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Christian's POV:

Ana had just gone inside to get some decorations for the snowmen and I was finishing up the bodies. I just can't stop thinking about how lucky I am to have a woman like her in my life. I always knew we would be together in the end. She was my heart and soul. She was my other half. She was my reason for living. Now that we had Amanda, I had two reasons for living. I am the luckiest man alive. I can't believe we are married and I can't wait to start expanding our family.

I hear footsteps coming up from behind me and turn with a smile thinking it is Ana. I freeze when I realize who it is.

The second I see her I see what she has in her hand and all I can do is pray that Ana doesn't come out here and get hurt. Maybe she will just hurt me. Please don't hurt my Ana!

"Wh-What are you doing here Elaine?" I ask shakily.

"Me? What are you doing here with HER?! This is our place Christian! I bought it for you.. it was supposed to be for us!" She spits.

"I'm sorry Elaine. We can leave. We will leave right now..you can have this place.." I try to reason.

"I don't want this place.. Don't you see! I want you Christian! I have always wanted you." She steps closer. I take a step back.

"Really? You didn't seem to want me when you cheated on me. I never loved you Elaine. I only loved Ana. It was always Ana!" I shout, forgetting about what is in her hand. Then it is too late.

She lunges at me and stabs me in the arm. I fall to the ground, knocking over the snowmen in the process. The pain is so agonizing that I fall to a state of unconsciousness. Before I fall into darkness I can hear Elaine say:

"Get him up and take him to the car! I will leave little miss Ana a parting gift and meet you there." She commands.

Who else is here? What is she going to do to my Ana? I have to fight I have to save her. Everything is black.

I am in our new home and sitting on the bed waiting for Ana to come out of the bathroom.

"Well babe…guess we are having another little baby." She squeals while waving the pregnancy test around.

I run to her and swing her around in a circle. I am so happy. Another baby!

I start to kiss her and we both become consumed. Our tongues dancing together and our hands exploring one another. Suddenly there is a knock on the door.

I groan and look into my beautiful wife's eyes without parting lips.

"Maybe if we don't move they will think we are asleep." She mumbles against my lips.

The knocking persists so I reluctantly let go of my wife and go to open the door. At once all 4 of our kids run in and jump on the bed. I guess our romantic night has been cut short.

Amanda is holding a dvd that the kids decided to watch. They all get comfortable with Ana on the bed while I put in the movie. As I head back, I see there is no room for me at the head of the bed so I flop down and lay across everyone's feet. They all giggle and scoot over so I can lay with them. As the movie starts, I look over their heads at Ana. She is looking at me and we both smile at each other. I mouth 'I love you' to her and she says it back. I am happy. I am so happy.

"Get UP!" I hear before receiving a swift kick to the gut. What a wonderful wake up call.

I groan and slowly sit up while gripping my side.

"Who are you and what do you want from me?" I ask this strange man.

"I want nothing from you Grey. I can't say the same for Elaine but my goal is to get your precious wife!" He informs me. At the mention of my wife I can feel my blood boil.

"Where is she? If you lay a hand on her I swear!" I yell at him!

"She is still at your cabin as of now but she won't be for long. What will you do? You are locked in here and you are never coming out!" I try to lunge for him but he hits me with a taser gun. I fall to the ground in pain.

"Don't even think about it Grey!" He yells as he walks out of the room and locks the door.

Ana! I need to protect you! How can I save you? How can I save myself? I fall to pieces thinking about the fate that awaits both me and my Ana. What about the girls? Amanda. I just got back in her life and now someone wants to take me away from her. I continue to cry for what seems like hours.

Suddenly I am livid.. NO! I will survive this! We will survive this.. I have a plan..

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