Welcome to the rewrite boys and girls.

I smiled somberly to my mom. "Thanks…" I held the small plate of miscellaneous foods in my hand, the other holding a small bottle of water. "I'll take it to her."

She returned the smile. "Okay. And how's she doing? Has she talked any more?"

I shook my head, "No.. I'm starting to worry. She said she feels fine but..."

"But coming back to life after three hundred years isn't exactly a normal thing." She finished with a frown and a sigh. "We really can't know what to expect, Norman. But I'm sure she'll be fine." She smiled a little at me.

I nodded. "Yeah..." I looked down, staring at the chilling plate of food. "I'll… Take this to her now." I told her before bounding back upstairs. I awkwardly knocked on my own bedroom door before opening it. "Hey Grandma." I waved to the ceiling with my water bottle hand before turning to my guest. "Hey Aggie."

Agatha glanced over slowly, her eyes lagging behind her skull. "Hi…" She whispered a little, gripping the covers closer to her.

I hesitantly glanced to Grandma, who simply shrugged before gesturing me to Aggie anyway. "U-Uh..." I cleared my throat, "I brought you some food and water…" I held the plate, looking around. "I'll… Put it over here." I said before putting it on the bedside table, quickly pushing my alarm clock aside.

She nodded lightly, "Thanks..." She said, slowly extending her hand towards me.

I stared at it for almost thirty seconds before handing her the water and scratching the back of my head. It'd started to really itch. "Sorry..."

She took a sip and coughed. I started towards her but she shook her head, "M'fine… Just..." She seemed to regard the bottle a moment, "Getting used to swallowing again..." My thoughts suddenly shifted to wondering exactly how that must feel. How does one not remember how to swallow?

Grandma hovered down, "I think I'm gonna split for a while, Normy. Best I give her some time to adjust." She placed her hand where it would be had she placed it on my shoulder, "Watch after her, alright?"

I nodded, walking over and sitting in my rolling desk chair. I rolled it over nearer the bed, "So uh.. How do you feel?"

She took another sip of water, then another moment to collect her thoughts. "I feel… Strange. Warm… Confused… Out of place..." She held the bottle in her lap with both hands. "I can touch this... I can feel the water going down my throat." She giggled quietly, staring at the label as she rubbed it with her thumb. "I just… I can feel again. I don't know how to describe it."

I stared at the bottle with her. "When you're a ghost, you couldn't feel things?" I asked, glancing back to where Grandma was. "I've seen Grandma knit and things…"

She shook her head, "We..." She slowed, "T-They can feel, but… It's like wearing leather gloves. You feel it, but you don't feel it." She squished the plastic bottle a few times. "To go from that… To being able to smell? To being able to eat and drink?" She held the bottle up, gently swirling the water in it. "To… Be able to hold something...?"

She slowly took another sip before placing it near the plate and then taking said plate. The weight of the plate seems to surprise her as it shakes slightly in her grasp. "D-Do you need any help?" I asked, already leaning to get up.

"No, I..." She sat the plate in her lap. "I got it. I'm just a little weak at the moment…"

I nodded as she took a bite of the food, "So what..." I trailed off at her expression. She looked… Happy. Beyond happy even as she chewed the slightly mashed potatoes. She noticed me staring, mouth agape and giggled.

"S-Sorry… It tastes really good." She swallowed and took another bite, slightly suppressing her expression of ecstasy. "You were saying?"

I coughed, again scratching my itchy head. "Yeah um… What happened?" I looked away. "You're… Alive. How does that even make sense?"

She frowned, chewing slower. She swallowed and sighed. "I'm not sure. I don't really remember what happened after you touched my hand..." She stared down at the food, "Just that after it happened I woke up here feeling… Amazing."

I paused. "...Are you still mad at me?"

She immediately shook her head. "No. It's like… The whole thing with the village elders and the town and… It was like a bad dream. It felt like I was watching myself." She took a bite of the steamed carrots. "But I'm still very sorry!" She coughed a little on the carrots as she suddenly exclaimed that. "O-Oops..." She gather the carrot bits in her hand and put the on the side of the plate. "Sorry about that… I forgot my manners."

I shook my head, "It's more than alright, Aggie." I smiled at her. She smiled back and continued eating. I leaned back in the chair, sighing as I looked at the ceiling. "I wonder what's gonna happen?" She hummed in confusion. "About you I mean.. Your mom is… Long dead." She frowned. "And almost every decedent you have doesn't even know you ever existed."

She stared silently before returning to her food. "I… I see."

I cringed, "I d-didn't mean that in a bad way or a-anything, I—"

She held up a hand, "It's fine, Norman." She let a small smile override her expression before it mellowed out to a dull neutral. I sighed, leaning down and holding my head in my hands. "I said it was fine..." She whispered under her breath, but I heard it anyway.

I sighed. "Right." I stood up and walked over to the window and opening it. "Oh. It's sunrise already." I looked down at the clock on the floor and yawned. "Wow… I've been up since…" I counted out the hours on my hands and in my head. "About… Seven o'clock in the morning almost two days ago…"

I scooted the chair over to the window and watched the sunrise. "Between what happened two days about and all today with the news and the hospitals and the police..." I shook my head, my eyes drooping at the sight of the sun as another yawn overtook me. "I haven't been able to find the time to sleep."

Aggie frowned. "You should..." She glanced down at herself, "...I'm in your bed."

I chuckled, "No worries. I have slept on a couch before." I glanced over at her. "Besides, you need the bed more than I do. You need your rest." She frowned. "Won't take no for an answer."

She sighed, "Stupid men."

We stared at each other before we both started laughing a little. "Very stupid men." I laughed. "But that's how I am. Chivalrous, savior of the town." I sighed.

She tilted her head, "You don't seem happy about it."

"Should I be happy?" I asked. "Everyone in town knows I can really see ghosts and I'm not just a crazy weirdo. But…" I watched various townsfolk wander the streets. Some heading to work, others to visit friends and family. "Now I'm the verified town freak. Now everyone knows I'm a medium." I closed my eyes and leaned my head against the window sill.

I'm not sure what she did, but she didn't say anything. I sighed, "Right..." I yawned, "I'm gonna go downstairs and sleep. You should get some rest soon too."

I turned and started away from her, "Norman." I stopped and turned, "You're not a freak. You're just a boy with a really special gift." I stared at her before smiling. "Someone who almost no one understands."


She pointed at her eyes and giggled. "I'm a… Medium-thingy too." She looked back at her food, playing with the potatoes with her fork. "No matter what I'll understand you, Norman."

I smiled, scratching the back of my head. "T-Thanks, Aggie." I said, turning in place then back again. "Good night. Uh… Sleep well." I turned and left, closing the door behind me and smiling to myself. "Huh..." I chuckled to myself then went downstairs to sleep.

"Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around."

—Leo Buscaglia