Yagami Light is a smart person. He's someone who never failed any subject in his whole life.

But even someone as great as he can have little miscalculations.

Why is fate so cruel?

He only wanted to know Ryuzaki's real name and of course, kill him. That was a simple goal, right?

He tried every plan he came up with, but he failed. He failed. He failed so many times and he thought that it's not going to work anymore.

He came up with so many plans, and he only has one left.

That is to seduce Ryuzaki.

And guess what, he succeeded. He himself did not expect that.

But that's not the most unexpected part of it.

"My real name is L Lawliet."

L told him his real name so fast. He even felt time stop.

He now knows his name. Isn't that great? He finally fulfilled the goal that he has been pursuing for so long.

But that still is not the most unexpected part of it.

He knows his name. Good.


Why can't he write the name?

Why can't he bring himself to do so?

He knows the answers to these questions. He knows he does.

He fell for you. But why did you fall for him too?


A/N: This is for my friend I'm sorry if it sucks ^^''

I only reached the 14th or so episode of the anime. I haven't read the manga. I only watched the live action. Ohohoho.

So I'm sorry if it sucks so badly. . ;w;