Legend of Eri
Chapter 5 - At the End of 15

He had dark brown hair and green eyes with peach skin. He was fit, you could see the tone of his muscles under his red command uniform.
Sam looked at me. "How's life on the ship?" He asked.
"It's better than I would have imagined..." I looked out the window. "I can't believe that you get this view every day!"
"I sometimes take it for granted. Traveling though the stars, exploring the galaxy." Sam gave a soft smile looking out the window as well, "It's been my dream ever since I was a kid. My family would have never dreamed of doing something like this."

I understood him.

The doors leading to the corridor slid open. I looked over, wondering who was coming in.
It was Tai.
He was tall and skinny with short black hair. His ears were pointed, as he was half Vulcan, with black eyes, with his other half being Betazoid. His skin was tan and had no distinguishing marks.
I started to sip my drink nervously as he walked over to the table.

"Commander. Eri." He greeted, "May I?"
Sam nodded. "Go ahead."
He sat and glanced over at me. I was still sipping my drink, he could obviously tell what I was feeling, so he waited until I was finished. "How has the crew been treating you?" He asked.
"Fine." I said quietly.
"We were just talking about the view." Sam said looking back out the window.
Tai calmly looked out the window as well. "It is beautiful, don't you think?" Tai asked.
All I could do was nod in agreement. Talking was a bit difficult at the moment.
"Have you seen the holodeck yet, Eri?"
I shook my head.
Sam turned to Tai, "Why don't you go and show her, Counselor?"
Tai smiled, "Great idea."

Holodeck: coolest place EVER.

"...and you can change through the different default settings or make your own program." Tai finished. "Want to give it a try?"
I nodded, "Computer..." I proceeded to replicate the garden in my home. "A bush over there... The tree could be a bit taller..." Once I was done, I sat on one of the benches. "You know, this is where I would go to relax and get away from it all." I said dreamily. "I even helped the gardeners in the upkeep. Though, they didn't like it much." I giggled. Talking to Tai was much easier now that I felt at home.
"Sounds like you had a hard time back at home." Tai said, sitting at the bench across form mine.
"Nah," I said, "Otec, my father, helped me though it." I looked at my feet. "He was the only one that really loved me. I was his daughter after all." I became a bit sad.
Tai quickly changed the subject, "So, these plants..."
I looked up, "Yes?"
"What are they?" Tai got up and pointed at a plant resembling a venus flytrap. "Like this one."
I got up and joined him, "Well, that is a Zargainian flytrap. It is similar to the flytraps found on Earth but much bigger," The trap's mouth was closed, "It has a nasty bite." I picked up a long sick. "Stand back." Tai stood behind me as I touched one of the many fibers lining it's mouth. The trap quickly opened and snatched the stick, breaking it in half.
Tai looked at it, a bit frightened, "How...?"
I set what was left of the stick down. "Genetic engineering." I said.
We continued to walk though the garden. He had many questions, and I had all the answers. We were in there for a few hours until a sound came from my regulator.
"Sorry." I said.
Tai watched as I tapped a few keys on my regulator. "Is something wrong?"
"No," The noise stopped, "I just need to rest. My regulator complains after I've been up for a good chunk hours."
Tai could obviously tell something was up, but he just left me be. "I'll walk you back." He said.

"I had fun." I said as we reached the door.
Tai smiled, "I did as well."
"Thanks for everything," I said walking into my quarters, "Goodnight, Tai."
Tai glanced at my regulator, then back up at me. "Goodnight, Eri." Tai said as the doors slid closed.

I made sure he had left before I locked the door. I am not to be disturbed tonight or tomorrow. I changed into a simple white dress and ribbon weaved headpiece (it was for ceremonial purposes, you know how I feel about dresses...) Afterwords I called up Otec.

"My regulator sounded." I said. "It's time."
"Good luck and good night, kiddo." Otec said. "See you."
"See you."

I took off my regulator, setting it on the night stand. "I wont need you anymore..." I said. Then I fainted.