Legend of Eri
Chapter 1 – The Odd Female

"...don't be silly, Erregina, she looks just fine!" My father, Otec, said.
"But her hair! It's brown! My daughter has brown hair! It's far from normal! And it's straight! Even worse!" Erregina wailed.
Otec calmly looked at me, "Well, Erregina, you need to give her a name."
"Alright," Erregina calmed down, "I'll call her Eri..."

And that's how it all started.
It's why I was shipped away to Starfleet.
My damn hair.

I know what you're thinking. What's wrong with brown hair? Well, it might be normal on YOUR planet, but on Zargainiah, it's anything but.

You see, all Zargainians have curly platinum blonde hair, and I mean ALL Zargainians. Not one in history has ever expressed different traits. None. Whatsoever. But here I am, straight brown hair. Everything else is fine: I have the electric blue eyes, pail skin, and the blue mark of the royal family. I don't get why my hair is such a big deal. I'm normal, right?

Being 15 sucks.

I cried, "But, Erregina, I don't want to go into Starfleet!"
Erregina looked at me sternly, "Eri, it's essential to our joining the Federation."
"Why can't you send Bratr? He's not in line for the throne!"
"I'm not sending your older brother to do your job." She started walking away.

Another fact about Zargainians: we live in a female-dominant society. Males can't inherit the throne.
Oh, and we don't call our parents 'mother and father' or 'mom and dad'. They have names you know.

I caught up to her, "Then why not send Arreba?" I suggested.
Erregina started walking faster. "Arreba is next in line. She needs to stay here!"

Arreba is my older sister. First child out of the three of us. If something is to happen to my mother, she'll take the throne. I'm second in line.

Erregina stopped and faced me, "Eri, you need to go."
"Why, because of my hair? You just don't want me around anymore!"
She sighed, "It's not that."
"Then what is it, Erregina? Why do you want ME to go?"
"Your siblings have jobs to do here. You're going, end of story." With that, she walked away.

Honestly, I'm glad I was sent away. Erregina doesn't want me. My siblings will probably throw a party when I'm gone. Only Otec likes me, he doesn't find me abnormal at all.

"Damn! Why can't I have a bigger suitcase?"

I tried to stuff all my stuff into one bag, not my best idea.

I heard a knock on my door. "Come in!" I called.
Otec came in and sat on the foot of my bed, "Need another bag?"
He laughed and got another. This time, I could fit everything I needed.
"My little girl, off to Starfleet." He sighed, "I can't believe it."
I zipped up my final bag, "Well, I can. Everyone hates me."
"Not everyone."
"You don't count, Otec!" We started laughing.

Otec is the only person I'm going to miss.

"Well, I'd best leave you to packing," He got up and went to the door, "Dinner is at 18:00."
"OK." I said.

The day I left was bittersweet, mostly sweet. Gosh, it was going to be amazing now that I don't need to see my family every day.

"See you, Dirt." Bratr pushed me into Arreba.
"Good riddance!" Arreba said as she pushed me off of her.
A chorus of "good-bye", "See you never", and my favorite: "Never come back" came and went as I walked to the transporter room. Inside Erregina and Otec were waiting.
"Good-bye, Eri." She patted my head. I rolled my eyes.

Otec hugged me, "Have fun! Don't forget to keep in touch!"
"I wont!" I hugged him back, "I'll miss you..." I whispered.

I stepped on the transporter pad ready to go. I waved good-bye to Otec one more time, and with that I was beamed on the USS Enterprise on my way to Earth.