lips. Sometimes he can be the sweetest boy…"especially when you don't respond to my phone calls or texts all night. I was worried sick about you."

Now there is the Christian that we all know and love.

"Christian I live a flight of stairs and a few doors away from you. What possibly could have happened to me between when I left your apartment and when I got to mine. I didn't answer your phone calls or texts last night because my little sister Elizabeth had it and was playing songpop all night with her friends since my parents refuse to buy her a phone."

"You know very well what could have happened to you Anastasia! And I am pretty sure that…" I grabbed his face and kissed his lips tenderly to get him to stop before an argument ensues. It was Monday and I wasn't in the mood to start the week off angry. However, when I tried to pull away, he grabbed my face and kissed me fiercely, our tongues mingling and discovering the other's mouth.

*Ring Ring*

"Ugh! I so don't want to let you go right now." Christian whispered as we caught our breath.

"Sorry Babe, afraid that is going to have to satisfy you until lunch." I taunted as I started to collect my things and head to my first class of the day..

"I don't think so! I haven't had my fill yet!" Christian exclaimed as he swept me back into his arms, dipped me low and kissed me passionately until we both ran out of oxygen. Then he released me and as I was collecting my stuff (Again) I saw his crooked smile and blushed at the thought of our very public, very passionate kiss.

Well, I just don't know how American Government was going to remotely compare to how my morning began. I was however excited to hear about my best friends weekend , so I took a deep breath and entered the classroom. I saw my best friend, Jamie, sitting in her seat anxious for me to get there.

" OMG! Where have you been? I thought you were going to be late. I was practicing your voice for when Mr. Roth says your name for roll." Jamie whispered to me as Mr. Roth entered the classroom.

" Sorry, I was a little…distracted this morning." I replied with a wink. She just rolls her eyes.

Jamie is my best friend for many reasons. 1) She stood up for me in 6th grade when all the girls were making fun of me in gym. 2) She likes all the same music I do and we take all our elective classes together. 3) She is the nicest and funniest person I have ever met. I first met Jamie in 6th grade when she stood up for me. After that, we talked and we realized we lived in the same building. She lives on the same floor as Christian and said she had seen him a few times but never knew his name. I quickly introduced them and they became 'civil' friends. I think Jamie is too headstrong and outgoing that she kind of scares him. Even after all this time. Even after all that has happened.

All of a sudden a piece of paper is gliding across my notebook. I look down at it:

Honestly, you two should just get married or something. IT IS SO GROSS! Anyway, since you were distracted with other things this morning I didn't have time to tell you about my amazing weekend with Dylan! OMG Ana! I know I have said this before but, I think I am in love! He is the sweetest! He didn't pressure me at all! He just kept pouring me wine and telling me that whenever I was ready! How sweet is that!

Where do I begin with this one:

So glad you had a good weekend but I think we need to talk about this Dylan guy. Sorry I was soo late this morning.. and about that getting married joke.. from your lips to god's ears my dear!

The day dragged on and on until lunch. I looked around for him but I didn't see him anywhere.. I looked at my phone hoping he was sending me to a secret meeting location. What I found ruined my appetite:

Hey babe, So I guess it was good that I got that second kiss in there. Coach is calling for a team meeting at lunch today.

-your irritated and never fully-satisfied boyfriend

Well I wish I would have seen that sooner. I could have made plans with a comfy chair and a good book in the library. Lunch was just no fun without Christian hounding me to eat in between longing glances.

Hope your meeting goes well! However, if these are going to become a regular occurrence we may need to discuss your position on this team..;)If you get done early, I will be in the library finding books on boyfriends that don't neglect their girlfriends.

-your lonely and neglected girlfriend (who still loves you)

With that I engulf myself in one of my favorite novels until I hear the familiar ring of the school bell telling me I will have to wait another 3 hours before I can see him.

Sorry Ana.. meeting just let out and the bell rang.. I am sorry you are feeling neglected. Perhaps we should schedule a little rendezvous in the janitor's closet in 30 minutes? I hope you ate!

-your apologetic and slightly hopeful boyfriend (who is glad you still love him)

OMG! He has never suggested this before but I am totally in!

I'll be there!3

As the time gets closer I can feel my heart beating and my face flushing at what this little rendezvous has in store for me. As I get up to ask the teacher for the hall pass I have to steady my breathing so to not alarm my English teacher. She looks at me with a worried smile as I exit the classroom and race to the janitor's closet. When I get there I am immediately greeted by Christian's urgent lips. As he starts undoing my button up denim shirt, there is a knock on the door. I have never been so embarrassed and more afraid in my life of what was coming next.