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"I thought..I thought you were in jail!" I yell back at him.

"Oh dear Ana. A man with my money can't be kept in jail for long."

" …(I shudder at the name)…what do you want from me? I am in labor. I need to get to a hospital. If you want to take me after I have my baby, fine.. Please just let me make my baby safe."

He reaches back and slaps me across the face.

"Listen to me. You aren't going anywhere. I have a doctor waiting for us at our hideout. She will deliver your baby!"

I stop talking as another contraction hits and I vow to keep my baby safe.

"Don't you want to know why I am doing this Ana? It really is an interesting story..What am I saying.. You aren't going anywhere. Well it all started after you started working for me…" He starts his story.

"You see..You brought in a lot of money for me. A lot of people started joining just to have a chance at you. I was rolling in the cash and I was paying you only a small percentage of the income I was getting. I spent my money lavishly and I spent a lot of it. For two years I was living the life of a millionaire. Everybody knew my name and everybody wanted a piece of me. When your little boyfriend called the police on one of my clients and me, I was mortified. We got convicted and went to jail. I served 7 years in jail before I got parole for good behavior. I learned a lot of things in jail Ana. A lot of things. After I got out I tried to get back to my old life but I was shunned. Nobody wanted to associate with me. All my money was gone! You ruined my life Anastasia Steele. I have spent the rest of the time waiting to strike. I met up with that Elaine girl and we plotted your and Christian's demise. We were obviously unprepared then but I am ready now.. I am prepared for anything. I am surprised that your little husband didn't recognize me at the cabin…"

I just sat there and took in all he said. I hope he doesn't think I am going to feel bad for him. I hate him. I hate this man.

"He never met you.. I told him about you but he never saw what you looked like." I spat back at him.

I received another smack across the face and it forced my head into the window and I blacked-out. When I woke up I was being dragged by my arms into a small house surrounded by woods.

"What's wrong with her?" I hear a woman ask.

"Shut up! She just hit her head! Now get that baby out of her so I can have my fun!" He shouts at her.

My eyes fly open and fear fills every cell of my body.

"We have to wait for it to be ready. I can't force it out."She whispers apologetically.

-A few hours later—

"Ugh! How much longer!" He yells at the doctor.

"Not long. She is at 10cm. Alright Ana, you are going to have start pushing."

NO! I can't have my baby born here! I can't have my baby born with him here. I need my baby safe. I need Christian. I start to cry and I nod my head in response.

"Alright..Push!"She commanded

I let tears fall down my face as I push.

"1..2…3…4…5..good Ana. Again."

This continues for a good half an hour.

"Alright final push Ana! 1..2…3…4…5" Then I hear a baby crying.

The doctor cuts the umbilical cord (Christian was so excited to get to do it) and hands my baby to me. It's a boy. We finally have a boy in the family. Christian and I have a son and Amanda has a brother.

pulls the doctor into the other room after she inspects my healthy baby boy. I think he is going to give us a moment of mother/son time but as I watch my son with loving eyes I hear a sound that makes my eyes fill with fear. He shot the doctor. Am I next? Oh Christian! Where are you?

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