Wendy heard the front door slam from where she was standing in the bedroom. The slam was followed by a thud and some indistinguishable scuffling coming from the living room. She put down the stocking's she'd been separating into drawers. It was always hard to tell which ones were Lana's and which were hers. For some time she could always tell that hers were the ones dotted in clear nail polish to keep the runs from spreading. The first graders at school loved Wendy, despite the fact that she wasn't their teacher. But whenever Wendy was on playground duty they would flock to her, begging her to tell them a story. They reveled in her stories, which she scoffed at. Lana was the real storyteller. Lana was the one who could fill an empty room with insightful banter. But now Lana's stockings were marked as well. She'd been doing a lot of field work, migrating geese, wildlife protection, and the like.

When she reached the living room she saw Lana hopping on one foot trying to remove a healed show that appeared to be stuck on the other. "I'm never wearing these darn shoes again." She huffed. Lana hadn't yet noticed her leaning against the doorway, watching her. Wendy watched her hop a few more times before a breathy laugh escaped her lips. Lana gasped, briefly clutching her chest before she too, laughed.

"Baby, sit down." Wendy motioned Lana to sit as she came closer to her at the couch. Lana collapsed and gripped the edge of the sofa with both hands. Wendy knelt in front of her and picked up one of her feet. Keep her head bowed to Lana's feet Wendy raised her eyes and said, "It might help if you undid the clasp first."

"I don't have time for any of that." Lana shrugged her shoulders.

"Well what are you in such a hurry about?"

"To see you, of course." Lana said. Wendy pulled her lips into a gentle smile, and Lana swore she could see Wendy flush just a bit, about the cheeks. She leaned in, cradling the back of Wendy's head softly with one hand and pressed her lips to Wendy's forehead.

"How was work?" Wendy asked.

"A disaster." They took Kit Walker away before I got to interview him. "I need this story, Wendy."

"I know you do." Wendy said, pulling the first shoe off of Lana's sore feet. She could see a small blister forming under the stocking. Careful not to touch the stinging skin, she set Lana's foot down and moved on to the other shoe.

"It's going to be huge. He looks like a troubled man. There's something in his eye that tells me he's not all there. He murdered all these women but he doesn't look the least bit sorry about it. Then again, he doesn't look like he knows what's going on, either."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know. He just looks lost, that's all." Lana paused for a brief moment. "Anyway, I just need to find a way to interview him. I hear they're taking him to Briarcliff."

"The old tuberculosis ward?"

"It's an asylum for the criminally insane now."

"I don't know if I want you going there, Lana." Wendy whispered. Lana placed a palm at Wendy's cheek. "It's not like I know how to get in, anyway. They would never let a reporter inside those doors. Oh, I don't want to talk about it anymore. It doesn't matter."

Wendy knew it mattered. She knew it mattered a great deal to Lana, but she also knew that Lana was asking for an interruption from her thoughts. She'd likely been on about the subject all day and the entire ride home. She needed a break. Wendy finished removing the second shoe and placed a hand on each of Lana's knees, gently guided them apart. She leaned her body into the newly formed space and pulled Lana towards her. Lana leaned down and the two women met their lips in a tender kiss.

Lana grabbed Wendy's hand that was still resting on her knee and pulled the woman upwards. Breaking the kiss, Wendy stood, only to straddle her legs across Lana's lap. Wendy ducked her head and kissed at the flesh about Lana's neck, first down where her neck sloped into her shoulder and then working her way back up to Lana's lips, but not before placing a playful bite below Lana's jawline. Lana let out a soft groan, prompting Wendy to continue. Wendy moved her left leg into the space between Lana's and reached down to the writers skirt, pushing it higher up her legs. Sliding her leg toward Lana, taking advantage of the accommodating space she firmly pressed at the space between Lana's legs.

Lana let out an encouraging moan and rocked her hips in the rhythm of their long deepening breaths. Wendy became suddenly anxious to see and to touch the taut skin. She hastily unbuttoned Lana's blouse exposing the skin that looked flush with excitement. She cupped and massaged Lana's breasts while she kissed her. Lana's lips were dry from the labored breathing that came with the rocking of her hips, but Wendy dampened the full lips with each kiss and each flick of her tongue. Lana's hands traveled across Wendy's body quickly and effortlessly. They reach under Wendy's blouse to caress her stomach. They groped her ass and drug her ever closer. They were telling of the flurried sensations coursing through Lana's body. Suddenly, Lana's body stiffened and her mouth dropped open, a long low moan escaping from it. A warm tingling sensation overcame her body. Wendy smiled into a warm kiss and held Lana close to her body. She kissed the writer's forehead and stroked her hair, gently working the woman down from her high. When Lana seemed to genuinely relax Wendy moved so that she was sitting next her, and guided Lana's head to rest upon her lap. Lana laid there, breath still shallow, with Wendy combing her fingers through her hair for a few minutes before Wendy broke the silence.

"Doesn't Briarcliff have a bakery? You could go interview Kit Walker under the guise that you're writing a column on their products." Wendy suggested, running the back of her hand along Lana's temple.

The glowing smile that formed on Lana's face took even her, aback. She was incredibly lucky to have Wendy. Even when it felt like the story had hit a dead end, Wendy had saved it for her. "God, I love you." She whispered, still smiling, as she closed her eyes.