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After the wedding was over, Christian and I took everyone out for ice cream before heading back home. I can't believe I am married. I am Mrs. Christian Grey! We decided to go on our honeymoon in a few days. Christian is planning it and won't tell me a thing. I am sure whatever it is, it will be amazing.

When we arrive Christian's apartment he lifts me up and carries me over the threshold. Without putting me down he goes to his fridge and pulls out a bottle of champagne and hands it to me. Then he sets me down on the counter and tells me to stay. He reaches in his cupboard and pulls out two glasses picks me up again. We walk straight to the bedroom and don't come out until morning.

The girls are staying with my Aunt and Uncle until this evening. They want to have us over for dinner and they decided we needed a little alone time. They are truly the best people I have ever known. I am so glad they are back in my life. I am so glad Christian is back in my life.

"Hey Wife!" Christian says as he comes out of the bathroom and wraps his arms around me. I am sitting at the table eating some cereal.

"Hi Husband!" I giggle.

"What would you like to do today Mrs. Grey?"

"I don't know… we need to go get stuff from the old apartment and bring it here, we need to start with the designs for the new house, and we need to pack for our honeymoon. Which by the way, would be a lot easier for me to do if I knew where we were going!"

"My, my that is a long list Anastasia. Here I was hoping we could stay in and 'watch' movies all day. I think we can put off moving until we get back since the girls will be staying at your Aunt and Uncle's while we are gone. I agree, we should start on the designs for the new house. No way am I telling you… I will pack for you." My husband, the great negotiating mystery man.

"But…" I start to protest but Christian picks me up and carries me to the couch. He then proceeds to engulf me in kisses. He kisses my cheeks, neck, shoulders, eyes, nose, and lips. I am thoroughly dazed and on the verge of fainting.

"Now, let's watch a movie and then we can get some lunch delivered. After that we can begin plans on the house and then we can go to dinner with your family." He declares as he pulls away from me.

"So bossy , if I knew marriage would make you extra bossy I would," I pout and Christian looks at me with a smirk on his face.

"You would what?"

"I would still marry you." I chuckled and he joined it.

We lost ourselves for a few hours is newlywed bliss and then started working on the new house.

I wanted to have a room for all the girls. I knew they hated sharing, especially the older ones, but they never complained about it. I wanted them all to have their own bathroom as well. We decided we would let the girls decorate their own rooms and the older ones could even design their room.

Christian wanted to put in a pool and have a nice kitchen but other than that he wasn't really picky.

We ended up finishing up the outside look of the house. We wanted it to look New England Style and not as big as it was probably going to be. Attached to the main house there were a couple smaller houses on either side. They were attached by a connecting hallway and each girl would get to live there when they got older until they moved out. One of them would be the home of Aunt Heather and Uncle Jake.

By the time we finished it was time to go pick up the girls. We both got dressed quickly and went out to Christian's car. A few minutes later, we were at Aunt Heather's apartment.

*knock knock*

"Christian, Ana! Come in Come in! There is a little girl here who has been dying to see you!" Aunt Heather says as she hugs each of us at the doorway.

I can hear a few people talking in the other room and then I can hear footsteps running toward us.

"MOMMY! DADDY!" Amanda yells as she jumps up and down in front of me.

"Hey sweetie, we missed you!" I say as I crush her to my chest in a tight embrace.

"Hey baby girl, were you good for your aunt and uncle?" Christian asked while he kissed the back of her head.

"Yeah! I helped do the dishes. I even picked up my toys!" She stated proudly.

Soon all the girls were surrounding us and giving us welcoming hugs.

"Umm. Ana, Christian, can we have a word with you in private?" Uncle Jake asked with his arm wrapped around Aunt Heather's waist.

"Sure." We both said skeptically. What would they need to discuss in private? Did one of the girls do something? Was there something wrong with somebody?

"Please, sit down." Jake offered while gesturing toward the two chairs in his study/office.

We do as we are told and grab hold of one another's hand bracing ourselves for what is about to come.

"What is it Uncle Jake? What's wrong?" I ask in a shaky breath.

"Nothing. Well um… I mean. Well, first I want to thank you and Christian for finding me and Heather a job. We both love working at our different companies. .. and well we actually are making enough money now where we could buy a bigger place actually… ummm." He mumbles.

"That is great you guys and I am more than glad that you two like your jobs that I was able to get." Christian answers with a smile.

"Oh Jake, get to the point." Heather elbows him in the shoulder.

"Christian, Ana we both know how much you guys have had to sacrifice in your life to help your family. We also know that the girls are going to have to be placed under somebodies guardianship now that your parents are…unable. We…umm..well Heather and I.. we..well we wanted to know if…"

"Wait!" I yell finally figuring out what he was going to say. "You want to take my sisters away from me?"

"No Ana not at all! We just thought that instead of being the mother to them that you would like to be their older sister for a while, while you and Christian start to raise your own family." Heather gently replied.

"Wow, that is really generous of you guys. Are you sure you want to take on the responsibility of so many kids?" Christian counters politely.

I am sitting in my chair unable to move.

"Well, we both always wanted a big family and we are more than old enough to handle these girls. We love them and want to become the parents they never had. We wanted to ask you before we move so we know how big of a place to get. I know this is sudden and I know it is a lot to think about. We were hoping you both would stay for dinner and you can think it over and we can talk about it again over dessert?" Aunt Heather says.

"There is nothing to think about. I have been raising them just find without your help! You can't just come back and take them away from me. They are my family!" I am suddenly being pulled out of the room by Christian and am lead to the back bedroom.

"Ana, you need to think about this and talk about it without yelling. You need to listen to the facts before saying no." Christian pleads with me.

"But Christian…"

"Shush! Listen, we were planning on having them move with us anyway. We can still be with the girls but instead of being solely responsible for them as a mother, you can just be a concerned/caring sister. They need to have actual parents Ana. I know we have been playing that role but wouldn't it be nice to just be a parent to Amanda and let them have what she has? I love those girls with all my heart and I don't want to give them up and we don't have to. They can still live with us and we can still see them every day."

There is a gentle knock on the door and soon all my sisters enter the room.

"Annie we want to talk to you. We know what Aunt Heather and Uncle Jake asked you. They asked us what we thought about it last night. We all really want it Annie. We want to have what Amanda has. We want to give you and Christian a break. We know you don't think of us as burden but we feel like it sometimes. We love you and we are grateful for all you have done but we need parents and a sister not a sister parent." Elizabeth informs me.

Tears are falling from my face. If this is what they want, then I won't deny them.

"Ok..but.. you guys will still be living under our roof once the new house is built. I want to still be in the loop in all of your lives." I cry.

"Thank you Annie!" They all yell and hug me. When they leave I Christian gives me a reassuring hug and we go out to find my Aunt and Uncle.

They look up at me with fear and hope lingering in their eyes.

"Ok. What do we need to do and when can we do it?" I ask.

Our evening consists of working out plans for the next few months while the house is being built. My aunt and uncle will take the girls on a trial basis every other day for the first month and then 5 days for the next month and then permanently until the house is finished. Amanda will be staying with Christian and I at his apartment until the house is complete. However, she will be staying with my aunt and uncle while we are on our honeymoon.

On the day we leave, we kiss everyone goodbye and head onto our plane. Aunt Heather and Uncle Jack have just signed guardianship papers and they will be legal guardians soon. I am going to miss them all but I am very excited for what the future holds. Right now I am curious as to where we are going..

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