She dropped her purse on the sofa and called out, "I'm home!"

Lana knew that Wendy wouldn't hear her, she could hear Bobby Darin's "Dream Lover" coming from the bedroom, but she still loved the sound of those words coming from her mouth. Home. It had only been a few months since they had finally decided to move in together and the novelty was far from wearing off. Tugging at the tip of each gloved finger she slowly removed the pair from her hands and set them on the dining room table. An unlit candle stood in the middle of the table by two empty place settings. She pressed her fingers to her lips as they curled into a smile. The pounding in her chest quickened just enough for her to notice. Wendy was always doing little things like this.

It had been Wendy's first week teaching the 3rd grade and by the state of the house and the music emanating from their room she could tell that it had been a good end to the week. Dinner was in the oven. A vase of flowers stood on the kitchen windowsill. The shoes that Lana had left strewn throughout the hallway when she was being indecisive that morning, were all gone. Wendy was a busy-body when she was happy.

Lana crept down the hallway. The music stopped. She heard Wendy put on a new record. Venus by Frankie Avalon filled the house, along with Wendy's humming. When Lana reached the first doorway she peeked inside. It was Wendy's room. Well, they called it that, and as far as most of their friends and the entire community were concerned, it was. But Wendy always slept in Lana's room. Their room. This room was empty and looked, predictably, un-lived in.

When Lana reached the very end of the hallway she leaned her shoulder into the door frame. Wendy was standing at the dresser rummaging through jewelry. Her back was turned and revealed that she'd yet to zip up the dress exposing the pale freckled skin. Quietly, Lana walked into the room and right up to Wendy. She pressed a soft kiss at the nape of Wendy's neck and pulled the zipper upwards. Wendy stiffened and drew in a sharp breathe but relaxed immediately, feeling Lana exhale into her shoulder.

"Baby," Wendy whispered. "Why did you let me know you were home. I wanted to surprise you."

"I tried, but you never hear me over your torch songs." Lana quipped.

Wendy turned around to face Lana, and cupped her face with her palms. "They make me feel like I'm on cloud nine. I don't have to wait around for someone to love me. You're right here."

Reaching at the small of her back, Lana pulled Wendy close and smiled into a kiss. Slowly they began to sway back and forth in rhythm with the music. As Lana closed her eyes and rested her head upon Wendy's shoulder she thought about the future they would have in this house. Their home. She had everything that she wanted in this world and she needed nothing else.