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Chapter 3-

Month 1-

Regan walked out onto the beach with her surfboard. She set it down and began to wax it. "Hey, your boyfriend sucker you into waxing his board for him?"

Regan looked up to a boy about her age with black hair and blue eyes, he had his own board tucked under his own arm. "No,"she shook her head.

"Brother?"he asked, she shook her head again,"then your dad."

"No,"she huffed,"It's my board and I surf on it, you have a problem I'll fight ya over it." She picked up her board and began to walked down to the water.

He followed,"Why are you so bitchy?"

"I was told how you boys are here, beating girls up because you don't think they can surf,"Regan planted her board in the sand.

"Who told you that?"he said in disbelief.

"What's it to you?"

"Sometimes the girls around here think they can surf so we pick on them a bit, it gets blow out of proportion,"he sighed and put out his hand for her to shake,"Name's Luke."

She shook his hand,"Nice to meet you."

"Hm, so you aren't from around here are you?"Luke asked her.

"No, Australia and I need to get out surfing,"she walked out into the water and surfed for an hour.

When she was done she began to walk back up to the road when she heard Luke's voice,"Hey! Come here!"

Regan picked up her board,"Yeah?"

"I never caught your name,"he told her.

"Regan,"she nodded to him.

"Sit down,"a girl said.

Regan threw her board down and sat on it,"Well, hello."

Luke introduced his friends,"That's Jeff and his girl Brittany."

Brittany spoke up,"So what brings you here to Malibu?"

"Student exchange,"Regan shrugged.

"Luke said you were from Australia,"Brittany nodded,"So what family are you living with?"

"Carlsons, might know Riley and Chloe."

"We send our simpathy,"Jeff rolled his eyes.

Luke tilted his head to the side,"Are they the ones who told you we would beat you up?"

Regan nodded.

Later that day-
Regan walked into the appartment. Destiny looked to her sister from snogging Larry,"How did surfing go?"

"Excellent, Riley and Chloe were wrong about the boys there, I met two guys Luke and Jeff and Jeff's girl Brittany surfs so it's no big deal,"Regan shrugged drinking out of the can of orange juice concentrate Manuelo was using for his cake.

"You won't drink milk, eat eggs, cheese, or meat, but you'll drink that?"Manuelo asked her.

"Yes,"Regan answered,"And you forgot to mention soda and junk food."

Regan was sitting up in her and Destiny's room reading A Clockwork Orange when Destiny came up and slipped on her shoes in a hurry. "What are you doing?"Regan asked in annoyance.

"Putting my shoes on."

"Why so loudly?"

"I'm going out to eat with Larry."

"Oh,"Regan shrugged,"Well, have fun then."

The Next Morning-
Regan woke up to Riley and Chloe in her room. Destiny was nowhere in sight. "What do you people want?"Regan rubbed her eyes.

"Why did Larry leave the appartment with Larry,"Riley bit her lip.

"Went out to eat, wasn't a date,"Regan shrugged.

Chloe sat down on Destiny's bed,"How do you know it wasn't a date?"

"No preplanned, if it were preplanned Desi would have told me. Now if you don't mind I need to get ready to go out surfing again, good bye."

The two left and Regan shook her head. She said to herself,"Does one of them own the poor boy Larry?"

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